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Spotter is an anonymous Pi Network clone monetizing users' time

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So what should you do?

Please first read our disclaimer on investing related topics.

Stay away from this app unless you want to see numerous ads and have your data collected by anonymous parties.

Spotter claims to have the aim of decentralizing crypto ownership by users mining cryptocurrency on their mobile phones. We do not believe that this is a good investment of your time since:

  • Please see the first 2 points from our article on Time Stope, another similar project. In short, this project is an anonymous project in a crowded space that provides no current value to users.
  • The team chose to remain anonymous.
  • App developers are aggressively monetizing the app to the point that users are already complaining from too much advertising.
  • The whitepaper is written by someone with a poor command of the English language. It is vague and non-technical.
  • Their privacy approach needs significant improvement. We are concerned with users providing their data to this app.
    • They have an intrusive privacy policy like Pi Network’s.
    • As with most companies building an ad based monetization model on top of a free product, it requests numerous permissions. You can see the permissions that they request.
  • There is no proof that this project has anything to do with any cryptocurrency. Other than the words on the whitepaper, there is no proof that there is even intention to build a cryptocurrency solution.

Their whitepaper and the whitepaper of another company in the same space share the same first paragraph. We didn’t look into who plagiarized who. If you are curious, feel free to compare the times when these projects were launched.

Timescope whitepaper
Spotter Whitepaper

So what should you do?

We explained this in detail on another article. You could invest in crypto or make a few dollars per month from the Brave project by watching ads for money. We recommend you to stop chasing promises of free money, especially those from anonymous teams.

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Jun 30, 2021 at 13:42

spotter has updated white paper. now there is full explanation and also team. it’s no more an anonymous project. not still sure it’s not a scam but your points aren’t valid anymore I guess. maybe you should review it again

Cem Dilmegani
Jul 01, 2021 at 12:36

Thanks for the heads up, we will review the article.

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