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Top UiPath Process Mining Alternatives in 2024

According to the process mining stats, 52% of business leaders believe that the lack of process mining expertise and tooling reduces process mining adoption rates. Moreover, all vendors offer different features and focus, complicating the leaders’ adoption of process mining.

One way to overcome this challenge is to evaluate each vendor in detail and compare it against its alternatives. In other articles, we have already provided a comprehensive and data-driven evaluation of Celonis and ARIS alternatives

In this article, we will focus on UiPath Process Mining alternatives and compare them to UiPath to evaluate if they can compensate for UiPath’s shortcomings.

Shortcomings of UiPath Process Mining

UiPath offers process mining software as a part of its Business Automation Platform. UiPath Process Mining has easy integration with RPA tools and provides a variety of features, such as task mining and simulations. 

UiPath Process Mining alternatives comparison table comparing IBM process mining and Celonis process mining in several areas, such as ease of use, ease of setup and quality of support.
Figure 1: Comparison of UiPath with other tools in terms of ease of use & support. Source: G2

In the reviews we gathered from public sources, UiPath users complained about some of the points below:

  • Ease of use: According to the reviews we analyzed, 4% of UiPath users found the ease of use rather difficult, and 1% evaluated it as time-consuming. On G2, UiPath has the lowest score compared to two major alternatives: IBM and Celonis.  
  • Ease of set-up: A customer comment in Figure 2 complains about how difficult it was to set up and maintain UiPath process mining. On G2, the vendor ranks as the last among the other two alternatives in terms of ease of set-up. 
  • Integrations: Although UiPath scores the best for integration, specifically RPA integration, some users experienced compatibility issues (Figures 3, 4 & 5).  
  • Features: Overall, UiPath features have been mentioned by 5% in all the reviews we analyzed. 
  • Pricing: Public sources or reviews didn’t include information on the product’s pricing.
UiPath process mining reviewer commenting on their experience with the tool.
Figure 2:  A reviewer on G2 commenting about their experience with UiPath. Source: G2
UiPath process mining reviewer commenting on their experience with the tool.
Figure 3: A reviewer discussing compatibility issues they have with UiPath Process Mining.  Source: G2

Now, we will cover IBM Process Mining and Celonis as strong UiPath alternatives in the domain. These two companies are listed as the most popular companies along with UiPath, as our research suggests.

1. Celonis process mining

Celonis is one of the major UiPath Process Mining alternatives. Celonis is claimed to be a market leader, holding 60% of the process mining market share. Celonis offers an Execution Management System (EMS) that integrates core process mining capabilities with other critical features, such as task mining, automation and DTO.  

UiPath Process Mining alternatives comparison table comparing IBM process mining and Celonis process mining for process library and integration.
Figure 4: Comparison of UiPath in terms of features related to integrations, management & process library. Source: G2

Based on the reviews we analyzed, users rate Celonis’ Execution Management as following:

  • Ease of use: Celonis is easier to use than UiPath, according to 108 comments on G2. Thus, on all platforms, Celonis is associated with a positive user experience when it comes to ease of use by 10%, which is better than UiPath. 
  • Ease of set-up: Celonis ranks the best on G2 for its ease of set-up (Figure 1). 
  • Features: The overall score for Celonis features is 7%, referring to more references than UiPath on the capabilities. 
  • Integration: Celonis process mining has good scores for integration on all platforms, even though it is not higher than UiPath (Figure 4). 
  • Pricing: Although there is not much information about Celonis pricing, according to Gartner, Celonis is not a flexible vendor for pricing (Figure 6). Yet, it offers a free trial opportunity. 

2. IBM process mining

IBM Process Mining is one of the most mature company in the market, providing core capabilities and additional feature sets.

UiPath Process Mining alternatives comparison table comparing IBM process mining and Celonis process mining for features such as RPA integration, real-time process analysis and process mapping.
Figure 5: Comparison of UiPath and its alternatives in terms of features related to process analysis and automation. Source: G2

The IBM user reviews show that:

  • Ease of use: IBM Process mining scores better than UiPath and Celonis in terms of ease of use, according to the comments on G2 and Gartner (see Figures 1 and 6). Overall, users mention the ease of use by 16%, which is the highest compared to UiPath and Celonis.
  • Ease of set-up: IBM has the highest score among three tools for ease of deployment on Gartner (Figure 6). 
  • Integrations: IBM Process Mining integration rate is slightly lower than UiPath while clearly higher than Celonis, which makes it a stronger UiPath alternative for integration alone (Figure 4). Also, IBM has higher ease of system integration than UiPath (Figure 6).   
  • Features: IBM Process Mining features are mentioned in reviews more than UiPath features, with 17%. Thus, IBM has the highest scores for features like real-time process analysis, process notation, mapping features and process library, exceeding UiPath and Celonis (See Figures 4 & 5).
  • Pricing: IBM is rated the most price-flexible vendor on Gartner (Figure 6). 
UiPath Process Mining alternatives comparison table in terms of evaluation & contracting, integration & deployment, and service & support.
Figure 6: Comparison of Process Mining tools on price, integration, deployment & support. Source: Gartner Peer Insights

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