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Top 10 Insurance CRM Software in 2024

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Updated on Feb 5
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Research shows that more than half of insurance customers expect 24/7 support from insurance agents. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems help companies in ensuring customer needs by automating processes and managing data on a single platform.

This article examines the top insurance CRM software in the market and lists them based on their ratings, commercials, essential and additional features.

Top 10 CRM insurance software solutions benchmarking

Here, we identified the top 10 CRM software for insurance agents. While determining the vendors to examine in our research, we narrowed our vendor list based on some criteria. We used the number of B2B reviews and employees of a company to estimate its market presence because these criteria are public and verifiable.

Therefore, we set certain limits to focus our work on top companies in terms of market presence, selecting firms with:

  • 150+ employees
  • 150+ reviews on review platforms including G2, Trustradius, Capterra
  • at least one Fortune 500 reference

We have analyzed the vendors in terms of market presence and commercials (e.g., free trial & price). Tables are sorted alphabetically and you can resort them, for example, by the ratings that these tools received.

VendorsEmployee sizeReviews*Ratings*Free TrialPricing
Pipedrive9531,6504.2/5AvailableStarts from $14.90 / month per user
Creatio5752254.6/5AvailableStarts from $25 / month per user
HubSpot Sales Hub9,00010,0004.4/5AvailableStarts from $50 / month for two users
Zendesk Suite6,3005,6004.2/5AvailableStarts from $19** / month per user
Zoho CRM5,0002,5004/5AvailableStarts from $14 / month per user
billed annually
Salesforce Service Cloud75,0002,2954.3/5AvailableStarting at $225 USD/ month per user
billed annually
Freshsales7,5001,0604.5/5AvailableStarts from $15** / month per user CRM1,7506004.7/5AvailableStarts from $10 / month per user
Vtiger CRM1754004.3/5AvailableStarts from $30 / month per user
billed annually
Vymo4821604.6/5N/ANot provided

*Ratings on software review platform G2.

**This price is relevant when paid annually. If a company chooses a monthly subscription, then the price is $25 / month per user for Zendesk Sell and $18 / month for Freshsales.

Disclaimer: With sponsors at the top, other vendors are sorted by the total number of reviews in descending order.

Here, we also analyzed the capabilities and features of insurance CRM tools. Since all vendors offer lead management and a mobile app, we have not shown them in the table. You can sort Table 2, for example, by the quality of support.

VendorsClaims lifecycle managementNo-code/low-code developmentNext action recommendationsOmnichannel customer supportQuality of support*
Knowledge base
Live chat
Social media
24/7 Live chat
HubSpot Sales HubNot provided✖️Email
Live chat
Zendesk SuiteLow-code✖️Email
Knowledge Base
24/7 Live chat
Zoho CRMEmail
Social media
Live chat
Salesforce Service CloudLow-codeEmail
Knowledge base
Live chat
Live chat
8.9/10 CRM✖️Email
Knowledge base
Social Media
Vtiger CRMLow-code✖️Email
Live chat
Knowledge base


The data is gathered from the websites of vendors. Please keep in mind that some vendors provide a variety of services (e.g., Salesforce), while some are only focused on CRM. That’s why, both their company size and the number of reviews may differ. If you believe we have missed any vendor or any feature, please contact us so that we can consider adding it to our article.

For those interested, here is our data-driven list of CRM software.

Insurance CRM system’s capabilities

Core CRM software features

Claims lifecycle management

Figure 1. Example of a claim lifecycle in insurance industry

This feature allows for the effective management and tracking of an insurance claim from the moment it’s reported to the final resolution. It includes all activities such as documenting the claim, investigation, assessment, settlement, and closure. The goal of this feature is to streamline the claims process, increase efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Lead management

In the insurance industry, each lead can represent a significant business opportunity. Lead management tools help insurers to manage and nurture these leads effectively. Tools like lead scoring, task reminders, and follow-up scheduling can ensure no potential business opportunity is missed.

Mobile app

A mobile app is essential in CRM as it provides accessibility and real-time data, enabling employees to access customer information anywhere, anytime. This enhances customer service by allowing quick response times and better support, especially for sales teams who can utilize customer data and sales analytics on-the-go. Mobile CRM apps also enhance productivity through automation of tasks and integration with mobile-specific features, like GPS and voice recognition.

Additional CRM software features

No-code/low-code development

Insurance companies may build unique workflows, reporting, and user interfaces to fit the demands of individual clients thanks to a no-code/low-code development platform integrated into the CRM. In terms of managing relationships with corporate clients and meeting their specific demands, this flexibility and customization can be a great benefit.

Next action recommendations

AI-driven insights can suggest the best next steps based on analysis of policy details, claims history, interaction history, and more. This helps insurers to make strategic decisions that can drive client retention and upselling/cross-selling.

Omni-channel customer support

This feature ensures that customers can interact with the insurance company through multiple channels (phone, email, web portal, mobile app, etc.) and receive consistent and high-quality service. Customer interactions and history are synchronized across all channels, providing the customer service team with a complete view of the customer.

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