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Geonode Proxies in 2024: Features, Pricing and Reviews

Cem Dilmegani
Updated on Jan 16
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Companies rely on proxy providers to maintain anonymity, collect web data, and bypass IP blocks. Geonode, an emerging provider in the proxy space, helps organizations with web scraping while decreasing the data breach risk with its extensive range of residential proxies and cheap pricing features. However, Geonode proxies might not be the best product for your organization, since some user reviews indicate security, reliability, and performance concerns on Geonode’s service.

This article will aim to help you decide whether Geonode is a suitable solution for your specific proxy service use cases by outlining an in-depth analysis of Geonode and its:

  • Alternatives comparison
  • Overview
  • Key features
  • Pricing
  • User reviews

Geonode alternatives comparison

Table 1: Top Geonode alternatives comparison based on market presence 

Proxy ProvidersTotal # of
Total # of
User ratings**

*Based on the total number of employees on LinkedIn as of 10/31/2023.

**Based on the total number of reviews and average ratings on the Capterra, G2, Trustpilot, and TrustRadius software review platforms as of 10/31/2023. Average ratings are aggregated on a 5-point scale.

Table 2. Top Geonode alternatives comparison based on vendor features 

Scraper APIs
Free trialPAYG plan***
2 (No ISP and mobile proxy services)7-day trial for $7.00
4-Social media
47-day (only for companies)Only for residential & mobile
3-day trial for $1.99Only for residential & mobile
4-Social media

***PAYG plan stands for pay-as-you-go plan.

Note: With Geonode and sponsored vendors (Smartprox and Bright Data) on the top the list is sorted according to the total number of reviews.

Vendor selection criteria

The given criteria below are fulfilled by the vendors in the comparison list:

  • Number of reviews: 300+ total reviews on Capterra, G2, Trustpilot, and TrustRadius.
  • Average rating: 4.0+/5 on Capterra G2, Trustpilot and TrustRadius.
  • Total number of employees: 20+ employees on LinkedIn

Geonode overview

Geonode is a Singapore-based proxy service specializing in residential proxies and datacenter proxies with unlimited bandwidth, allowing for large-scale data collecting including SEO monitoring, pricing comparison, or travel fare collection. 

The proxy service provider supports two types of residential packages, including unlimited residential proxies and pay-as-you-go residential proxies. Unlimited residential proxies offer a wide range of IP pools suitable for high-bandwidth activities like web scraping API. 

 The service also provides rotating proxies with IPs supplied from peer-to-peer (P2P) networks with common internet protocols, including SOCKS5, SOCKS, and HTTP(S).

How does Geonode work?

Geonode offers proxy services that mask your true IP address, which makes IP-based tracking less effective at monitoring and blocking requests originating from your computer. Thus, the online services you visit cannot see your true IP address.

Geonode users can configure their application, browser or not with the proxy address, user name, password, and port obtained from the dashboard. This configuration ensures that your web requests are not sent to the appropriate web pages while the proxy is active. Instead, they are routed to the Geonode proxy server, which then searches its pool for accessible IP addresses to redirect the request to the desired website. As a result, the website that you are visiting receives the request via the proxy servers rather than your device, and your IP address cannot be seen.

Geonode key proxy features


  • Proxy pool: 30+ million supported proxies covering 140 countries worldwide
  • Sticky proxies: Offers sticky ports that allow users to maintain the same IP for 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60 minutes.


  • Authentication: Geonode supports both username, password, and IP authentication with a  whitelist of up to 20 IP addresses.
  • Geotargeting: Geonode can target 160+ countries and even narrow down to a city or ISP
  • Sticky ports: Geonode supports sticky ports, which allow you to keep your IP and session active for up to an hour. 
  • Pay-per-concurrent-request: Geonode users can control costs by only paying for the total number of requests created.
  • JS rendering: JavaScript rendering functionality helps businesses scrape single-page applications and capture content using React, AngularJS, Vue.js, or any other library.
  • Supported protocols: Supports HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols
  • City-targeting (only available in premium services):  Users can target their preferred city when authenticating (city-targeting can only be done via API). For instance,  users can set “username-country-US-(city to your preference): password (in your terminal)-”  in their URL.


Geonode offers customizable pricing models:

  • Unlimited proxies 
  • Pay-as-you-go  residential
  • Shared datacenter proxies
  • A 7-day free trial is available for 7$ up to 25 threads.

Table 3: Geonode pricing features comparison

Pricing featuresUnlimited proxies (with speed slower)Pay-as-you-go residential
Trial7$ for 7 days/25 threads
7 days/25 threads/7$
Pricing per GB0 (Get unlimited data)
Country targeting
Full proxy management
City targeting
ISP targeting
Access to all private residential proxies

Here are the detailed pricing plans:

  1. Unlimited proxies

Geonode provides unlimited data, however, there are usage restrictions. Geonode’s bandwidth limitations range depending on the service plan, activating data slower after 49 GB of usage for the starter plan.

Table 4: Geonode unlimited proxies pricing

Concurrent requestsData slower after (GB)Starting price (user/month)
  1. Pay-as-you-go  residential

Geonode offers a pay-as-you-go plan with its pay-per-concurrent-request license (a form of licensing that depends on the maximum number of users who will use the program together), allowing users to scale up their web scraping activities without facing additional fees.

Table 5: Geonode pay-as-you-go pricing

Number of GBPrice per GBPrice
5000$ 1.5$7,500
  1. Shared datacenter proxies

Geonode ‘s residential proxy users who expect to maintain a shared proxy server divided among multiple users (at a cheaper cost than for semi-dedicated or dedicated proxies) have the option to extend the plan by adding a shared data center proxy for $0.5 for each additional unit.

Source: Geonode1

User reviews

Overall, users state that Geonode’s customer service is supportive and the price per GB is the cheapest among its competitors, however, the processing speed of Geonode is low and the reliability of the residential proxies is unclear. 

Key takeaways from the user reviews are listed below:

  • ISPs and mobile proxies: While Geonode has a comparably low pricing structure and efficient customer support, it has insufficient proxy service options since it primarily focuses on residential and datacenter proxies, with no service options for ISPs and mobile proxies. 
  • Performance: Geonde’s high latency ratios might cause lags while using the software, making Geonode a low-performer for activities that require low ping and high speeds, such as gaming or streaming.
  • Reliability: Some Reddit reviewers have considered the platform a scam since the residential proxies are not residential and their IP addresses are located in different countries.

These key takeaways are based on Geonode’s customer evaluations that have been gathered from Trustpilot and Reddit as of  01/11/2023 to highlight the platform’s pros and cons (see below). 


Pricing: Reviewers emphasize that Geonode is inexpensive in comparison to other proxy providers. 

IP pool and APIs: Also, users highlight that Geonode’s IP pool is clean and APIs are quick. 

User interface: The interface and product usage is simple to understand and users can utilize the product without the need to check the documentation.2

Customer support: Users are mostly satisfied with the quality of the customer service.3


No residential IPs: Some users claim that IP addresses are not residential at all, users state that they had whitelisted a Thailand IP and received a Singapore IP from AWS.4

Note: Geonode does not offer static residential proxies (ISP). Instead, the software provider offers an auto-replace feature enabling residential proxies to replace ISPs.

High latency: Some users indicate that Geonode has some latency, causing a delay for the site visitor to connect to the web server.5

Transparency statement

AIMultiple works with numerous emerging tech companies, including Bright Data and Smartproxy.

Further reading

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