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Top 10 Open Source Job Schedulers & WLA Tools in 2024

A survey revealed that organizations use open-source products to modernize IT infrastructure and enable digital transformation. Enterprise job schedulers, workload automation, and orchestration tools are among the solutions that are among the enablers of digital transformation benefiting from open-source implementation.

Businesses leverage open-source job schedulers and workload automation tools to access the capabilities of these tools without carrying the barriers of licensing costs and vendor lock-in. In this article, we explore what open-source job schedulers and workload automation tools are, and include a list of the top tools available.

Benefits of open-source job schedulers and workload automation tools

Job schedulers and workload automation (WLA) tools are software businesses use to automatically schedule, execute, and monitor workloads across different business platforms. These tools have numerous use cases in IT, HR, and accounting, including the automation of ETL, FTPs, P&Ls, and data warehousing.

Open source job schedulers and WLA provide users with the source code of the tool, enabling them to:

  • modify the code and customize the tools according to business needs
  • collaborate with community members to share codes, address bugs, and learn software hacks
  • avoid vendor lock-in

List of the top open-source job schedulers and workload automation tools

The following is a sortable list of the top open source job schedulers and WLA tools:

ToolTypeSupported languageLicenseSource code
AgendaJob SchedulerJavaScriptMITGitHub
ClockwerkJob SchedulerGoMITGitHub
CronicleJob SchedulerJavaScript
DkronJob Scheduler
Workload Automation
DolphinJob SchedulerJava
Apache 2.0GitHub
JS7 JobSchedulerJob SchedulerScala
QuartzJob SchedulerJavaApache 2.0GitHub
SchedulixJob SchedulerPython
SQL JobberJob SchedulerSQL

Closed-source enterprise-focused alternatives

If your organization:

  • is managing complex, enterprise workloads
  • is open to using proprietary software
  • has a budget for workload automation

You may consider enterprise job scheduling software which includes closed-source options. This list compares enterprise-grade schedulers such as ActiveBatch. These solutions have been used by many Fortune 500 enterprises and delivered results for high-scale, enterprise workloads.

ActiveBatch4.6 based on 246 reviews
Redwood RunMyJobs4.7 based on 148 reviews
VisualCron4.7 based on 18 reviews
Stonebranch4.5 based on 85 reviews
Forta’s JAMS4.6 based on 162 reviews

What to look out for when choosing an open-source job scheduler

Here are a few recommendations to consider while choosing an open source job scheduler and WLA solution:

  • Check the tool’s adoption rate: The number of contributors on Github as well as community members that answer user questions indicate the adoption rate of open source tools. The more members in the community, the more assistance you can get if you encounter bugs or require help.
  • Check the features of the job scheduler: Most open source job schedulers include features to initiate and execute tasks at the designated time. However, if you will be using the job scheduler or WLA tool to automate sensitive tasks with privileged data, it is important to find a tool that includes monitoring features to generate alerts and audit trails.
  • Consider closed source options as well. In terms of functionality or other aspects, you may be able to find a closed source solution that better fits your requirements. For example, here is a list of closed source job schedulers focused on data warehouse automation.

For more on job schedulers and workload automation

To find a tool that fits your business needs, you can start by scrolling through our data-driven list of job schedulers and workload automation tool, and explore our comprehensive hub of automation solutions which you can leverage in your digital transformation journey.

And reach out to us to help you find the right tool:

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