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The Ultimate Guide to Website Personalization [2024 update]

Website personalization is continuously becoming important in the success of almost any marketing campaign these days. This basically allows marketers to provide a unique experience to customers for them to feel more connected, more valued and more understood.  Consumers reward such experiences with more engagement, increase in conversions, continued loyalty and increase in spending.

What is website personalization?

Website personalization is the process of creating a customized experience to visitors on your website. Rather than a broad and single experience, website personalization helps visitors get unique experiences tailored to their desires and needs.  Website personalization requires data.

  • Online retailers can deliver targeted offers to shoppers according to their browsing behavior.
  • Travel websites can present their visitors some promotions based on the current season or weather. Website layout can also be changed depending on the promotion to be offered.

What are the benefits of website personalization?

Website personalization can boost your customer satisfaction while increasing other essential key metrics.

Convert Visitors

While marketing efforts can bring visitors to your site, conversion still depends on your website. Offering personalized helps increase conversion rates.

Engage and Nurture

Web personalization also helps you in nurturing and engaging your customers through continuous communication or by way of getting connected through the relevant and targeted offers, along with call to action and high quality content. In this process, you’re assured that your website could be a great cross-channel tool that will accelerate customers prior to their journey.

Increase retention

Website personalization also helps you in increasing retention of customers through the help of a more tailored and relevant experience. This specific approach helps you in collecting necessary details in line with your customers which you can also use later in making recommendations and tailoring promotions to their individual needs.

Two essential cornerstones that relate to the retention of your customers include familiarity and relationship. Website personalization continuously facilitates two things that will help you build a strong and interactive relationship with your existing customers and the coming ones.

Onsite Personalization

Onsite personalization also helps in customizing all possible areas of your website such as the product pages, homepage, catalogs, cart page, site navigation, and a lot more. These will therefore bring a better and more unique experience to customers and will increase conversions.

Notification Personalization

Website personalization doesn’t end in your online store. It also extends as long as you stay connected with your customers. You can also personalize some of the tools to help you grow your website or business. This includes sending out emails to your customers along with some personalized coupon codes and offers that will help drive traffic back to your website.

With a lot of benefits that website personalization can offer, it is not surprising to know that there are already a lot of websites these days that utilize such approach. This is not only to obtain the best possible income or revenue but to give clients the best and most unique experience they have not obtained before.

How does website personalization work?

With the tools and technologies out there to support marketers today, it can always be a bit difficult to keep up completely. Website personalization works based on three important data that include the following:

  1. Data that accompanies visitors IP address.
  2. Visitor’s information such as their behavior, data and all other necessary details.

How to Setup Website Personalization

Do you want to implement website personalization? Well, website personalization is one of the most commonly tackled stages in these days. Developing personalization technique can be very difficult at first but there are some straightforward practices and rules to help you in getting started.

Personalization Building Blocks

To implement website personalization, you need to decide first:

  • Who are you going to personalize for?
  • What are the things you wanted to show to them?

Sound easy and simple right? Well, if you belong to the early adopters of this strategy, well you may become overwhelmed at first due to the different choices to choose from. But, here is how you can organize and categorized your audience and these include the following:

Who Building Blocks

You can immediately identify your chosen audience in three different ways:

  1. Demographic Attribute – Who would be the visitor of your site and where do they usually come from? Where is the location and on what particular kind of industry are they working?
  2. Behavioral Attributes – What would be the visitor doing or what would the visitors do to your site?
  3. Context – What kind of browser and device are the visitors using? How did they arrive to your website? Are they logged out or logged in?

What Building Blocks

The second important building block in line with website personalization is more on the what. This helps you understand the kind experience you would want to show to your audience. To determine this factor, you need to consider these three important things:

  • Real estate page – One of the most effective ways of doing this is to print out an enlarged version of your website and circle some areas on the page that you would want to personalize.
  • Location – This includes where on your website you will have to personalize. Some areas may include the images, headlines and more.
  • Visitors Value – Before you finally decide the personalization, think about the value you will have to create to your visitors.


There are already a lot of approaches you could make use of to promote the products and services of your websites. But, among those approaches for you to use, website personalization will always be one of the top choices. This is not only more about the features that this approach or process could offer but more on the benefits that both a marketer and a consumer could obtain.

As far as website personalization is concerned, this is an essential way to engage your customers to the products and services that your website offers. This is perfect for those who really want to get the best and most amazing experience for such a unique and personalized experiences to prospects.

Website personalization does not only boost conversion rates but also provide for unique experiences to all your clients. You will most certainly benefit from website personalization, both the short and the long term! Website personalization is not the only AI application area. You can check out AI applications in marketing, sales, customer service, IT, data or analytics.

If you believe your business would benefit from adopting personalization engines, we have data-driven lists of personalization engines.

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Trevor Carlton
May 17, 2022 at 04:05

This is a really nice guide on website personalization. With more people spending more time on the internet over the past 2 years because of the pandemic, website personalization has become more important now than ever. I think that having a great website personalization strategy really helps drive more traffic to a website and it helps retain visitors longer since they’ll keep seeing content/products that they are interested in which gives these sites a big advantage over competitors that don’t use website personalization strategies.