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PrivateProxy. Evaluation & Top 5 Alternatives in 2024

Navigating the online world securely requires more than a basic understanding of internet privacy, it demands the right tools and knowledge to protect your digital footprint. Private (dedicated) proxy servers stand out as a crucial service, offering users a dedicated and secure gateway to the internet. PrivateProxy is one of the main players in the proxy landscape, however users complain about its downsides such as inadequate customer support, inaccurate results, and connection issues.

This article takes a deep dive into PrivateProxy services, listing their standout features and possible downsides. We will also explore its top five competitors along with their features and pricing details.

Top 5 PrivateProxy. alternatives

Vendors# of reviewsAv. rating*Employee sizeFree trialPAYGProxy types ****
Bright Data2194.7/5828✅**4

*Average ratings on B2B software review platforms such as G2 & Capterra.

** Bright Data & IPRoyal provides a free trial for only company registrations.

*** Smartproxy offers pay as you go only for datacenter and residential proxies.

**** Proxy types offered by each vendor

PrivateProxy.: Datacenter, Residential, ISP (Static Residential Proxies)

Bright Data: Datacenter, Residential, Mobile, ISP

Smartproxy: Datacenter, Residential, Mobile, ISP

Oxylabs: Residential, Mobile, Datacenter, ISP

NetNut: Datacenter, Static Residential, Rotating Residential, Mobile

IPRoyal: Datacenter, Static Residential, Rotating Residential, Mobile 

PrivateProxy. Pricing & Packages

Proxy TypeSmallest package/monthLargest package/month
Datacenter$9 for 3 proxies$1,500 for 1,000 proxies
Residential$150 for 200,000 requests$3,500 for 15M requests
ISP (Static Residential Proxies)$5 per proxy$2,500 for 1,000 proxies

* Starting price refers to the unit cost of a proxy service in the smallest package monthly. Costs may accelerate with additional features.

Vendor selection criteria

Given the high number of vendors providing private proxy services, we used transparent criteria to ensure objective evaluation of the proxy itself. Our focus was on metrics that are both public and can be easily validated either through the proxy vendors’ official websites or trusted third-party platforms. Thus, we centered our focus on companies with:

  • 5+ reviews on software review platforms such as G2 and Capterra
  • 10+ employees as stated on company’s LinkedIn webpage

PrivateProxy. evaluation

PrivateProxy. is a proxy server operating since 2011 and they provide private proxies to the customers offering a range of different types of proxies such as static and rotating. The product offers unlimited connections, unrestricted bandwidth, and 24/7 technical support, facilitating a suitable option for digital navigation via proxy services.

Key features

  • Allows users to rotate datacenter and residential IPs or maintain the same IP address for a period of time. 
  • Supports HTTP/S and Socks5 protocols. The proxy vendor uses IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4)  for their proxy servers. The Internet protocol is compatible with almost any network and service, making it suitable for web scraping activities
  • Offers rotating residential and datacenter IPs. You can change IP addresses at set intervals. 
  • Supports username/password and IP authentication methods. You can add up to 20 IPs to your whitelist.  
  • Rotating proxies claims to offer 1,000 simultaneous connections during web scraping. 
  • Has a pool of dedicated datacenter and residential proxies. 

Note: PrivateProxy is operated by Aqua Networks Limited, that’s why the company name may differ on various software review platforms.


  • Users state that the product has a very easy set up and it is user friendly (See figure below).

Source: G21

  • Users appreciate their security measures for fraud detection (See figure below).

Source: G22


  • Customers complain about the support team as they are not very responsive or may be rude at times (See figure below).

Source: G23

  • The proxy may not always give accurate results, which would be a concern for customers (See figure above).
  • There may be connection issues especially with the private datacenter proxy server (See figure below).

Source: G24

  • Their refund policies might be annoying for some customers (See figure below).

Source: TrustPilot5

For guidance to choose the right residential proxy service, check out data-driven list of proxy providers, and reach out to us:

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