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4 Ways Process Mining Improves Customer Journey in '24

4 Ways Process Mining Improves Customer Journey in '244 Ways Process Mining Improves Customer Journey in '24

82% of businesses stated that they designed customer maps, yet, 47% of these organizations could leverage these maps effectively. 1 One reason behind such a low ROI is lack of interaction in the maps. Customer maps must be helpful to detect the moments customers change their mind. Process mining allows businesses to tackle this challenge by discovering and visualizing processes in the customer journey.

In this article, we provide the ways process mining improves customer journey analytics, its benefits, use cases and challenges.

1. Enhance customer journey mapping by extracting customer data

Customer journey map is an overall view of this journey based on the customer’s point of view. The map is generated by extracting data from any IT system that customer data is integrated into (e.g. CRM, ticket systems, application databases, log files, audit tables, excel docs).

Businesses can leverage process mining to extract the event logs from these systems and map the customer journey process to identify the points where employees and customers interact. By doing so, process mining enables users to track customer journey processes, parties involved in these processes, and challenges faced within these workflows. 

For example, process mining can help analyze the data of CRM systems to detect customers’ recurring IT tickets or their ranking of the service provided by the customer service rep.

2. Boost marketing strategies by pulling out real time customer insights

Process mining enables marketing teams to develop data-driven strategies by providing insights from real-time data. 

For example, Melon, an online music streaming service in South Korea, leveraged process mining to optimize their marketing strategies. With process mining, Melon’s team analyzed new users’ journeys who signed up through a free mobile instant messaging application to discover behavioral patterns and the reasons for their sign-up decision. The company clustered new users based on these insights and established a targeted marketing campaign to increase conversion rate for each segment.

3. Improve website by identifying most influential  pages

Process mining can be useful to evaluate and improve the website of the company in order to enhance user experience. 

Process mining can enhance company website by

  • Identifying the most influential pages (e.g. the pages that customers like or abandon). For example,  in a process mining case study, researchers leverage process mining to measure how long it takes to complete a purchase for customers, and understand which websites provide an easy experience for the customers. 
  • Detecting points the user decided to sign up or drop. Many websites require signing up and logging in to allow users to benefit from their website. One example is job market sites where people look for jobs. However, users who scroll down and keep searching for job opportunities avoid entering their data.
  •  Analyzing visits by gathering the data on click-throughs (where they’re clicking from to reach their website), customer navigation, or time of customer’s set up of their portal. 

4. Prevent customer loss by analyzing multiple channels

Process mining provides insights on the channels (e.g. WhatsApp or calls) customers prefer the most or which channels lead to loss of customers. Also, process mining can help clarify customer journey paths that happen in multiple channels. 

For example, customers who purchase mortgages at banks get information from the bank’s channels (e.g. customer service email or call) and online sources (e.g. social media, website). Banks can leverage process mining to analyze these multiple customer channels to compare whether the channel difference generates distinct outcomes.

[1] Customer journey refers to the customer’s experience with a brand throughout their relationship. Customer journey analytics help businesses understand and predict customer journeys in order to improve their experience.

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