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3 Case Studies of Content Writing Services in 2024

A recent report shows that almost half of companies plan to grow their content team in 2022, but 15% of them still do not know what they are investing in.1,2 As one out of two companies plan to invest in content creation, it is crucial to investigate what makes content writing an essential element in business strategies.

This article gives insights regarding content writing services and applications, investigates why companies invest in content creation and provides some case studies.

Why is content writing essential for companies?

High-quality content is essential for companies to invest in, as it helps

1. To get noticed by buyers

By creating high-quality content, you can enhance your positioning in search engines. Thus, it increases your company’s online presence and web traffic.

2. To achieve a high return of investment (ROI)

Research conducted with more than 1,600 B2B and B2C marketers across different industries shows that while B2B companies saw a better ROI for SEO investments, B2C companies have found better ROI for short-form content.3

3. To reduce future marketing expenses

The content production service is usually taken from the budget of the marketing departments and is used as a content marketing strategy. Working with a good content writer will increase the company’s visibility, which can then prevent more expensive marketing expenses.

However, marketers state that content marketing is challenging as more than 40% of respondents need help producing high-quality content.4

Source: Gartner

Figure 1. Top three challenges of content marketing according to the marketers

Two types of content writing for businesses:

1. B2C (business-to-consumer) companies

Content targeted to individuals explains how to meet customers’ needs with a non-technical language as it aims to reach a general audience. B2C companies find podcasts and short-form content more effective as a content marketing strategy.3

2. B2B (business-to-business) companies

Businesses are usually more selective in deciding whom to purchase, compared to individual customers; as in the former, the decision may affect the company in general. Research shows that B2B companies are more likely to use whitepapers and use cases as a content marketing strategy.3

Where to use the content writing service?

Businesses can leverage content writing services in creating:

  • E-mails: For every dollar spent, the ROI for e-mail marketing is 36 dollars.5 Thus, sending e-mails that attract an audience can greatly benefit companies.
  • Whitepapers: Companies create whitepapers that position themselves in the market and offer thought leadership to their target audience.
  • Articles: Companies can increase brand awareness and credibility by creating data-driven articles or blog posts.
  • Social media posts: Companies can also use social media to share content that aims to increase engagement.

Top 3 case studies of content writing in different industries:

1- Northwell Health (Healthcare & Science)

Northwell is one of the healthcare providers in the US that has been regarded as the top 100 places to work and has been regarded as one of the most innovative healthcare companies.6,7 In 2017, Northwell launched Well, a blog site with articles on various topics, including chronic diseases, healthy living styles, and aging, to educate the audience.

Source: The Well

Figure 2. Data-driven article examples from The Well

In 2020, with the pandemic, they started to curate content related to COVID-19 and how it affects millions of people’s health, the traffic of the website has tripled, which is then reflected in the sales, increase in the number of customers, etc. Julie Shapiro, the editor-in-chief, states that the success of the magazine Well depends on its data-driven approach to content creation, as opposed to the intuitive-driven approach, which they have operated on before the pandemic.8

2- JLL (Real Estate)

Source: JLL

Figure 3. Some articles covered by JLL in their magazine called Ambitions

JLL, is one of the real estate services that operates globally to help customers with real estate investments. The company launched Ambitions, its magazine that helps customers learn how to invest and achieve their ambitions in 2017. The marketing team lead, Glenn Lafolette states that Ambitions help people to get to know the mission of JLL better and make informed decisions.9

3- Pegasystems (Technology)

Source: Pega

Figure 4. Some articles covered by Pega in their magazine GO!

Pegasystems is a software company that offers low or no-code AI solutions to their clients and Nick Lake, senior director of the content marketing team, won the content marketer award in 2022 based on the content marketing strategy of the company.10 He states that success comes from having a solid content creation strategy. The company launched its magazine called Go! which covers topics such as the future of IT, OPs, and marketing at the beginning of 2022.11

For those interested, here is our benchmarking study on the content writing services.

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