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GeoSurf Proxy Server in 2024: A Comprehensive Review

GeoSurf, an Israeli proxy service provider, has permanently ceased operations as of December 20, 2023, following a legal defeat against Bright Data in patent litigation. Subsequently, GeoSurf announced its shutdown and is directing its customers to Bright Data, exiting the proxy business by December 22, 2023.

Source: Bright Data

GeoSurf is a prominent proxy server provider, known in the industry for its proxy and web scraping services, offering static and residential IPs that grant users the capability to access residential IPs and web sites with ease. However, the proxy market is dynamic and complex with various competitors, complicating users’ decision over the next generation proxy solution to choose (See Figure 1).

This article aims to help decision-makers by providing a deep dive to GeoSurf, including its features and capabilities, pricing plans & its position in the market.

GeoSurf overview

GeoSurf, a proxy and web scraping tool provider, offers access to a range of proxy types, including residential, datacenter, ISP, and mobile proxies.

While still catering to localization testing, GeoSurf has broadened its services, venturing into data collection, social media management, and sneaker-related proxy uses. GeoSurf has recently introduced more services and lower-cost entry plans to position itself as a significant choice for enterprise clients.

VendorsNumber of employeesNumber of reviewsAverage scoreFree trialPAYG plan
Smartproxy125394.414 day money-backFor residential & mobile
Bright Data8282204.77-day
GeoSurf50883.7No free trial
IPRoyal48224.3Only for companies

The table above displays top vendors in the field, sorted based on the number of reviews except the sponsors. Learn more on these GeoSurf alternatives or deep dive for top names, such as Bright Data, Oxylabs, Smartproxy & IPRoyal

GeoSurf has 88 reviews on Trustradius and 7.5 average score 1. 43 of these reviews are solely positive and only 3 of them are exclusively negative. There is not enough review data over GeoSurf functionalities. The attribute ratings on the platform is as following:

Figure 1: GeoSurf review data on Trustradius 2


AIMultiple is aware of two data issues for GeoSurf:

  1. GeoSurf does not have reviews on all reputable platforms, such as G2, Capterra or Gartner.
  2. There is no recent review on Trustradius, the all available data is from 2017.

The old and limited data makes it difficult to compare GeoSurf against its competitors for those with the lower but more recent numbers of reviews (Table 1).

Features & capabilities

GeoSurf proxies

GeoSurf offers a variety of proxy types to meet diverse requirements, such as:

Residential proxies

A residential proxy network leverages real IP addresses from home internet connections, providing high reliability and anonymity for web-related tasks. The key features of GeoSurf’s residential proxies include:

  • Residential IP Locations: GeoSurf provides 3.7 Million Internet addresses from all over 2000+ different locations and 17,000+ city sites around the globe. GeoSurf’s residential IPs are based on a P2P Network and can send unlimited parallel requests by verified working IPs, preventing users from getting blocked.
  • IP Rotation: GeoSurf offers the flexibility to rotate IP addresses at defined intervals (e.g. every request, 1, 10, 30 min), helping users avoid detection and access geo-restricted content.
  • Multiple Protocols: These proxies support various protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS, making them compatible with a wide range of applications and software.
  • City-Level Targeting: GeoSurf’s proxies allow for precise city-level targeting, making them suitable for location-specific tasks like localized SEO monitoring and ad campaigns.
  • Browser Extensions: GeoSurf provides browser extension capabilities for popular web browsers, simplifying the setup and usage of their residential proxies.

ISP proxies

GeoSurf’s ISP proxies are a specialized solution designed for users who require precise geo-targeting and ISP-specific IP addresses. These proxies offer the ability to access the internet from various ISPs around the world, making them invaluable for web testing, marketing, and research activities that demand a realistic view of the online landscape.

Whether it ensures website functionality or optimizing advertising campaigns, GeoSurf’s ISP proxies provide the tools necessary to enhance online strategies and decision-making processes.

Features of GeoSurf’s ISP Proxies:

  1. Precise geo-targeting: GeoSurf users can select IP addresses associated with specific ISPs from around the world to view geo targeted content. This level of precision is particularly valuable for businesses and individuals engaged in location-based testing, marketing, and analysis.
  2. Static IPs: GeoSurf offers static IPs, which remain consistent over time. This stability is essential for tasks that require ongoing testing and monitoring.
The visual lists top locations with ıpS.
Figure 2: Top GeoSurf proxy locations and IPs pools 3

Mobile proxies

GeoSurf offers mobile proxies that are a specialized proxy solution tailored for users who require access to mobile IP addresses and want to engage with the internet from a mobile perspective. These proxies are ideal for mobile app testing, mobile-specific data collection, ad verification, and social media automation, among other applications.

Their ability to provide real mobile IPs from around the world offers users a valuable tool for enhancing their mobile-focused online activities, whether for development, marketing, or research. 

Features of GeoSurf’s Mobile Proxies:

  1. Real mobile IP addresses: GeoSurf’s mobile proxies provide users with access to IP addresses associated with real mobile devices and mobile data networks. This authenticity is particularly valuable for tasks that require interactions with mobile-only services and websites.
  2. Dynamic IPs: GeoSurf’s mobile proxies often offer dynamic IP addresses, which change at regular intervals. This is useful for tasks that require frequent IP rotation to avoid detection and bans.
  3. Mobile user-agent support: Mobile proxies support mobile user-agents, making them ideal for mobile app testing and mobile-specific web services.
  4. Mobile emulation: GeoSurf’s mobile proxies are designed to emulate mobile device traffic, allowing users to simulate mobile device experiences. This feature is beneficial for tasks like mobile app testing and accessing content optimized for mobile devices.
  5. Mobile protocols: Mobile VPN is based on different protocols, such as OpenVPN and PPTP, to ensure compliance with both iOS and Android, and to protect user data in accordance with GeoSurf pro privacy policy.

Other features

GeoSurf provides more features to ensure users’ control over network routing and selection. Some of these features include:

Authentication methods

GeoSurf supports username/password authentication, ensuring secure access to their proxy network. Users receive login credentials to establish a secure connection to the proxy servers.

ASN-Level Targeting

GeoSurf offers ASN-level targeting, allowing users to select proxies based on Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs).

Realistic testing environments:

GeoSurf enables users to mimic real user behavior by accessing websites and services from the vantage point of various ISPs, allowing websites and applications to perform optimally for users in different geographic regions.

Full page screenshots

Capture entire web pages in one click, saving screenshots of publishers’ and advertisers’ websites that include both the content above and below the visible screen area. Generate multiple screenshots from different locations, facilitating the efficient sharing of geo-targeted content with clients and colleagues.

Data collection API

GeoSurf offers a low-code real-time data collection API to seamlessly acquire data from publicly available sources directly as a data feed or Rest API. With GeoSurf, users can select a specific domain and country, determine the frequency of data collection (e.g. real-time or scheduled at any preferred intervals) and choose a method to receive the data (Webhook, Google Cloud, Amazon S3, JSON format).


GeoSurf  offers two subscription-based pricing models linked to company traffic consumption: enterprise plan and SMB (pay-as-you-go) plans. . The plans provide flexibility, allowing customers to agree on allocating a specific budget at a fixed rate, without any limitations on scaling their usage.

As customers exceed usage thresholds, the pricing rate becomes more advantageous. GeooSurf’s pricing packages start at $300 for 25 GB for mobile and 37.5 for residential proxies.

Compare GeoSurf residential proxy price against other top vendors to identify the cheapest option with the highest benefits:

The image compares GeoSurf pricing plan against top 4 proxy providers.
Figure 3: Proxy price comparison for GeoSurf against top vendors

Transparency statement

AIMultiple serves numerous technology vendors, including Smartproxy and Bright Data.

Further reading

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