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Top 4 QuestionPro Alternatives in 2024 Based on 30k+ Reviews

As companies increasingly utilize survey tools for insights into reputation and customer feedback, choosing the right survey tool is crucial. QuestionPro is a notable option for creating and distributing surveys, as well as gathering customer feedback. Despite its popularity, some users have identified issues with QuestionPro, including the absence of a pay-as-you-go option, the lack of predictive analytics, and concerns about bot responses.

This article offers a detailed analysis of QuestionPro and explores 4 alternative survey platforms, assisting companies in finding the most suitable tool for their specific requirements.

Top 4 alternatives to QuestionPro survey software

VendorsReviews*Ratings*Employee sizeFree
QuestionPro1,2854.5/5407Starts from 99$ per month
resonio by Clickworker694.6/51,009Custom pricing
Delighted by Qualtrics1184.6/532Custom pricing
Pollfish2324.5/564✖️Starts from
0.95$ per response
SurveyMonkey29,4774.4/51,361Starts from
1$ per response

* Based on the total number of reviews and average ratings on software review platforms G2, Capterra & Trustradius.

VendorsLanguagesMedia file additionSurvey
respondent size
Data quality controlPredictive analyticsCustomer support
QuestionPro100+22MAutomated response filtering24/7 live support
resonio by Clickworker456M+AI-powered bot & fraud detection24/7 phone support
Delighted by Qualtrics50+Not providedAutomated response filteringEmail support
Pollfish50+250M+AI-powered bot & fraud detection24/7 live support
175M+AI-powered bot & fraud detection24/7 phone support

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Vendor selection criteria

We have optimized our benchmarking process by employing clear and specific criteria to ensure an impartial evaluation of QuestionPro alternatives. Our emphasis has been on metrics that are publicly available and easily verifiable through either the vendors’ official websites or reputable third-party platforms such as G2, Capterra, and Trustradius. Thus, we centered our focus on vendors with:

  • at least 65+ reviews on G2, Capterra, and Trustradius
  • At least 4.4/5 average ratings on software review platforms
  • more than 30 employees, as stated on LinkedIn

What is QuestionPro?

QuestionPro is a survey platform offering 350+ templates and a wide range of tools for market research, customer and employee experience, and academic research. It supports surveys in 100+ languages, integrates with platforms like Salesforce, and is mobile-ready. The platform is designed for ease of use and includes analysis features, compliance options, and strategies for improving engagement across different audiences.

Why look for QuestionPro alternatives?

1- No pay-as-you-go option

The lack of a pay-as-you-go option in QuestionPro is a significant limitation for users who create surveys only occasionally, such as small businesses. This absence forces them to subscribe to longer-term plans, which may not be cost-effective if the tool isn’t used regularly. Pay-as-you-go models offer greater financial flexibility, allowing users to pay solely for what they use, without committing to potentially unnecessary expenses.

2- Does not offer predictive analytics

QuestionPro’s lack of built-in predictive analytics is a notable drawback, especially for users who rely on advanced data insights for decision-making. Predictive analytics can forecast trends and behaviors, enhancing the strategic value of survey data. While integration with third-party applications is possible, it’s less convenient and can incur additional costs. This absence requires users to seek external solutions for further analysis, which can disrupt workflow and data cohesion.

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3- Lack of AI-powered bot & fraud detection

The absence of AI-powered bots and fraud detection in QuestionPro compromises the integrity and reliability of survey data. AI tools are essential for automatically filtering out irrelevant or fraudulent responses, ensuring the data’s validity. Without these features, users must manually ensure data quality, which is less efficient and more time-consuming. This limitation is particularly concerning for large-scale surveys where the volume of responses can be overwhelming and the risk of skewed data is higher.

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> QuestionPro alternatives evaluation

1- resonio by Clickworker analysis

Resonio is a survey research platform offering a 3-in-1 tool that includes an online survey tool, access to a global community of survey participants, and customizable data reports. It emphasizes easy survey creation with ready-to-use templates and an intuitive interface. The platform offers survey responses from 6+ million micro taskers for diverse insights and offers advanced features like AI-based fraud detection and GDPR compliance. Resonio’s user-friendly design aims to simplify market research processes, making it accessible to users of various expertise levels.


Audience segmentation: The tool is commended for its precise audience segmentation, allowing for targeted and effective research.1

Data analysis quality: Resonio is noted for providing high-quality analysis, assisting users in making informed decisions.2

Data visualization: The platform offers exceptional visualizations that enhance the understanding and presentation of research data.3


Pricing concerns: Users feel that the pricing of the platform could be more affordable, suggesting that it may currently be on the higher side.4

2- Delighted by Qualtrics analysis

Delighted by Qualtrics is an online form builder platform designed for streamlined customer, product, and employee engagement surveys and analysis. It features an array of survey types including NPS, CSAT, and CES, and offers 12+ customizable survey templates. The platform integrates with 40+ systems for efficient feedback management and provides real-time dashboard reporting, AI-driven sentiment analysis, and automated feedback loop closure.


  • Ease of use: Delighted’s drag-and-drop interface is highly appreciated for its simplicity and ease of use, making survey design and deployment much more efficient than other tools like Google Surveys.5
  • Segmentation capabilities: The ability to segment follow-ups based on a user’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) response is highly valued.6


  • Reporting complexity: Users have found that when editing surveys in Delighted, all previous versions are retained in the reporting section. This can lead to a cluttered and confusing reporting interface, making it challenging to obtain a straightforward view of the most recent survey results.7
  • User experience: Due to setup challenges, some have resorted to using direct links for surveys, which adds an additional step for users and potentially hinders the user experience.8
  • Occasional downtime: Some users have experienced downtime with Delighted, causing inconvenience when respondents are unable to access surveys during these periods.9
  • Brand image: The downtime issue is particularly problematic as it can reflect poorly on the user’s professional image.10

3- Pollfish analysis

Pollfish is a survey research tool offering a mobile-first survey approach with access to 250+ million global consumers. The platform is known for its ease of use, real-time insights, and support for 50+ languages, catering to both experienced researchers and novices.


  • User-friendliness: Pollfish is appreciated for its intuitive interface, which simplifies survey creation and audience targeting.11
  • Transparent pricing: The platform offers clear and adaptable pricing based on specific survey needs.12
  • Customer support: The platform’s support team is noted for their prompt and helpful responses.13


  • Data visualization: There is room for improvement in Pollfish’s data visualization capabilities to enable easier interpretation of survey results.14
  • Lack of qualitative survey options: While Pollfish is well-received overall, it could benefit from including options for qualitative 1:1 surveys with specific audience groups for more in-depth insights.15
  • Potential bot interference: There is suspicion of bot activity or dishonest replies, particularly in open-ended questions.16
  • Data filtering: Users feel it may be less productive to filter through a large number of responses to find quality data, leading them to consider other platforms.17

4- SurveyMonkey analysis

SurveyMonkey, now part of Momentive, is a popular online survey software used globally by businesses of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies. It offers versatile tools for creating surveys, polls, and quizzes, catering to various data collection needs. The platform is known for its ease of use, extensive customization options, and ability to process a large volume of survey responses efficiently.


  • User-friendly interface: SurveyMonkey is praised for its straightforward interface, which allows easy creation and customization of surveys without requiring extensive technical knowledge.18
  • Question types: The software provides a diverse range of question formats, including multiple choice, rating scales, and open-ended questions, enhancing the survey experience.19
  • Survey analytics: SurveyMonkey is highly valued for its comprehensive analytics, which are instrumental for organizations in aligning with customer needs and improving service quality.20


  • Subscription rigidity: A significant issue with SurveyMonkey is its rigid subscription policy, requiring users to commit to a full-year plan.21
  • Lack of flexibility for cancellation: Users have experienced difficulties in canceling or getting reimbursements, even shortly after committing to the service.22
  • User experience: Some users have encountered problems with surveys getting stuck, indicating a need for SurveyMonkey to enhance the end-user experience.23
  • Customer support: Users have expressed dissatisfaction with SurveyMonkey’s support system, particularly the lack of direct support and difficulties in tracking accounts. The need to rely on forms and email communication for support and sales inquiries is seen as a drawback.24

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