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Top 11 Free Trial & Open Source Process Mining Tools in 2024

Updated on May 23
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Hazal Şimşek
Hazal Şimşek
Hazal Şimşek
Hazal is an industry analyst at AIMultiple, focusing on process mining and IT automation.

She has experience as a quantitative market researcher and data analyst in the fintech industry.

Hazal received her master's degree from the University of Carlos III of Madrid and her bachelor's degree from Bilkent University.
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Process mining techniques discovers, monitors and visualizes the business processes of a given workflow by extracting and analyzing event logs data. It provides process insights, identifies bottlenecks, and reduces unnecessary actions. Process mining has been applied to various sectors and business functions, such as

Software specifications and requirements are different in each industry, but it is important to choose the correct software. 52% of business leaders complain about the lack of process mining solutions as the key problem behind their low rates of adoption.

This article lists process mining tools that offer open-source, community edition and free trials in 2023 so that analysts can start trying the tools before making a decision.

Current status of open source in process mining

Currently few players are open sourcing their solutions since this is an emerging market and openly sharing of solutions tend to be more prevalent in mature markets. However, to grow their awareness, proprietary software companies are offering their solutions for free trial which helps users evaluate them.

The table below displays process mining vendors that offer free trials and open source in alphabetical order for each category.

VendorsFree trial vs. Open source
IBM Process MiningFree trial
Aris Software AGFree trial
CelonisFree trial
LanaFree trial
Minit MicrosoftFree trial
UIPath ProcessGoldFree trial
QPR Process AnalyzerFree trial
ApromoreOpen source
DiscoOpen source
Process Street Open source
PromOpen source

Open source process mining tools

The table below shows top 4 publicly-available software in-detail:

Open sourceLicenseImplementation StarsSource
DiscoAcademic license (Disco)Ruby, Phyton, Javascript557Github
ApromoreGNU Lesser General Public License Java, Javascript112 Github
PromGNU GPLJava, 16 Github
Process StreetLimited license (, Phyton10 Github


Apromore which stands for Advanced Process Model Repository is an AI-driven process mining and improvement platform. Some of the features provided by the tool are as follows:

  • Process maps and business process model and notation (BPMN)
  • Performance Dashboards
  • Flow comparison and multi-log animation
  • Predictive process monitoring


Disco is one of the first process mining tools which is developed by Fluxicon. Along with automated process discovery, the tool enables filtering business processes, detailed statistics and project management. The software provides a free trial.

Process Street

Process Street tool provides business process conformance checking and performance analysis. With Process Street, businesses can create and run multiple instances of workflows. It has a well constructed template allowing tracking the progress and increasing collaboration within the team. Process street has options to sign up for free and pricing for more features.


ProM (aka. process mining framework) focuses on academic improvement, so they keep their platform available to public to improve process mining algorithms. Yet, the plug-ins are under different type of license.

Free Trial

Free versions usually limit usage time or features of the paid tool, but they offer users the chance to experiment with the software before purchase. Here is our list of free process mining software:


Software AG has been in the process intelligence market since 1969. Software AG offers a free trial for ARIS process mining software.

Compare ARIS against its top 3 competitors.


Celonis was developed by Celonis SE. The German registered company is a leader in terms of market presence. In the free plan, businesses can connect their event logs data with pre-built connectors and apps for SAP, Oracle, or Salesforce.

Compare Celonis against two major alternatives: IBM & UiPath.


IBM offers process mining solutions after acquiring myInvenio in 2021. The no-cost IBM Process Mining trial provides an on-cloud experience for 30 days with a real banking use case. It includes all the process mining features of the paid version:

  • 1 Process
  • Upload up to 1 million events
  • Simulation capabilities


Following the acquisition of LANA Process Mining, Appian delivers a process mining solutions with analytics dashboards and an automatic root cause analysis capability. Connectors for ERP and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are available. Appian gives test access to interested parties through request.


Minit is a Slovak company providing Minit process mining software since 2014 and acquired by Microsoft on March 2022. Minit’s algorithms can be implemented on numerous enterprise systems. The tool also includes dashboards, AI powered root-cause analysis, and simulations. Minit allows 30 days trial for free.

UiPath ProcessGold

UiPath process mining tools, formerly known as ProcessGold, have features like metrics and dashboard with 60+ connectors for source systems to extract and analyze business processes.

Compare UiPath‘s strengths and limits against its alternatives.

QPR Process Analyzer

QPR has a range of tools based around process mining. The QPR Process Analyzer is one of these products and offers a free trial option. The tool includes features:

  • Automatic process visualizaiton
  • Root cause analysis
  • KPI analysis
  • Lead time analysis
  • Conformance analyses


Open-source software, OSS, refers to solutions under a license allowing users to use, study, change, and distribute the software source code to anyone for improvement purposes. 1

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Hazal Şimşek
Hazal is an industry analyst at AIMultiple, focusing on process mining and IT automation. She has experience as a quantitative market researcher and data analyst in the fintech industry. Hazal received her master's degree from the University of Carlos III of Madrid and her bachelor's degree from Bilkent University.

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