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Discover Top 3 SAP Signavio Alternatives in 2024

Updated on Jan 3
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Hazal Şimşek
Hazal Şimşek
Hazal Şimşek
Hazal is an industry analyst at AIMultiple, focusing on process mining and IT automation.

She has experience as a quantitative market researcher and data analyst in the fintech industry.

Hazal received her master's degree from the University of Carlos III of Madrid and her bachelor's degree from Bilkent University.
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According to process mining stats and trends, business executives that deployed process mining could:

Meanwhile, those who could not benefit from this technology pointed out the lack of process mining tooling as the main reason by 52%

SAP Signavio alternatives, such as Celonis, UiPath, Software AG and Mini are placed as leaders. IBM and Apromore  are on major contenders section along with SAP Signavio.
Figure 1: Everest Group’s peak matrix assessment for Process Mining Products in 2022 1 

Business executives and analysts go through various lists and comparison platforms to identify the best process mining software for their business. SAP Signavio process intelligence is one of the major vendors in such lists. For instance, Everest Group placed SAP Signavio among the major contenders in 2022 (See Figure 1). 

Therefore, this article explains SAP Signavio’s toolkit, lists the shortcomings of its solution and compares it against SAP Signavio competitors.  

SAP Signavio Process Transformation

SAP Signavio offers a process transformation hub with  several solutions.

  • Process intelligence (i.e. process mining capabilities) to analyze processes and identify inefficiencies
  • Process insights to evaluate performance KPIs 
  • Process manager to design target processes 
  • Journey modeler to analyze customer journeys
  • Process governance to implement change 
  • Process automation to generate RPA bots. 
User review on SAP Signavio focusing on process manager toolkit.
Figure 2: User review explaining pros and cons of SAP Signavio on G2 2

Shortcomings of SAP Signavio

User review data indicates some cons of using SAP Signavio:

  • Market leadership: SAP Signavio has the lowest number of reviews compared to Signavio alternatives which implies that the solution is not as widely used as its competitors (See Figure 5).
  • Ease of use:  In all public reviews, ease of use was the most positively mentioned word for SAP Signavio by 6%. On G2, the ease of use was rated 8.8 (see Figure 4). However, the specific user comments show that users were content with the easy use of the process modeling capability, SAP Signavio Process Manager, rather than the process mining tool (See Figures 2 & 3). 
  • Support: On Gartner, SAP Signavio is rated highly for its quality service and technical help.
  • Features: SAP Signavio’s features were positively mentioned  by 3% in all public reviews we collected. However, on G2, users did not specifically rate any process visualization, management or analysis capabilities.  
  • Integration: Users found it difficult to integrate SAP Signavio using standard APIs and tools (See Figure 5).
SAP Signavio user review criticizing the tool as a process design tool.
Figure 3: User review discussing benefits and difficulties using SAP Signavio on G2 3

Disclaimer: SAP Signavio offers process transformation capabilities including process mining. All of these capabilities are evaluated together in SAP Signavio reviews which makes it hard to generalize attributes of their different solutions (e.g. process intelligence, journey modeler etc.)

IBM Process Mining

  • Ease of use: IBM has a higher rate than SAP Signavio, considering ease of use on G2 (See Figure 4). Also, on all sources we pulled, reviewers rated IBM as easy to use by 11%, which is higher than SAP Signavio.
  • Support: The quality of support the IBM team offers exceeds SAP Signavio, according to user comments on G2 (See Figure 4). Overall, IBM clients emphasized that customer support is better by 2% and support team by 1%.  
  • Features: In total, reviews mention IBM features positively by 20%, which is higher than SAP Signavio and other competitors. 
  • Integration: IBM ranks better than SAP Signavio at easy integration using APIs and tools and easy deployment (See Figure 5). 
SAP Signavio alternatives comparison table driven from G2 shows how each software performs on ease of use, ease of setup, ease of admin, quality of support and etc.
Figure 4: SAP Signavio and competitors comparison table on G2 4


  • Ease of use: SAP Signavio and Celonis perform similarly regarding ease of use (See Figure 4). Overall, Celonis users associate the tool with ease by 7%. 
  • Support: Comments show that SAP Signavio has a slightly higher rank than Celonis for customer support (See Figures 4 & 5). Yet, both vendors provide good quality technical support and customer service. 
  • Features: Celonis features receive positive comments on all public sources by 6%, higher than comments made for SAP Signavio capabilities. 
  • Integration: On Gartner, Celonis performs better at end-user training and integration via APIs and tools than SAP Signavio (See Figure 5). 

Learn more on Celonis and compare it to Celonis alternatives.  

Gartner compares SAP Signavio alternatives against each other on a table  in terms of evaluation & contracting, integration &deployment and service & support
Figure 5: SAP Signavio and competitors table on Gartner 5

UiPath Process Mining

  • Ease of use: Reviewers rated UiPath as easy to use by 12% and easy to learn by 15%, which is higher than SAP Signavio.
  • Support: On G2, it has a higher support quality than SAP Signavio (See Figure 4). Overall, users associate UiPath with good customer support by 4%.
  • Features: UiPath performs slightly better than SAP Signavio by 4%, based on the comments it received. 
  • Integration: On several aspects, UiPath has a higher score than SAP Signavio on Gartner’s platform, such as ease of deployment and integration through APIs and tools (See Figure 5).

Discover pros and cons of UiPath Process mining as well as top UiPath process mining alternatives.  

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Transparency Statement: AIMultiple works with IBM Process Mining. 

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Hazal Şimşek
Hazal is an industry analyst at AIMultiple, focusing on process mining and IT automation. She has experience as a quantitative market researcher and data analyst in the fintech industry. Hazal received her master's degree from the University of Carlos III of Madrid and her bachelor's degree from Bilkent University.

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