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SEO Content Services Pricing Guide in 2024

More than 42% of CMOs claimed that in 2022, their marketing budget levels had decreased. Marketers are consequently faced with budget cuts; thus, choosing wisely when allocating the marketing budget is critical.1

Companies can devote their marketing budgets to various channels, including 

Source: Statista

Figure 1. Budget allocation for marketing by CMOs globally from 2020 to 2022

This article guides business leaders on how much to allocate for SEO content writing services, what are the costs involved in SEO content services, and vendors’ pricing models.

Why are SEO services in content writing important?

Through SEO content, companies can

  • Increase rankings on search engines
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Generate leads and sales

Companies seek assistance from SEO experts in creating SEO content as the procedures (e.g., keyword research, determining topics) require specialized knowledge. Different pricing models depend on the needs of the company.

3 types of SEO content writing pricing models

Per piece: The amount providers charge businesses depends on the delivered piece.

Per month: Providers may offer ongoing SEO services (e.g., revisions in the content) and can charge companies monthly.

Custom pricing/self-service models: Some agencies offer personalized services rather than a basic package that applies to every company, charging businesses according to their unique needs.

4 factors affecting SEO content services pricing

1- Level of optimization

Each level of optimization for content—low, mid, or high—requires a varied workforce, which impacts the cost of SEO services. Wider ranges of services (e.g., link building) are frequently included in more extensive optimization packages, which might raise the price. However,  these services can also offer a larger return on investment by 

  • Boosting search engine results
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Enhancing sales revenue

2- Technicality

Some content may demand both substantial subject-matter expertise and SEO know-how. Thus, the costs rise along with the technicality of a workpiece. For instance, the cost of basic SEO services from a generalist firm may be smaller compared to the cost of specialized SEO services from a specialist agency with extensive knowledge of a highly competitive market.

Specialized SEO services are more expensive because they require more in-depth training and experience. Still, they can produce a larger return on investment by increasing targeted traffic and sales in the target market.

3- Content type

Not just website blogs are optimized for search engines by businesses to draw in customers. Instead, SEO content can be in the form of glossary creation, company profiles, or product descriptions. Prices change depending on the type of content.

4- Content length

Companies can request longer pieces of content (such as a how-to guide) that are 2,500 words long or shorter pieces that are 500 words long (i.e., product descriptions). As a result, since the volume of the content determines the fees, they show variation.

Pricing plans/models from top SEO content writing service vendors

Here, we looked at the pricing models of vendors offering SEO content writing services. We narrowed our vendor list using various criteria as there are many SEO content service providers on the market. We used certain criteria in calculating companies’ market presence because these factors are transparent and verifiable.

Therefore, we set certain limits to focus our work on top companies in terms of market presence, selecting firms with

  • 10+ employees
  • 10+ reviews on review platforms such as G2, Trustradius, Capterra

The following companies fit these criteria:

  1. Clickworker
  2. ContentWriters
  3. Draft (Contentfly)
  4. Crowd Content
  5. WebFX
  6. Content Cucumber
  7. The Hoth Blogger
  8. Panda Copy
  9. The Blog Smith

The data is based on vendor claims from their websites.

VendorsFree trialPricePricing options
ClickworkerYesNACustom pricing
ContentWritersNo$99 per piece
$2500 per month
Per piece
Per month
Draft (Contentfly)No$0.10 per wordPer piece
Crowd ContentNo$0.17 per wordPer piece
WebFXYesStarting at $2500Per month
Content CucumberNoStarting at $490Per month
The Hoth BloggerNoStarting at $50Per piece
Panda CopyNoStarting at $499Per month
The Blog SmithNo$1 per wordPer piece

Transparency statement:

AIMultiple serves numerous emerging tech companies, including Clickworker.

Further Reading

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