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Automic Automation in 2024: Analysis based on 110+ Reviews

Automic Automation, as a part of Broadcom’s workload automation tools, enables its users to automate complex IT processes under one platform, thus minimizing the need for alternative solutions for different business operations.1

Despite its automation capabilities, it also has below average user satisfaction performance as indicated by a B2B review platform.2One of the possible causes for such performance can be lower user ratings compared to other automation platforms (See Table 1) and user reviews highlighting shortcomings in file transfer capabilities, dashboard building features and customer services (See Automic Automation shortcomings).

We will provide a review based evaluation of Automic Automation, along with its key features, capabilities and alternatives to give a comprehensive outlook on the solution.

Review based evaluation of Automic Automation

We included user reviews from B2B review platforms G2, PeerSpot, and Trustradius to provide insights on Automic Automation’s capabilities.

PlatformUser ratingNumber of reviews

Table 1: Automic Automation user reviews

Automic Automation Advantages

Ease of use and scalability: Users report that Automic Automation platform has a simple interface with high stability and scalability. See Figure 1.

Automic Automation user review on ease of use and scalability.
Figure 1: Automic automation user review on PeerSpot.3

SAP automation: Automic Automation’s SAP automation feature is considered to be highly valuable. See Figure 2.

Automic Automation user review on SAP automation capabilities.
Figure 2: Automic Automation user review on Trustradius.4

Automation capacities: The solution allows business process automation, workload automation, service orchestration, and PR automation under one platform enabling users to manage automation processes without the need of an extra automation tool. See Figure 3.

Automic Automation user review on encompassing automation capacity.
Figure 3: Automic Automation user review on PeerSpot.5

Template features: Users find Automic Automation’s predefined templates that are used for application-specific jobs beneficial. See Figure 4.

Automic Automation user review on template features.
Figure 4: Automic Automation user review on PeerSpot.6

Automic Automation Shortcomings

Flexibility options: Users suggest more flexible options for dashboard building features.7

Customer support services: Users reported that the solution’s customer services are not efficient enough to resolve issues on time. See Figure 5.

Automic Automation user review on customer service and support.
Figure 5: Automic Automation user review on PeerSpot.8

File transfer feature: Users find the solution’s file transfer feature not as efficient as other automation platforms and suggest improvements for its file transfer capabilities. See Figure 6.

Automic Automation user review on file transfer feature.
Figure 6: Automic Automation user review on PeerSpot.9

Key features and capabilities of Automic Automation

Automic Automation is an enterprise job scheduling and IT automation solution focused on streamlining complex workflows, orchestration of business services, support SRE teams to minimize mean time to resolution (MTTR) and increase effectiveness of digital business automation.

Automic Automation’s key features include:


As a part of Automic Automation’s multi-client concept, plug-in and ready-made workflow options are offered to support multi-tenant processes.

Automation engine scripting

The solution’s automation scripting feature allows organizations to code workload processes with its scripting language.

Native Kubernetes deployment

Automic Automation’s native Kubernetes deployment option allows for minimizing operational complexity related with deploying, updating, and scaling Automic Automation instances, also helping to optimize cloud investments​​.

AIOps intelligent remediation

Automic Automation v21 introduces AIOps monitoring with pre-built intelligent recommendations and automated remediation capabilities.

This feature is designed to minimize MTTR by automated diagnostics and remediation, while supporting the creation of more resilient production environments​​.

Web interface features

Automic Automation allows for a variety of web interface features such as copying, pasting, and exporting variable objects, interactive traffic lights in process monitoring, drag-and-drop support for scheduling, tooltips, and more bulk operations to optimize and automate business processes.


Automic Automation platform enables integrations with Apache, Tomcat, Remedy, VMWare, MySql, Jenkins, Office365, NetScaler, Siebel, SSH, and SAP.

Automic Automation for Oracle E-Business Suite

With the aim to optimize Oracle E-Business Suite investment and enable integration with other business apps, the solution provides:

  • a central point of control for manual process automation,
  • coordination of file transfers between remote, external and internal systems,
  • error detection by scanning data files and system logs.

Workload automation for Informatica

The integration with Informatica enables users to schedule, control and monitor workflows, tasks, and sessions; job definition creation based on Informatica parameters; dependencies management including file transfers and system tasks operations; and automated notifications for failures and recoveries.

Automation analytics and intelligence

Broadcom’s Automation Analytics & Intelligence integrates with Automic Automation with the aim of improving change control by stimulating possible changes prior to production to optimize batch processing and predicting SLA outcomes and manage proactive alerts to minimize failures of IT business processes.

Monitoring and auditing

The solution’s automation engine includes reporting and auditing features and supports output files and reports generation through object execution processes.

Automic Automation alternatives

Workload automation platforms including Tidal Workload Automation (TWA), Stonebranch, ActiveBatch, and Redwood RunMyJobs are alternatives to Automatic Automation. Check out our detailed list on Automic Automation alternatives

Transparency statement

AIMultiple collaborates with multiple workload automation vendors including Redwood RunMyJobs, ActiveBatch and Stonebranch

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