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Top 22 Automated Process Discovery Tools in 2024

Process discovery exceeds the role of being the first step in the process mining because some process discovery tools leverage machine learning algorithms, computer vision and deep learning to observe the execution of real-life processes. Some vendors name these tools as automated process discovery to highlight the ML capabilities of the platforms as a part of their marketing strategy.

In this article, we provide a list of automated process discovery tools provided by RPA, process mining and analytics vendors. Our list covers only the vendors that claim to offer automated process discovery platforms on their websites. We did not verify their claims by checking these solutions.

Process Discovery tools

Some of the RPA providers and analytics vendors include process discovery as a part of their solution. Also, there are process mining vendors that provide automated process discovery tools. 

Below, you can find the lists of vendors that provide automated process discovery tools. Sponsors are ranked at the top of each list and then the rest of the vendors are placed according to alphabetical order.

How do different solutions achieve process discovery?

1. Use RPA solution’s automated process discovery platform

RPA is a type of software which leverages screen scraping and OCR to replicate human interactions with GUI elements. It automated process discovery tools by operating the sequence of steps in the model discovery process. Some RPA companies provide their own process discovery solutions by developing discovery bots whereas some others only integrate their RPA solutions with the leading process mining and discovery tools.

Vendor NameTypes of toolFree trial and open source options
AntWorksRPANo free trial
Automation everywhereRPANo free trial
Blue Prism
RPAFree demo on request
IBM Cloud Pak for automationRPAFree trial
EdgeVerveRPAFree trial
KofaxRPA No free trial
KryonRPAEnterprise and community studio trials
NikaRPAFree trial
UiPathRPA1 open source and 3 packages with free trial options
WorksoftRPANo free trial

2. Use analytics solution’s automated process discovery platform

Analytics tools leverage historical data to understand patterns within sets of data. Analytics companies complement and improve business analysis (BA) and business intelligence (BI) models with automated process discovery since it illustrates processes explicitly.

Some of the software companies that offer automated process discovery platforms include:

  • Fujitsu automated process discovery (APD)
  • Fortyseven Software automated business process discovery

3. Use process mining solution’s automated process discovery platform

Process mining tools discover, monitor and visualize the business processes and workflows to optimize processes and provide insights on automation. Though process mining vendors include process discovery solutions, some others claim to have automated process discovery tools. 

Some of the vendors who claim to provide automated process discovery tools include:

  • IBM
  • Agilon (amesto)
  • Everflow
  • Logpickr
  • Minit
  • Puzzle Data
  • Surface Insights

Only surface Insight provides free demos, and Minit offers a free trial upon request among these vendors.

Open source AI algorithms

These machine learning algorithms are tools that can be implemented in Python, R, Java and other languages to discover and model business processes for free. The most common open source algorithms have libraries and packages along with their codes available on GitHub:

Further reading

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And you can let us find you the right vendor:

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