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NetNut Review & Top Alternatives in 2024

Shehmir Javaid
Updated on Jan 3
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NetNut Review & Top Alternatives in 2024NetNut Review & Top Alternatives in 2024

Proxy servers make it easy for us to safely access and manage web data. Companies rely on proxy providers to help them gather and manage web data more efficiently. One service that is becoming popular in the proxy services space is NetNut. 

This article reviews NetNut and offers a range of alternatives to NetNut to help you decide which proxy service would be best for your business needs.

If you are interested in NetNut’s alternatives, here is a table comparing some other options.

Table 1. Top NetNut alternatives comparison based on market presence criteria

Number of
Number of
User Ratings
out of 5 (Avg)
Bright Data8872214.7
Storm ProxiesN/AN/AN/A

Table 2. Top NetNut alternatives comparison based on vendor capabilities criteria

Proxy ProvidersOffered
Proxy Types***
PAYG optionFree Trial
Smartproxy414 day
Bright Data47-day
Infatica33-day trial
for $1.99
SOAX33-day trial
for $1.99
Storm Proxies2

Notes for the table:

  • * Based on LinkedIn
  • ** Only from B2B platforms such as G2, Trustradius and Capterra.
  • *** Proxy types are explained in the ‘supported proxy types of all vendors’ section
  • The vendors are ranked based on their average user ratings scores, with the exception of the products of the article’s sponsors, which are linked to sponsor websites.

Supported proxy types of all vendors:

  • Smartproxy: Residential, datacenter, mobile and ISP.
  • Bright Data: Residential, ISP, Mobile, and Datacenter.
  • IPBurger: Residential, ISP, and Mobile.
  • Oxylabs: Residential, ISP, Mobile, and Datacenter.
  • SOAX: Residential, datacenter, Mobile and ISP
  • IPRoyal: Residential, Datacenter, Mobile, and ISP.
  • Infatica: Residential, Mobile, and Datacenter
  • NetNut: Residential, datacenter, mobile, and ISP.

Vendor selection criteria for the tables:

  • The criteria are divided into market presence and vendor capabilities categories with the following criteria:
    • Number of employees: This helps get an understanding of the size of the company and the level of customer support they can offer.
    • Number of reviews: A higher number of customer reviews on B2B platforms shows that the vendor has been thoroughly tried and tested.
    • User ratings out of 5 (Avg): A higher score indicates a better satisfaction rate from the vendor’s customers.
    • PAYG option: If the vendor offers a pay-as-you-go option.
    • Free trial: If the vendor offers any free trials and what type of trials it offers. Free trials also indicate that the vendor is confident in its products/services.
  • We selected vendors with more than 20 reviews on review sites such as G2, Trustradius, and Capterra. This is with the exception of NetNut, which had significantly fewer reviews online.
  • We included vendors that have over 10 employees listed on LinkedIn.

NetNut overview

NetNut is a proxy service provider that offers four types of proxies: residential proxies sourced from real internet service providers (ISPs), mobile, and datacenter proxies. NetNut focuses on providing connections for a range of applications, including web scraping and ad verification.

Features and capabilities

This section covers the capabilities of NetNut’s proxy offerings.

  • Rotating residential proxies: Claims to offer a pool of over 52M residential IPs across 200 countries. Supports HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5.
  • Static residential proxies: Claims to offer over 1M ISP IPs.
  • Mobile proxies: Claims to offer over 250K mobile IPs in over 100 countries supporting 3G/4G/5G/LTE networks.
  • Datacenter proxies: Claim to offer over 150K global static/rotating IPs.

NetNut’s pricing

The following table lists NetNut’s pricing plan.

Table 3. NetNut’s monthly pricing plans

A table presenting the pricing plans of NetNut.

Note: NetNut offers a free trial for its proxies but does not offer a pay-as-you-go plan. The long-term subscription model includes 3\6\12 month plans.

Pricing comparison with alternatives

This section offers a figure comparing the basic plans (lowest plan) of the residential proxies per GB of all the companies compared in this article.

Figure 1. Price comparison of all NetNut’s alternatives

A bar graph showing the prices of all the alternatives of NetNut. IPBurger is the most expensive and IProyal, smart proxy and Oxylabs are the cheapest.

Notes: For the price comparison, we considered monthly rates and the basic packages of all the vendors.

NetNut’s performance evaluation

This section highlights some customer reviews to help you get a better view of NetNut’s performance. The platforms we considered include G2 and Trustpilot. Even though Trustpilot is a B2C platform, we found some B2B reviews, which we incorporated in this section.

Positive reviews

  • A positive review about NetNut’s proxy network and how it’s easy to configure.1
  • The proxy services are also found useful for e-commerce sites.2
A positive review of Netnut for ecommerce sites.

Negative reviews

  • Many users stated that their trial requests were rejected even after they provided personal information.3
  • Most reviews stated that the platform’s proxies are slow and they hang while using.4
  • Some reviews identified the customer support as weak and the quality of IPs to be low.5
A line graph showing the increasing popularity of NetNut on Google trends worldwide. From 2022 to 2023 the line continues to increase.

Observations from reviews

  • While some reviews were positive, most of the customer reviews were identified to be negative.
  • Most reviews stated Netnut’s customer support to be unsatisfactory.
  • Some reviews also identified the low quality of its IPs.

Transparency statement

AIMultiple serves numerous emerging tech companies, including vendors linked in this article.

Further reading

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