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20+ Voice of Customer Statistics from Reputable Sources in 2024

Understanding and addressing the voice of the customer is critical for businesses to remain successful in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. Businesses must consider their customers’ perspectives in order to create seamless and personalized experiences that foster loyalty and drive growth. 

In this article, we’ll look at the key statistics that show the value of customer feedback and the impact of the customer voice on business success.

Market statistics

1- ~85% of marketers agree that customer satisfaction is an essential part of company success.

2- 75% of CEOs acknowledge the importance of customer feedback analysis in business growth.

3- Only %14 of marketers say their strongest capability is customer experience.

4-  ~90% of companies regularly use online surveys to collect customer feedback (See Figure 1).

Source: Statista

Figure 1. Methods companies use to measure the voice of the customer

5- Companies can only hear 4% of their customers’ voices.

6- Only 20% of businesses use advanced customer feedback analysis methods.

7- A Gartner report shows that LinkedIn is the top source in organic social marketing for B2B content marketers.

8- The top challenge marketers face is to build confidence in customer purchases.

B2B customer statistics

Source: Marketing Charts

Figure 2. Top decision influencers according to B2B buyers

9- 90% of B2B buyers say they would buy from a competitor if the company’s digital channels did not meet their needs.

10- 57% of CEOs prefer to be called through the phone.

11- ~45% of C-suite executives or department heads listen to podcasts.

12- The most influential factor in choosing a vendor is how authentic their services/products are.

123- Successful brand awareness is achieved through emotional strategies rather than rational ones (See Figure 3).

Source: LinkedIn Ads Blog

Figure 3. Emotional vs rational strategies in B2B marketing

14- Marketing functions that are adaptable are likely to see stronger customer satisfaction (CSAT) and retention (See Figure 4).

Source: Gartner

Figure 4. The correlation between customer satisfaction and the level of adaptability

15- More than 90% of B2B buyers read product or service reviews before any purchases.

B2C customer statistics

16- 78% of customers make purchases based on service quality (See Figure 5).

Source: Statista

Figure 5. Factors influencing buying decisions

17- Less than half of customers state that they are satisfied with the services/products provided by companies. 

18- In the U.S., the customer satisfaction rate was around ~73% in Q4 2022.1

19- For every satisfied customer, there are 26 dissatisfied customers.

20- A recent study shows that ~75% of customers consider customer experience one of the most significant factors influencing purchasing decisions.

21-  ~55% of companies think that they fail to cover all the needs of customers. 

22- 86% of loyal customers recommend the company to friends and family, 66% write positive reviews/comments, and 46% remain loyal after a bad experience.

23- Personalized experience is a must for 70% of customers.

24- 65% of customers state having a great experience is more important than great advertising.

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