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55 Process Improvement Case Studies & Project Results [2024]

55 Process Improvement Case Studies & Project Results [2024]55 Process Improvement Case Studies & Project Results [2024]

Business leaders know that process improvement reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction. Therefore, businesses follow process improvement methodologies or deploy tools such as process modeling, process mining and RPA to discover, modify and automate their processes. However, it can be difficult for process experts and business analysts to understand the different process improvement approaches and the results they should expect.

Read our process improvement approaches guide for a categorization of process improvement approaches so you can rely on a framework to structure your process improvement initiatives. In this article, we share typical process improvement project results and case studies. Our aim is to provide benchmarks so business analysts and leaders can set targets for their own initiatives.

What are the typical project results?

Process improvement solutions help businesses define weaknesses and take action to solve these problems. In the case studies we collected, the most common project results that we came across are as follows:

1- Improved efficiency: Most businesses increase the efficiency of their processes by adapting process improvement methodologies. After defining their problems, companies eliminate unnecessary steps in processes, reduce their costs, and shorten process times. As a result, they achieve faster processes and higher quality output with fewer resources. 

For example, in a process mining case study, a manufacturer leveraged IBM Process Mining to analyze the procure-to-pay processes. It is claimed that the manufacturer detected and managed deviations, mismatches and early payments, which lessened maverick buying and saved $60,000 in reworking cost. The firm improved purchase order and invoice processes by automating 75% of line creation and delivery activities. As a result, the company decreased the invoice registration and approval time.

2- Enhanced customer satisfaction: The increasing quality of output and faster processes can also reflect on customer satisfaction. Process improvement solutions help businesses reduce waiting time and focus on customer value. For example, it is claimed that by adopting the Kaizen methodology, Tata Steel has shortened its response time and delivered more on-time orders to its customers.

3- Harmonization of different teams/processes: For large companies, handling different processes simultaneously can be a big challenge. Teams should be informed about what others do, and processes need to work in sync to avoid problems. With process improvement solutions, businesses can have a full understanding of all their companies and align different processes successfully.

Here is an extended list of case studies which are collected from different resources. You can filter the list by the process improvement solution, service provider, industry, or process and investigate the achieved results.

3MUnited StatesLean Six SigmaManufacturingManufacturing
• Saved approximately $30 million per year by redesigning, or recycling and reusing waste materials
AegonUKLean Six SigmaCatalyst ConsultingInsuranceCustomer services
• Stopped the annual cost of £20M on external contract resource • Paid back the cost in training investment within the first six months
AfrisamSouth AfricaProcess MiningQPRConstruction & MaterialsRisk management
• Improved overall process efficiency • Identification and better visualization of risks • Real-time performance montioring
AkzonobelNetherlandsProcess MiningCelonisChemicalsPurchase-to-Pay, Accounts Payable, and Order-to-Cash
• Identified that 18% of process have manual changes • Improved SRM efficiency from 40% to 70% in one year • Reduced costs
AllianderNetherlandsProcess MiningLexmarkUtilitiesPurchasing
• Gained insights into the complexity of the process • Elimination of unnecessary steps • Standardization of the process • Discovery of the need of staff re-training
Allianz IndonesiaIndonesiaBPMCamundaInsuranceLegacy applications processes
• Successful support in 6 different time zones • Harmonization of different processes
AmagSwitzerlandProcess MiningQPRAutomativeFinance & controlling
• Improved KPI measures • Improved operating efficiency by focusing on underperforming targets
Ana Aeroports de PortugalPortugalProcess MiningProcess SphereTravel & LeisureService process
• Identification of unoptimized steps • Elimination of non-value-add tasks which speeds up the process • Quick identification of problems and improvement opportunities
An automobile manufacturerJapanRPAArgos LabsManufacturingOnline app testing and monitoring• Reduced quality assurance effort
BancolombiaColombiaRPAAutomation AnywhereFinancial ServicesBack office processes• Reduction of labor and errors
A blue-chip, international organization GlobalBPMTorque ManagementIT service
• Increased customer satisfaction by 62% • Improved IT capability by 1.8 levels
BridgeLoanSouth AfricaProcess MiningQPRInsuranceLoan processes
• 40% faster process • Reduction in manual work • Quick reaction to possible problems in process
CaverionFinlandProcess MiningQPRConstruction & MaterialsAd hoc service process
• Improved cash flow • Removal of bottlenecks • Faster invoicing
City Union BankIndiaRPAAntworks ANTsteinFinanceKYC automation
• 66% reduction in effort • 7x improvement in turn around time • Reduction in errors
Collins Bus CorporationUnited StatesLeanTransportationManufacturing
• Reduced downtime • Reduced costs by using resources more efficiently
A consumer finance companyAgilePM SolutionsFinanceProject management, stakeholder governance, business analysis, and quality assistance
• Rejection rates of work submitted for QA testing dropped from 30% to 5% over six months • 400% improvement in the throughput of task completions over time
CooperVisionUnited StatesLean Six SigmaCatalyst ConsultingManufacturingProduction
• 75% improvement in productivity • 70% reduction in quality defects
Dell EMCUnited States, IndiaRPAAutomation AnywhereTechnologyVarious processes including invoicing process, renewal quote generation• $2M savings per year
DeutscheBahn CargoGermanyBPMCamundaLogisticsLogistics• Optimization of European rail freight transport
DuBois-JohnsonDiverseyUnited StatesLeanChemicalsProduction
• Energy saving by 60% • Reduction in water usage by 80% • Waste stream was cut by 85-95%
EDEKAGermanyProcess MiningCelonisRetailIT service
• Simplified process
• Reduced cost
• Increased process quality
EYGlobalRPAProfessional Services
Crawling through meeting registrations and finding individuals that have not booked their air tickets
•50% reduction in effort • 20% reduction in air travel ticket prices
HPBrazilRPAUiPathTechnologyInvoice tax accounting and reporting sub-processes automated• 85% reduction in effort leading to $100k cost savings
An industrial machinery companyGlobalRPAPM SolutionsUtilitiesSupply chain, materials management
• Increased delivery speed by 66% • On-time integration of the automation initiative with more than 18% under budget • Improved inventory accuracy • Increased productivity
A US insurance companyUnited StatesBPMPM SolutionsInsurancePortfolio management, IT• Elimination of approximately 100 non-value-adding projects
Juniper NetworksGlobalRPAAutomation AnywhereTechnologyInvoice generation• Error reduction
Kahiki FoodsUnited StatesValue Stream Mapping, Six SigmaFood & DrinksProduction
• Reduced wasted resources by almost 70% in six months • Reduced costs • Harmonization of production processes of different foods
Line mobile communication appJapanRPAArgos LabsTechnologyMobile app testing and monitoring• Reduced quality assurance effort
Lockheed MartinUnited StatesLeanAerospace & DefenseChemical and hazardous waste management
• Reduced work scope and elimination of unneeded work • Reduced facility size by 1/3 • Reduced chemical storage capacity to 2% of it's original size • Reduced costs
Mercedes Benz BrazilBrazilLean, KaizenAutomativeProduction
• 10-20% reduction in HPU (Hour per Unit) in manufacturing • 300% increase in deployment processes
Merchants Insurance GroupUnited StatesBPMPM SolutionsInsurancePortfolio management
• Improved on time project delivery to 80% • 758% revenue growth in the first two months
Metsä BoardFinlandProcess MiningQPRForestry & PaperSupply chain
• Identification of the bottlenecks • 60% increase in order lines & volume • Conformant order lines from 40% to 80 %
MicrosoftUnited StatesSix SigmaTechnologyVarious processes including sales, customer service
• Reduced errors - the sigma level improved by over 2σ in less than one year • Identification of customer groups
NokiaFinlandProcess MiningQPRTelecomunicationsOrder-to-Cash and Process-to-Pay
• Harmonization of different processes • Identification of improvement opportunities • Improved lead times
npowerUKRPABlue PrismUtility
• $10M savings per year • 2 million hours of work automated per year
One of Big 4GlobalRPAAutomation AnywhereProfessional servicesTax returns, business intelligence
• $18m savings p.a.
PGGMNetherlandsProcess MiningFluxiconInsuranceProcess improvement
• 66% time savings expected • Improvement verification when an improvement is implemented
A global pharmaceutical companyGlobalBPMFlowformaPharmaceuticalArtwork management
• 60% efficiency improvement • Full visibility of the entire process • Increased coordination with other departments in different countries
Piraeus BankGreeceProcess MiningQPRBankingConsumer loan
• Identification of the bottlenecks • Improved KPI measures • Diagnosis of variations in the process • Shortened application process from 35 minutes to 5 minutes on average
A US regulatory bodyUnited StatesBPMTorque ManagementGovernmentQuality management
• Reduced cycle time by 50% • Increased process throughput by 40% • Improved quality
Siemens AGGermanyProcess MiningCelonisPersonal & Household GoodsService process
• Automation of ordering channels • Standardization of the process • Quick identification of inefficiencies
StantUnited StatesRPAAutomation AnywhereManufacturing
Invoice matching, manual invoice creation, approval workflow, data validation, exception & metrics reporting, general ledger coding
• 80% invoice straight through processing achieved
StarbucksUnited StatesLean Six SigmaFood & DrinksCustomer services• Reduced waiting time
• Faster ordering processes
SynergyAustraliaRPAAutomation AnywhereEnergyTransactional billing process
• $2.3m annual value savings • Error reduction • 280+ bots deployed
Tata Steel EuropeUKKaizenConstruction & MaterialsProduction, order management
• Improved product quality • Reduced rework time • Faster response times, giving more customers their orders on time
TelcoGermanyBPMInterfacingTelecomunicationsProduction, process documentation, IT service management
• Increased efficiency • Improved CRM processes • Alignment of IT processes
Telefonica O2UKRPABlue PrismTelecommunications15 processes representing 35% of back-office transactions• Reduced need for FTE growth
• Reduced turn-around time
TreasuryOneSouth AfricaRPAAutomation AnywhereFinancial ServicesBack-office operations, including
performing settlements and sending out deal confirmations
• Error reduction
Tui OraNew ZealandBPMFlowformaVarious processes including payroll allowance, purchase requisitions HR staff change
• 75% improvement in productivity • 70% reduction in quality defects
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS TrustUKRPABlue PrismHealthcarePatient self check-in
• 50% reduction in effort • 2x improvement in turn around time • Improved data quality
VodafoneUKProcess MiningCelonisTelecomunicationsSource-to-Pay
• Increased perfect purchase orders from 73% to 85% • Reduced cost from $3.22/PO to $2.85/PO • Improved time to market by 20%
VTBRussiaProcess MiningCelonisBankingLoan processes
• Shortened throughput time by 30% • Increased percentage of timely-handled accounts from 68% to 98% • Decreased application processing time by fourfold • Discovery of the need for employee training • Improved customer satisfaction
WalgreensGlobalRPABlue PrismRetailVarious processes including worker's compensation claims• 73% reduction in effort
World VisionSouth AfricaProcess MiningQPRNGOPerformance management• Shortened performance evaluation process
• Improved data management
Zig WebsoftwareNetherlandsProcess MiningFluxiconTechnologyHousing allocation processes
• Identification of three major bottlenecks • Recreation of the process by automating its digital offering system • Reduced waiting period from 16.4 hours to 64 minutes • Shortened turnaround by 4000 days for the first six months


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