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21 Beneficial BPM Statistics You Should Know in 2024

Business process management, BPM, aims to reorganize company processes with respect to company’s goals and strategies. BPM can be achieved through a BPM software or with a process intelligence tool, such as process mining

In that regard, BPM statistics show that BPM can help business leaders and analysts manage their operations effectively, improve their products and service, facilitate new employee onboarding and ensure cross-departmental communication and collaboration. 

Therefore, to prove the benefits of BPM for early adopters, and remind late adopters to jump on board, we list 21 BMP statistics considering the market size, business adoption, benefits and challenges.  

Market size and forecast

BPM statistics includes BPM market size and forecasting which was reported as 8.8 B for 2020 and expected to grow up to 14.4 in 2025.
Figure 1: The BPM market is expected to reach a $14.4B by 2025, up from $8.8B in 2020.
  • The global BPM market is expected to grow by 10.5 %, reaching $14.4 billion in 2025 (See Figure 1).

Business Adoption 

  • 73 % of firms state that their organization’s interest in BPM has increased.


  • 70% of business executives believe that BPM projects helped them achieve their goals.
BPM statistics mention benefits businesses that apply BPM. We gathered 55 case studies and estimated that 72% of these examples resulted in efficiency, 19% customer satisfaction improvement and 9% standardization.
Figure 2: From our research, we found that 72% of companies benefited from the efficiency of BPM.


  • In BPM initiatives, only 39% of the businesses have invested in developing an enterprise process architecture, which defines the structure and operations in an organization.

Funding of vendors

Below we shared brief funding information for some of the leading vendors. The vendors are listed in alphabetical order except for the sponsor, IBM.

Check out our data-driven and comprehensive list of vendors for process mining software, RPA software and BPM software to compare more vendors.

  • IBM acquired MyInvenio, a process mining, task mining, and Digital Twin of an Organization vendor in 2021.
  • Process street raised $15.2M over 5 rounds in 2020.

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