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The Best 6 AI-Powered Sales Call Summarization Tools of 2024

Gulbahar Karatas
Updated on Jan 2
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54% of sales leaders believe the number of calls made is one of the most important productivity indicators to monitor. 1Despite the importance of call volume, the efficiency and effectiveness of those calls are equally crucial. AI call monitoring technologies assist sales representatives in automating call transcription and summarization, allowing them to focus on other high-impact tasks.

This article evaluates the top sales call summarization tools and their capabilities to assist sales teams in selecting the best fit for their needs.

Criteria used to select and rank the top sales call summarizers

We relied on vendor claims to identify the capabilities of tools.

VendorsNumber of reviewsAverage scoreStarts from/moFree trial
Clari Wingman7875.2$60

We used employee count and B2B reviews in our filtering since these factors are commonly correlated with a company’s success in the market.

We filtered vendors based on the following criteria:

  • Number of employees: 20+ employees on LinkedIn
  • Number of B2B customer reviews: 10+ reviews on review sites such as G2, Trustradius, and Capterra.

The benefits of using AI summarizers in sales

  • Prioritize the right follow-up: AI call tracking software analyzes different data points, such as behavioral patterns, and customer interaction history, and provides real-time transcripts of sales calls. Sales teams can use this information to score leads on how likely they are to convert. Understanding which leads are more likely to convert enables sales teams to prioritize their efforts.
  • More accurate predictions: Based on responses during the sales call, the AI sales call tracking software can identify potential buying signals and customer sentiment, helping sales teams refine follow-up strategies. More accurate predictions on follow-ups can result in a higher ROI. They can automate low-touch follow-up activities.
  • Enhanced CRM: AI-powered call-tracking software captures and analyzes call-tracking data. The solution transcribes the recorded sales call and identifies keywords or sentiments using NLP. Marketing and sales teams can utilize call-tracking data to understand which campaigns are most effective at generating leads.

What are the key features to look for in an AI sales call summarizer

There are numerous factors to consider when selecting sales call-tracking software that suits your organization’s specific requirements. The following are the essential features to look for:

Basic capabilities

  • Transcription: Automatically convert spoken language into written text during a call. It can be real-time or post-call transcription. Some advanced call-tracking software can transcribe multiple languages.
  • CRM integration: Integrate with CRM services used in the organization, making it easier to keep customer records up-to-date.
  • Speaker identification: Automatically recognizes and distinguishes between multiple participants in a call by assigning different labels to each speaker. This feature allows businesses to analyze how much each participant spoke, know who said what, etc.

Advanced capabilities

  • Sentiment analysis: Evaluate the emotional tone or sentiment behind spoken words during a sales call using AI and ML algorithms. It allows sales teams to understand customer pain points, buying intentions, and satisfaction.
  • Engagement metrics: Involves various data points such as the number of questions asked by the customer, sentiment score, call duration, and talk-to-listen ratio. These metrics help sales teams know the customer’s engagement level and where to allocate resources.

Top 6 AI sales call summarizers of 2024

We compiled a list of the 6 AI sales call summarization tools along with their key features and pricing structure. Keep in mind that the market is dynamic, new providers or changes to existing services can occur.

1. Sybill

Sybill is a sales call summarization tool that integrates with Gong and Chorus and other call recording software. It analyzes engagement and evaluates positive emotions to assist sales teams in identifying potential buyers.

Key features

  • Automatically fill out your CRM’s custom fields and MEDDICC using the data obtained from calls and emails.
  • Generate customized follow-up emails for sales calls, drawing from the call’s summary.
  • Offer conversation intelligence capabilities, understand the sentiment of the conversation, and provide insights into buyer intent by analyzing sentiment data.
  • Tailor call summaries based on role or department within the organization.


  • Starting from: $59/mo
  • Free trial: 14-day

2. Avoma

Avamo is an AI meeting assistant for sales and product-led revenue teams, offering recording, transcribing, and summarizing. Avamo’s AI Meeting Assistant is suitable for SMB (Small And Midsize Business) and mid-market companies, it is not intended for use by students and researchers. It doesn’t evaluate the sentiment of the conversation to decide whether the conversation is positive or negative.

Key features

  • Record calls automatically and identify the speakers.
  • Generate follow-up emails
  • Take note of all conversations and save them to the CRM.
  • Integrate with CRM software, calendars, and other conferencing tools.
  • Convert spoken words in calls into written text in real time.


  • Starting from: $19/mo
  • 14-day trial 

3. Momentum

Momentum is an AI-powered revenue platform that offers tools to automate the sales process. It offers AI Summaries to capture essential information during sales calls and conversations, including questions, action items, and pain points.

Key features

  • Capture notes for each call and automatically update Salesforce with those details.
  • Sync with Google Calendar to record and capture call details.
  • Automatically update MEDDIC fields in CRM and other tools.


  • Starting from: N/A
  • Free trial: Available

4. Supernormal

Supernormal AI transcribes and generates meeting calls, enabling participants to focus more on the meeting content.

Key features

  • Generate meeting notes and update CRM call details obtained from those meetings.
  • Provide multi-language transcription features for meetings, helping businesses in documentation and compliance.
  • Record calls automatically, and provide insights into call duration.


  • Starting from: $22/mo
  • Free trial: 14-day trial

5. Clari Wingman

Clari Copilot is a conversation intelligence platform that offers automated call summaries for sales and marketing teams. The sales call tracking software integrates with Slack and CRM systems.


  • Offer highlights feature. Instead of listening to an entire call recording, you can access a summary of the most important points from a sales call.
  • Automatically categorizing conversations in a sales call, makes it easier to perform structured analytics.
  • Identify speakers on sales calls and create individual speech tracks. The features allow sales leaders to focus solely on what the customer is saying.


  • Starting from: $60/mo
  • Free trial: Available

6. offers call tracking and analytics software that enables users to automatically record and transcribe meetings across various video-conferencing apps.


  • Monitor the emotional tone of a conversation and track speaker talk time through conversation intelligence.
  • Create tasks in project management tools such as Trello, or Asana using voice commands during calls.
  • Automatically fill out CRM based on call data.
  • Organize meeting notes by departments and roles.


  • Starting from: $10/mo
  • Free trial: 7-day trial

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