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The Ultimate Guide to Oxylabs vs. Bright Data in 2024

Oxylabs and Bright Data are data collection-focused web data platforms, offering products in the same domain, such as:  

If you’re in the market for a proxy/web data collection solution, you’re likely to come across these two vendors. So it’s important to understand 

  • What distinguishing features these vendors have 
  • What distinguishes them from each other
  • Which scraping service provider is best for your requirements.

Oxylabs vs. Bright Data in a snapshot

Figure 1: Table comparing Oxylabs and Bright Data based on distinguishing features

Bright Data and Oxylabs are web data collection platforms that provide web scraping and proxy server services to businesses. Moreover, according to user ratings and reviews we analyzed on review platforms such as G2 and Trustradius, both also provide similar customer service and technical support. 

However, Bright Data offers a broader array of services than Oxylabs, including proxy and web scraping services based, as claimed by them. . With the exception of Bright Data’s Super proxy servers, both vendors provide identical proxy server solutions. 

Figure 2:  Oxylabs and Bright Data proxy services comparison

Oxylabs does not offer a free trial for only their datacenter proxy services based on the information provided on their website. Bright Data provides a free trial for their proxy and web scraping services that are restricted to one week.

Bright Data’s services are slightly more expensive than Oxylabs’. We will delve deeper into this topic in the following sections.

Bright Data evaluation

Bright Data is a web data collection platform that provides proxy and web scraping solutions to assist businesses in ethically gathering public web data and transforming unstructured data (e.g., HTML) into structured data (e.g., xl) without any coding required. Its offering includes:

Proxy services:

Advanced proxy services:

Web scraping services:

  • Datasets
  • Web scraper IDE

Figure 3: Information on Bright Data

Source: Bright Data

User Ratings

  • G2: 4.7/5


  • Except for the Dataset product, each proxy and web data solution comes with a free trial.
  • Monthly subscription price range for proxy networks:
    • Residential: $6.3/GB – $5.88/GB
    • Datacenter: $0.066/GB – $0.083/GB
    • ISP: $9/GB – $10.05/GB
    • Mobile: $14.4/GB – $16.2/GB
  • Monthly subscription price for Web Unlocker and SERP API: $2.25/CPM (includes 888,888 successful requests) – $3.00/CPM (N/A)
  • Monthly subscription price range for Web Scraper IDE: $2.75 CPM – $5 CPM

Bright Data’s pros & cons


  • In addition to Web Scraper IDE, Bright Data offers pre-made web scraper templates that allow users to modify the existing code to their specific business requirements and needs.
    • If you cannot find a pre-made collector that meets your data collection requirements, you can either create your own data collector using the vendor’s code environment or request a custom collector for your specific data requirements. The video below demonstrates how to use Bright Data’s pre-made data collector.
  • Provides pagination functions for product discovery and HTML parsing.
  • All proxy types are covered.
  • If you intend to get data effortlessly and cost-effectively instead of scraping data from web sources yourself. Bright Data offers Datasets for various web scraping applications, including eCommerce, social media, and search engines. You can request custom-made datasets for your particular scraping applications.


  • It might be expensive for small-scale projects.

Figure 4: Pros & Cons of Bright Data

Source: Capterra1

Oxylabs evaluation

Oxylabs is a web data collection company that provides proxy and web scraping services. Its services include:

  • Proxy networks:
    • Residential proxies
    • Datacenter proxies
    • Mobile proxies
    • ISP proxies
    • Web Unlocker
  • Web scraping APIs:
    • Web scraper API: Extracts public web data from websites or specific web pages.
    • SERP scraper API: Gets SERP data in JSON from search engines.
    • E-Commerce scraper API: Obtains eCommerce web data such as product price, descriptions, review data from eCommerce marketplaces.
    • Real estate scraper API: Obtains real-time data including pricing, location, property type from real estate websites such as Zillow, Redfin, Zoopla.

Figure 2: Information on Oxylabs

Source: Oxylabs2

User Ratings

  • G2: 4.8/5


  • There are no free trials available for:
    • Shared/dedicated proxies
    • Residential
  • Free trial is available for:
    • Mobile and ISP proxy servers
    • Web unlocker
    • Scraper APIs.
  • Monthly subscription price range for proxy networks:
    • Shared dedicated proxies: $50 – $300/mo
    • Dedicated datacenter proxies: $180 – $6000/mo
    • Residential proxies: $15 – $800/mo
    • Mobile proxies: $500 – $11000/mo
  • Web unlocker: $325 – $6000/mo
  • SERP, e-commerce, web scraper, real estate scraper APIs: $99 – $10000/mo

Oxylabs’ pros & cons

Based on our analysis of customer reviews and the vendor’s claims, Oxylabs has the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Most products are not available for a free trial (see the pricing section of Oxylabs).
  • Handles a high volume of requests.
  • Provides real-time crawler.
  • The most frequently mentioned positive aspect of Oxylabs is its customer service.


  • According to Eirik S.’s (product manager) review, there was an issue with scraped data accuracy when using Oxylab’s search API, and callbacks occasionally failed.

Transparency statement

AIMultiple serves numerous tech companies including Bright Data, and Oxylabs.

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