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Top 7 Customer Survey Software in 2024

According to research, ~75% of consumers believe that the quality of the customer experience plays a major role in their decision to buy. Companies must constantly track and adjust to changing customer needs to ensure they meet customer expectations. Regular online surveys are essential for staying current with market trends, attracting new customers, developing products that meet evolving demands, and stand out in the market.

This article provides a thorough comparison of leading customer satisfaction survey tools, assessing their features to assist businesses in selecting the most suitable survey software for ensuring customer experience management.

Top 7 customer survey software

VendorsReviews*Employee sizeRatings**
resonio by Clickworker681,0094.2/5
Google Survey2,753180,000+4.4/5
Delighted by Qualtrics118324.6/5
Zoho Survey1,29119,6974.5/5

*Based on the total number of reviews on software review platforms such as G2, Capterra, and Trustradius.

** Average ratings on software review platforms.

VendorsCustomer supportMulti-language surveysCrowdsource survey respondents**Data quality checkPredictive analyticsMedia file addition
resonio by Clickworker24/7 phone support456M+AI-powered bot & fraud detectionPhoto
Google SurveyEmail support25+Not providedComprehensive checkPhoto
Jotform24/7 chat support*Not provided✖️✖️✖️Photo
Delighted by QualtricsEmail support30+Not providedAutomated response filtering✖️
SurveyMonkey24/7 phone support15+175M+AI-powered bot & fraud detection✖️Photo
SurveySparrow24/7 phone support*70+✖️✖️with add-onsPhoto
Zoho SurveyEmail support30+Not provided✖️with add-onsPhoto

Note: With resonio by Clickworker (sponsored) at the top, we’ve alphabetically listed the vendors.

*Jotform and SurveySparrow offer 24/7 support only for Enterprise subscriptions.

**Based on vendor claims.

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Vendor selection criteria

We narrowed our vendor list on customer satisfaction survey software based on some criteria. We used the number of B2B reviews and employees of a company to estimate its market presence, as these criteria are public and verifiable. As a result, we set certain parameters to focus our efforts on the top 7 companies in terms of market presence. We selected companies with

  • 65+ reviews on review platforms, including G2, Trustradius, Capterra
  • 30+ employees

As all vendors offer respondent segmentation, multi-channel survey distribution, and real-time survey results, we did not include these capabilities in the table.


The data is gathered from the websites of vendors or the software review platforms (i.e., crowdsource survey respondents). Please keep in mind that some vendors provide a variety of services, while some are only focused on online surveys. That’s why, both their company size and the number of reviews may differ. If you believe we have missed any vendor or any feature, please contact us so that we can consider adding it to our article.

9 key features of customer survey tools

When selecting customer survey software, it’s crucial to consider the following key features to ensure you’re able to gather and analyze customer feedback effectively:

1- Respondent segmentation

This allows you to divide your survey audience into different groups based on certain criteria like demographics, purchasing behavior, or previous feedback. By targeting specific segments, you can get more relevant and insightful data.

2- Multi-channel survey distribution

To gather insights that are dependable and broadly applicable, it’s essential to engage with a wide-ranging audience. Utilizing multiple channels for survey distribution is a key strategy. Ensure the chosen software is capable of deploying surveys via different mediums, like email campaigns, social network platforms, or embedded on your company’s webpage. This versatility maximizes response rates by connecting with individuals on their preferred digital channel.

3- Customer support

Having access to prompt assistance whenever you run into snags with your survey’s formulation, deployment, or data interpretation is vital. This functionality guarantees that you have continuous access to technical help to address any challenges, thereby reducing any potential delays.

4- Multi-language surveys

In the international market landscape, the ability to roll out customer surveys in the local language of each market segment is a strategic necessity. This approach secures valuable insights from non-English speaking customers and is critical when you’re strategizing to introduce your brand or establish a new store in a new location.

5- Crowdsource survey respondents

The feature of crowdsourcing survey respondents can be incredibly beneficial, especially for businesses that may not have a large pool of customers to draw from or those seeking a wide range of perspectives. You can tap into a larger, more diverse population to participate in your surveys. It’s an effective way to gauge the pulse of potential customers or different demographic groups that you might not have direct access to for reaching your target audience.

For more on crowdsourcing, check out our comprehensive article.

6- Data quality check

Data quality control in online survey tools is crucial for ensuring the accuracy and trustworthiness of your data. Quality control tools, including AI bots, work to detect and prevent fake responses, making sure that your analysis is based on authentic customer feedback. This is essential for reliable business decisions and actionable insights.

7- Predictive analytics

Advanced survey platforms use AI-powered tools to predict trends and behaviors based on survey responses. This can help you anticipate customer needs and make informed decisions about your business’s future.

See our article on survey analytics, if interested.

8- Real-time results

Instant access to survey results helps you quickly identify and act on customer feedback, rather than waiting for reports to be compiled and analyzed

9- Media file addition

The ability to add images, videos, or other media to your surveys can make them more engaging and provide richer context for your questions, leading to better-quality responses.

Further Reading

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Transparency statement: AIMultiple services numerous emerging tech companies, including resonio by Clickworker.

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