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Top 8 Facebook Proxies: Pricing, Features & Performance 2024

Gulbahar Karatas
Updated on Feb 7
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Whether you’re a social media manager, digital marketer, or simply in need of reliable and efficient access to Facebook, using Facebook proxies is essential. Facebook proxies allow users to create multiple accounts, manage multiple accounts, and automate tasks.

This article is tailored to provide you with the most effective proxy solutions focusing on their pricing, features, and performance.

The best Facebook proxies of 2024: Quick summary

ProvidersStarting plan/GB*Traffic (GB)Free trialPAYGOffering
Bright Data$6.317-dayExtensive proxy network
Customizable proxy solutions
Smartproxy$723-day 100MB trial for $1Residential
Balance between cost and features
NetNut$15207-day Specializes in residential proxies
IPRoyal$7124-hour refundAffordable proxies with a smaller IP pool
PrivateProxy.$12107-daySpecializes in dedicated IPs
SOAX$6.60153-day trial for $1.99Residential & mobile proxies
Webshare$7110 Free IPsSelf-service proxies
Rayobyte$15152-daySpecializes in datacenter proxies

Starting plan/GB*: Show the smallest monthly subscription package available from the provider for residential proxies.

1. Bright Data

Bright Data is a leading name in the proxy market, providing residential, datacenter (shared and dedicated), ISP, and mobile proxies. Bright Data provides proxy servers that come equipped with advanced features like customizable IP rotation and targeting capabilities based on zip code or ASN. This provider is ideal for users who need a wide array of functionalities with their proxies and a large proxy pool suitable for extensive data collection projects.

Bright Data provides a “pay per IP” option in its proxy solutions, allowing users to select and pay for the exact number of proxies they require in specific locations. This service enables customization of proxy needs, offering the option to make these Pay per IP proxies dedicated. The proxy provider, similar to Oxylabs and Smartproxy, has the largest proxy pool.


  • Proxy types: Residential, datacenter, ISP and mobile proxies
  • Offerings: With Bright Data’s Proxy Manager, users have the flexibility to rotate their IP address with each request and also set custom durations for IP rotations. You can refine your IP selections down to the level of Autonomous System Number (ASN) and ZIP code for specific location targeting. The proxies are compatible with the SOCKS5 protocol, however, you must use the Bright Data proxy manager to access this feature.
  • Free trial: 7-day free trial for businesses
  • Pay as you go: You have the option to pay for each of the proxy products on a pay-as-you-go basis or opt for a fixed plan.

2. Smartproxy

Smartproxy positions itself as a premium proxy provider, catering to a broad spectrum of clients ranging from individual users to enterprise clients. They provide a large IP pool with over 65 million IP addresses and have a global reach, covering more than 195 countries.

Smartproxy has been offering premium features like Bright Data and Oxylabs, but at more competitive prices. This strategy is particularly beneficial for small-scale users, ensuring they have access to high-quality proxy services without exceeding their budgetary constraints.

Additionally, the vendor provides a multi-profile anti-detection management tool, allowing Facebook users to operate multiple browser profiles simultaneously, enhancing privacy and efficiency. For social media management, Smartproxy’s antidetect browser is particularly advantageous, as it assigns different fingerprints to each social media profile. This antidetect browser is included free with a subscription to Smartproxy’s residential proxy service.


  • Proxy types: Residential, ISP, mobile, and datacenter proxies
  • Offerings: The residential proxies offer ZIP code level targeting, all proxy types support both HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols. Additionally, they allow for flexibility in IP management, enabling you to change IPs with each connection request or maintain a consistent IP for up to 30 minutes. Mobile proxies provide the feature of Operating System (OS) filtering.
  • Free trial: It’s a trial offer that requires payment, aimed at residential users. They can select any subscription option and explore every feature over a 3-day period with 100MB for $1.
  • Pay as you go: Offers pay as you go for mobile and residential proxies.

3. NetNut

NetNut is a significant player in the rotating proxy servers domain, among business users. Their rotating residential proxies are suitable for tasks such as social media management.


  • Proxy types: Rotating residential, ISP, mobile and datacenter proxies
  • Offerings: Residential and datacenter proxy networks offer sticky (fixed for a duration) and rotating IP addresses. The ISP (static residential proxies), mobile, and residential pools consist of dedicated proxies. The datacenter proxy pool, consists of shared IP addresses, giving users the flexibility to customize the rotation of their IP addresses.
  • Free trial: 7-day free trial for businesses
  • Pay as you go: Don’t offer a pay as you go plan

4. IPRoyal

IPRoyal, initially focused on individual customers, is now expanding its services to appeal to a broader enterprise level clients. The proxy provider is recognized as one of the budget-friendly options for rotating residential IPs compared to its competitors like NetNut. However, in terms of pool size and the range of features, IPRoyal doesn’t quite match up with the industry-leading proxy providers like Bright Data and Smartproxy.


  • Proxy types: Residential, ISP, mobile and datacenter proxies
  • Offerings: The frequency at which proxies rotate depends on the specific plan chosen. With a 1-day plan, users have the capability to manually rotate IP addresses every 6 minutes. For more extended plans, such as those lasting 30, 60, or 90 days, there is an option for manual or automatic rotation of IP addresses. City-level targeting is only available with rotating residential proxies.
  • Free trial: 24-hour refund
  • Pay as you go: Available

5. PrivateProxy.

PrivateProxy. specializes in offering dedicated proxies specifically designed for data scraping on social media platforms.


  • Proxy types: Datacenter, ISP, and rotating residential proxies
  • Offerings: Offers both static and rotating datacenter and residential IP addresses. The rotating proxies enable users to send multiple requests to the target website. Additionally, the provider’s proxies are located in various countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, and South Africa.
  • Free trial: Provides a 7-day free trial that includes 3 private proxies. For those interested in testing their backconnect rotating proxy service, there’s a beginner package available. This package offers 200,000 requests at no cost over a period of 2 days.
  • Pay as you go: Unavailable


SOAX, established in 2019, is a relatively new entrant in the proxy service market, offering a range of proxies tailored for various applications, including social media. Their network features an array of proxy types, including residential, US ISP, mobile, and US datacenter proxies.


  • Proxy types: Residential, Static ISP proxies (USA) and DC proxies (USA), mobile proxies
  • Offerings: They provide proxies that rotate with each connection request and offer flexible rotation options to suit different needs. Additionally, SOAX offers targeting by city and ASN (Autonomous System Number), and their proxies support both HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols.
  • Free trial: 3-day trial for $1.99 available
  • Pay as you go: Unavailable

7. Webshare

Even though Webshare is a newcomer in the proxy market, it has quickly established itself as a trustworthy and affordable proxy service provider. Webshare is more apt for smaller and mid-size businesses since it operates on a self-service model. ISP and datacenter proxies are available in four types such as premium, private, dedicated, and rotating.


  • Proxy types: Dedicated Static (ISP) Residential proxies, datacenter and residential proxies
  • Offerings: Residential proxies automatically rotate and replace IPs at regular intervals, typically every few hours. Support SOCKS5 protocol. 
  • Free trial: Webshare offers a free plan that includes access to 10 unverified IP addresses.
  • Pay as you go: Unavailable

8. Rayobyte

Rayobyte offers dedicated datacenter proxies as its main product, but it also provides shared datacenter proxies, residential proxies, and ISP proxies, which include both static and rotating options.

Rayobyte offers dedicated datacenter proxies as its main product, but it also provides shared datacenter proxies, residential proxies, and ISP proxies, which include both static and rotating options.


  • Proxy types: Residential, Static ISP proxies (USA) and DC proxies (USA), mobile proxies
  • Offerings: Dedicated and semi-dedicated proxies are compatible with the SOCKS protocol. ISP IPs are available from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany. Additionally, there is an option for targeting at the city, state, and country levels.
  • Free trial: Provides a 2-day refund for any set of 5 data center proxy packages.
  • Pay as you go: Unavailable

What is a Facebook proxy?

A Facebook proxy is a type of proxy server that allows your computer route your internet traffic when you connect to Facebook. The proxy server then forwards you request to Facebook on your behalf and receives the response from the platform and relays back to your device.

Why do people use proxies for Facebook?

  • Creating multiple accounts: Creating multiple personal accounts is a violation of Facebook Community Standards. Instead, if you need to represent a business, brand, or product on Facebook, you should use your single personal account to create and manage a Facebook Page. Utilizing proxies for Facebook is a method employed to create several Facebook accounts. Proxies change your device IP address and location to unblock Facebook.
  • Manage multiple Facebook accounts: Facebook provides the feature to switch between accounts, as long as both accounts are configured in the same location and using the same IP address. Facebook proxies provide a different IP address for each account, making it appear as if each account is being accessed from a different location.

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