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Unlock the Web:Top 7 Web Unblockers of 2024

Gulbahar Karatas
Updated on Feb 7
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Unlike regular proxy servers, web unblockers offer advanced functionalities such as JavaScript rendering, automatic proxy management, browser fingerprinting, and automatic retry mechanisms. These features make web unblockers highly effective for accessing and extracting data from dynamic websites that have robust anti-bot defenses. This enhanced capability allows them to handle complex web environments more efficiently than proxies.

The article evaluates the top web unblocker service providers, focusing on their key features and pricing structures.

The best web unblocker solutions in 2024

ProvidersTagetingJavaScript renderingBrowser fingerprintingProxy managementDelivered inPAYGFree trialStarting price/mo
Bright DataCountry, city, ASNAutomaticAutomaticHTML
14-day money-back$14
OxylabsCountry, city, coordinateAutomaticAutomaticHTML7-day$75
NimbleCountry and cityAutomaticN/AJSON7-day$600
NetNutCountry and cityAutomaticN/AAutomaticN/A7-dayN/A
ZenRowsCountryAutomaticN/AN/AJSON1K free credits€49

1. Bright Data

Bright Data is one the leading proxy service company in the market, offering four different types of proxies and web unlocker technology. Bright Data Web Unlocker offers country, city, and ASN-level targeting.

It is a 3-in-1 solution that includes proxy management, JavaScript rendering and website unblocking. You are charged only for requests that are successfully completed. Web Unlocker automatically verify the scraped data based on criteria like the timing of requests and types of data ensuring to ensure the quality of data.

Bright Data’s Web Unlocker offers user emulation at different levels:

  • Network-level: The type of IP address used, rotating IP addresses, emulating the TLS (Transport Layer Security) handshake process.
  • Protocol-level emulation: Manipulates HTTP headers and generates different user-agent strings.
  • Browser-level mimicking: Manages cookies and emulates browser fingerprints.
  • OS-level emulation: Emulates various operating system-level properties.

It is specifically designed to function independently and is not intended for integration with browsers or third-party tools such as Adspower, Puppeteer, Playwright, or Multilogin (MLA).


  • Targeting: Country, city, and ASN-level
  • Proxy selection: Fully automated
  • JavaScript rendering: Enables users to display certain data elements and extract data from websites that rely on JavaScript. Web Unlocker identifies dynamic websites and automatically activates an integrated browser in the background.
  • Proxy management: Web Unlocker selects the best proxy network for your specific request and rotates IPs.
  • Browser fingerprinting: Some websites identifies and tracks users based on the unique characteristics of their web browsers. Web Unlocker masks a user’s IP address to unblock websites and provide continued access.
  • Data export: HTML or JSON


  • Starting price: $10mo includes 217,391 requests
  • Free trial: 7 days free trial for companies
  • Pay-As-You-Go: Available

2. Smartproxy

Smartproxy provides user-friendly proxy services and site unblocking technology, making it an ideal choice for beginners. Site Unblocker provides results in HTML format with JavaScript. To convert HTLM data into a different format, Site Unblocker can be used alongside a specialized parsing tool.


  • Targeting: Country-level
  • Proxy selection: Automatically choose the most suitable proxy solution based on user requirements.
  • Automatic proxy pool rotation: Assigns a new IP address each request, proxies including residential, mobile, ISP and datacenter.
  • Session control: Allows users to maintain the same IP address for up to 10 minutes.
  • Browser fingerprinting: Mimic real user behavior and characteristics by masking fingerprints.
  • Data export: HTML or JSON


  • Starting price: $14/mo includes 2 GB
  • Free trial: 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Pay-As-You-Go: Unavailable

3. Nimble

Nimble offers an Unblocker Proxy technology along with a residential proxy and an API for web scraping. The solution supports AI fingerprinting, Javascript Execution, and city-level geo-targeting.


  • Fingerprint management engine – Automatically handles TLS fingerprints, canvas verification, headers, and cookies.
  • Built-in proxies: Provides rotating residential proxies.
  • Header management: Enables users to tailor and manage the HTTP headers for each request, including headers like ‘User-Agent’ and ‘Accept-Language’.


  • Starting price: $600/mo
  • Free trial: 7-day

4. Oxylabs

Oxylabs’ Web Unblocker is an advanced proxy service powered by artificial intelligence, enabling targeting based on specific geographic parameters, such as a country, city, or coordinate-specific. Web Unblocker delivers its outputs in an unprocessed, raw HTML format, meaning it does not perform any data parsing on the results it retrieves.


  • JavaScript rendering: Uses a headless browser to automate loading and rendering of web pages, the execution of JavaScript, and the manipulation of the Document Object Model (DOM) without a graphical user interface.
  • ML-driven proxy management: Selects and rotates proxies automatically.
  • Auto-retry: To optimize the success rate in data extraction processes, automaticly retry data scraping if initial attempts fail.


  • Starting price: $75 includes 5GBs
  • Free trial: 7-day (1 GB)
  • Pay-As-You-Go: Unavailable

5. NetNut

NetNut, a proxy service provider, introduced a web scraping solution that includes a web unblocker and various APIs in 2023. The cost details for the web unblocker solution are not listed on the website. For pricing information, it’s advised to contact the vendor directly.

  • Customized user-agent management: Change or modify user-agent string to meet the specific requirements of that website.
  • Automated IP rotation and retry:Assign a new IP address at regular intervals or after a certain number of requests. The retry system automatically retries the connection request a certain number of times.
  • User emulation: Simulate human browsing patters such as the speed of clicks, mouse movements, and scrolling patterns to avoid detection by anti-bot mechanisms.

6. ZenRows

ZenRows is recognized as a scraping APIs provider, offering a Web Unblocker solution tailored for web scraping tasks. It’s not as widely known in the field as other major providers like Bright Data or Oxylabs.

ZenRows provides its Web Unblocker solution as part of its scraping API, rather than offering it as a separate service. When you opt for ZenRows’ scraping API, they automatically get access to the Web Unblocker feature included within the package.


  • Residential and datacenter proxies: Offers rotating datacenter and residential proxies when scraping data from websites with strict access controls.
  • Autoparse: ZenRows offers custom parsers for specific domains like Walmart, Etsy, and eBay, which are known for their complex and dynamic web structures.
  • JavaScript: Includes JavaScript rendering capabilities, and enables users to extract specific CSS elements from any website such as text, images, or other content specified by CSS selectors.


  • Starting price: €49/mo
  • Free trial: 1,000 free API credits
  • Pay-As-You-Go: Unavailable

7. Crawlbase

Crawlbase is recognized for its web scraping solutions, providing scraping APIs and proxies. Their offerings include the Crawling API, a web scraping API featuring a proxy mode, and the Smart Proxy API, which combines datacenter and residential proxies. However, Crawlbase’s geographic coverage is limited to 46 countries, lacking the capability for city-specific targeting. For advanced features like JavaScript Rendering and custom geolocation options, Crawlbase offers a premium package priced at $289.

  • IP rotation: Offers datacenter and residential proxies with an automatic proxy selection feature.
  •  Page interactions: Allows users to extract particular CSS elements from any website.
  • Capturing screenshot: Enables users to capture and download a visual snapshot of a webpage as it appears.


  • Starting price: $99/month
  • Free trial: 30-day
  • Pay-As-You-Go: Unavailable

What is a web unblocker?

A web unblocker is an advanced proxy solution used to access blocked websites and bypass anti-bot detection measures such as IP bans and CAPTCHAs.

What is the difference between web unblocker and proxy servers?

Web unblocker offers advanced proxy features like browser fingerprinting, JavaScript rendering, scraping capabilities not typically found in regular proxy services.

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