Case studies are one of the most effective methods to learn about a new technology. RPA is no different. Therefore, we decided to aggregate case studies about RPA from numerous sources so you can filter/sort them by industry (e.g. telecom, financial services) or business function (e.g. marketing) to identify how your company can implement RPA. To prioritize these use cases and select vendors for your business, you can also examine the reported benefits and the vendors in the list below.

A trend we observed in the list is that in more than half of the cases where the process was specified, documents (e.g. invoices, receipts, annual reports) were involved in the process. This was also verified by our numerous interviews with RPA practitioners who mentioned that companies generally start their RPA journey with structured data since these are easier to automate.

However, as companies expand their RPA deployment, they start automating document based processes which yield higher levels of savings. As an example, Hypatos, a leading document automation company, leverages deep learning technologies to handle the automation of complex document processing tasks and provide structured data to RPA bots. This is necessary since most RPA tools do not have best-in-class tools for extracting data from documents. For the best document extraction tools and an overview of document extraction, feel free to read our articles on the topic:

CompanyCountryRPAIndustryBusiness FunctionCase StudyResultsImplementation in
Line mobile communication appJapanArgos LabsTechTechnologyMobile app testing and monitoringReduced quality assurance effort
An automobile manufacturerJapanArgos LabsManufacturingTechnologyOnline app testing and monitoringReduced quality assurance effort
ANZ bankAustralia, New Zealand and IndiaAutomation AnywhereFinancial ServicesVariousVarious processes85% reduction in effort (equivalent to 400 FTEs)33
Dell EMCUnited States, IndiaAutomation AnywhereTechHR and FinanceVarious processes including invoicing process, renewal quote generation$2M savings per year10 (from scoping the work to going live)
TreasuryOneSouth AfricaAutomation AnywhereFinancial ServicesOperationsBack-office operations, including
performing settlements and sending out deal confirmations
Error reduction5
Juniper NetworksGlobalAutomation AnywhereTechOperationsInvoice generationError reduction
A global bankGlobalAutomation AnywhereFinancial ServicesHRHR form tracking and management process$1m savings p.a.
BancolombiaColombiaAutomation AnywhereFinancial ServicesOperationsBack office processesReduction of labor and errors
LogisticsGlobalAutomation AnywhereLogisticsOperationsDocument management automation$0.4m savings p.a.
Fortune 100 bankAutomation AnywhereFinancial ServicesOperationsACH payment processing50 FTEs reassigned to higher value tasks
error reduction
Quad/GraphicsUSAAutomation AnywherePrintingFinancePayments processing other processesFaster turn-around-time2.5
San Diego County - Health and Human Services AgencyUSAAutomation AnywhereNon-profit/ governmentOperationsProcessing customer applicationsReduced effort
Reduced errors
An imaging tools manufacturerAutomation AnywhereManufacturingFinanceOrder fulfilment processReduced effort
Reduced errors
SynergyAustraliaAutomation AnywhereEnergyFinanceTransactional billing process$2.3m annual value savings
Error reduction
280+ bots deployed
CernerUSAAutomation AnywhereHealthcareITMigrating data from excel to Electronic Medical Records (EMR)$130k benefits p.a.
628% ROI
Fortune 500 storage provider for hybrid cloud data centersAutomation AnywhereManufacturingFinanceOrder-to-cash8 FTEs moved to higher value tasks
$350k savings in 3 months
A food and beverage companyAutomation AnywhereFood and beverageFinanceinvoice processing
help desk
internal financial
25 FTEs focused on high value tasks<6 (for end-to-end invoice process)
A manufacturer of construction and mining equipmentAutomation AnywhereManufacturingOperationsSupply chain management29% productivity increase
Error reduction
A health insurance companyAutomation AnywhereInsuranceOperationsMember enrollment process
Commercial claims testing audit
Reduced effort
Reduced errors
Commercial bankUSAAutomation AnywhereFinancial servicesOperationsGAAR worksheet updates
Appraisal orders
Email notifications
Other processes
Reduced effort
A logistics companyAutomation AnywhereLogisticsOperationsBilling and other processes25% reduction in turn-around-time
25% reduction in effort
Error reduction
A top 30 bankUSAAutomation AnywhereFinancial servicesOperationsDocument ordering
Data entry
Data verification
and other processes
Reduced errors
$1m annual cost savings
Core Digital MediaUSAAutomation AnywhereTechOperationsExtracting lead gen data from 50 different
online publishers in various formats
$150k savings p.a.
Medical technology companyGlobalAutomation AnywhereTechITProcure to pay
IT system updates
Data queries & analysis
Other processes
50 FTEs reassigned to higher value tasks
StantUSAAutomation AnywhereManufacturingFinanceInvoice matching
Manual invoice creation
Approval workflow
Data validation
Exception & metrics reporting
General ledger coding
80% invoice straight through processing achieved
One of Big 4GlobalAutomation AnywhereProfessional servicesOperationsTax returns
Business intelligence
$18m savings p.a.
A life and financial services companyUSAAutomation AnywhereInsuranceHR
HR record processing
Physician statement orders
$200k savings p.a.
A telcoJapanBlue PrismTelecomOperationsMaintenance processes automated78% reduction in effort
IT audit quality improved thanks to detailed log files
WalgreensGlobalBlue PrismHRVarious processes including worker's compensation claims73% reduction in effort
Coca ColaGlobalBlue PrismFMCGHR and Finance
npowerUKBlue PrismUtilityOperations$10M savings per year
2 million hours of work automated per year
The Co-operative Banking GroupUKBlue PrismFinancial ServicesOperationsThe excess queue procedure which determines how to treat insufficient funds is 80% automated80% reduction in effort
Shop DirectUKBlue Prisme-CommerceOperationsCustomer-registration process for the new theft ID insurance programRecruitment and training cost of 22 staff eliminated
The Co-operative Banking GroupUKBlue PrismFinancial ServicesOperations10 processes including
Direct Debit cancellation, account closures, CHAPS
payments, foreign payments, audit reports, Internet
applications and Card and Pin Pulls
Audit conducted in one minute with automation versus 6-7 hours manually
CHAPS process reduced to 20 seconds automatically versus 10 minutes manually
XchangingUKBlue PrismProfessional ServicesOperationsVarious processes 30% average reduction in effort per process
Telefonica O2UKBlue PrismTelecomOperations15 processes representing 35% of back-office transactionsReduced need for FTE growth, reduced turn-around time
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS TrustUKBlue PrismHealthcareCustomer ServicePatient self check-in50% reduction in effort
2x improvement in turn around time
Improved data quality
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS TrustUKBlue PrismHealthcareOperationsVarious processes including pharmacy stock control updates and patient record reconciliation
Mid Essex Hospital
Services NHS Trust
UKBlue PrismHealthcareITIntegration for an enhanced patient
flow and self-service kiosk solution
An automobile manufacturerIndiaOption3 JiffyRPAManufacturingFinanceInvoice processing automation85% reduction in effort
10x improvement in turn around time
Reduction in errors
HPBrazilUiPathTechFinanceInvoice tax accounting and reporting sub-processes automated85% reduction in effort leading to $100k cost savings12
EYGlobalProfessional ServicesAdministrativeCrawling through meeting registrations and finding individuals that have not booked their air tickets 50% reduction in effort
20% reduction in air travel ticket prices
EYGlobalProfessional ServicesVariousVarious processes500 processes automated with 600 bots
Fortune 500 tech companyGlobalTechFinanceQuarterly financial report generation70% reduction in effort and turn around time
Improved auditing capabilities thanks to detailed logs
Reduced errors

If you need more examples on RPA, we listed almost >50 applications areas of RPA categorized across business functions and industries, explaining in detail how RPA adds value for each process.

As you can observe, RPA is a flexible tool that can be used in a variety of processes. It is impossible for one RPA vendor to offer all the necessary functionality to automate all processes. That is why RPA marketplaces are gaining in popularity as they allow companies to use reusable plugins to build more capable bots faster. Feel free to read our guide to reusable RPA plugins and marketplaces to learn more.

You can also maximize the impact of your RPA initiative by leveraging process mining solutions. Process mining allows businesses to understand their as-is processes and identify the most suitable processes to apply an RPA solution. QPR, a process mining vendor, claims that process mining can increase RPA business value by 44%. To learn more about process mining, feel free to read our ultimate guide. You can also read our article about facilitating RPA deployment with process mining.

To learn more about RPA, you can read:

If you are ready to start automating with RPA, feel free to use


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