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Ezgi Alp, PhD.

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Ezgi is an industry analyst at AIMultiple. She specializes in firewall, firewall management and procurement technologies.

She has held various positions in academia and the finance industry. Ezgi holds a PhD in finance and a bachelor's degree in management. She has a background in publishing scientific articles and presenting at conferences.

• Tanyeri A. B., and Alp E. (2022). Law as an external governance mechanism: valuation of family firms in countries with differing judicial protection of shareholder rights. Corporate Governance: An International Review, 1-22, DOI: 10.1111/corg.12484.

Conference Presentations:
• Alp, E. (2023) Impact of the Corporate Sustainability Performance on Financial Performance and the Institutional Shift Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic: Evidence from Türkiye. In: ICGS 2023 CGIR Junior Scholar Consortium and Paper Development Workshop – held in Madrid, Spain on October 20, 2023.
• Alp, E. (2023) The Effect of Corporate Sustainability Activities of Financial Performance. In: 1. Conference of Economics and Society – held in Ankara, Türkiye on December 6-7, 2023.
• Alp, E. (2022) Shareholder activism, and organizational form. In: 19TH EIASM Workshop on Corporate Governance – held in Strasbourg, France on November 8-9, 2022.
• Alp, E., and Tanyeri A. B. (2021). Gender perceptions of investors and the valuation of family firms. In: RENT 2021 Conference – XXXV Research in Entrepreneurship Conference – held in Turku, Finland on November (17) 18-19, 2021.
• Alp, E. (2020). Value of Shareholder Voting Rights and Family Firm Related Mechanisms. In: 3rd AEM and TIM PHD Programs-Joint Paper Development Online Workshop, Bergamo on May 25-26, 2020.

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