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Zoho Survey Evaluation & Top 10 Survey Tool Alternatives in '24

The American Customer Satisfaction Index stood at 75% in Q3 2023, marking a slight uptick from the previous year.1 Consistently surveying customers is the key to understanding customers’ level of satisfaction and a prominent player in the survey software field is Zoho Survey. While it’s a robust tool, Zoho Survey has some limitations such as lacking advanced AI for data quality control, offering limited options for multilingual surveys, and providing restricted customer support.

This article delves into the capabilities of Zoho Survey, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses. We also present a list of alternative survey tools, providing businesses with options to explore other software solutions that might better align with their specific survey needs.

Top 10 Zoho Survey alternatives

VendorsReviews*Employee sizeRatings*
Zoho Survey1,29119,6974.5/5
resonio by Clickworker681,0094.2/5
AYTM (Ask Your Target Market)231514.8/5
Delighted by Qualtrics118324.6/5
Kantar Marketplace3633,6924.2/5
Make Opinion20264.0/5

Note: With Zoho Survey and resonio by Clickworker (sponsored) at the top, we’ve alphabetically listed the vendors.

*Data used here was gathered from software review platforms such as G2, Capterra, and Trustradius.

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Feature comparison of top 10 Zoho Survey alternatives

VendorsCrowdsource survey respondent size*Segmentation possibilities/selection criteriaData quality controlCustomizable reportsReal-time resultsMedia file addition (i.e., audio, image, video)Multi-channel survey distributionCustomer supportMulti-language surveysPredictive analytics
Zoho SurveyNot mentionedEmail support30+with add-ons
resonio by Clickworker6M+AI-powered bot & fraud detection24/7 phone support45
AYTM (Ask Your Target Market)100M+AI-powered bot & fraud detectionVideo
9-5 chat support30+
Delighted by QualtricsNot mentionedAutomated response filteringEmail support30+
24/7 chat support**Not mentioned
Kantar Marketplace80M+Not mentionedNot mentionedNot mentioned24/7 supportNot mentioned
Make Opinion47M+Not mentionedImage only24/7 supportNot mentioned
quantilopeNot mentionedNot mentioned
SurveyMonkey175M+AI-powered bot & fraud detectionPhoto
24/7 phone support15+
24/7 phone support**70+with add-ons
Voxco10MDuplication check24/7 support200+

*Based on vendor claims.

**Jotform and SurveySparrow offer 24/7 support only for Enterprise subscriptions.

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Zoho Survey evaluation

Zoho Survey, a comprehensive feedback management platform, was launched in 2013. It started as a simple survey builder and evolved over time​​. As of November 2023, Zoho Survey is serving more than 25,000 users across more than 50 countries, including over 4,000 enterprise users​​.

What is the difference between Zoho Survey and Zoho Forms?

Choosing between Zoho Survey and Zoho Forms depends on your specific needs. Zoho Survey is tailored for creating detailed surveys to gather feedback and analyze responses, offering advanced analytical tools ideal for market research or customer satisfaction surveys.

On the other hand, Zoho Forms is better suited for straightforward data collection tasks like event registration or lead generation, focusing more on efficient data gathering rather than in-depth analysis. Your choice should align with whether your primary goal is detailed survey analysis (Zoho Survey) or simple data collection and management (Zoho Forms).

Key features

  • Question types: Zoho survey builder features more than 25 question types ranging from star ratings to matrix choices.
  • Survey analytics: Offers enhanced analysis features, including a simulation count dropdown and customizable label options within the Customize popup.
  • Personalized emails: Users can set personalized email addresses for the reply-to field in trigger emails, streamlining communication.
  • Survey customization: The pre-populated feature includes multiple textboxes, contact information, and full name questions. This allows survey creators to customize each field’s pre-populated value, offering a more personalized survey experience to respondents.
  • Mobile app functionality: Their mobile app can be used to create surveys and survey responses.
  • Reporting: Zoho Survey offers trend reporting functions and users can easily get instant and custom reports.


  • Many users report that integration with third-party applications is simple and numerous alternatives are available.2
  • Users appreciate Zoho’s survey analytics function (see figure below).

Source: G23

  • Users state that the predefined templates provided by Zoho makes the online survey creation process fast and easy (see figure below).

Source: G24


  • Low-tier plans include a limited number of survey responses which would be problematic especially when large sample size or various numbers of surveys are required (see figure below).

Source: G25

  • Some users state that the integration of AI-powered capabilities would provide a better user experience (see figure below).

Source: G26

  • Some users state that the survey respondents’ pool could be more targeted (see figure below).

Source: G27

  • Some features such as integration with Google Sheets to analyze data and email notifications are only available in Pro versions.8
  • Some users state that the tech support provided is not the best quality and the response time could be long.910
  • Users complain about the pricing structure as there is no pricing plan for especially small businesses.11
  • If you need customer service in a language other than English, a language barrier exists.12

Transparency statement:

AIMultiple serves numerous emerging tech companies, including resonio by Clickworker.

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