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Top 9 Hexnode Alternatives in 2024 Based on 10K+ Reviews

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) by Hexnode is an endpoint management solution with data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities.

Since there are numerous endpoint management software products on the market, it makes sense to analyze alternative vendors in terms of pricing, features, and reviews before adopting Hexnode.

Top 10 Hexnode UEM alternatives

Table 1: Ten alternatives to Hexnode Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) with the number of reviews and ratings.

VendorsTotal reviews*Rating*Price**Pricing Driver***
Symantec Endpoint Security by Broadcom3,1574.3n/aper-device
ManageEngine Endpoint Central2,4214.5$11,034per-device
Sophos Intercept X1,8394.6n/aper-user
Ivanti Neurons UEM1,0004.3n/an/a
Hexnode UEM8084.6$21,600per-device
IBM Security MaaS3605584.2$21,600per-client device
Scalefusion Unified Endpoint Management4644.7$30,000per-device
Citrix Endpoint Management3264.3$27,648per-user
Esper Bridge2354.2$24,000per-device

The vendors are ranked based on the total number of reviews with the sponsored vendor ranked on the top.

*Based on the total number of reviews and average ratings (on a 5-point scale) from Gartner, G2, Capterra, and TrustRadius software review platforms as of 02/21/2024.

** For 500 Devices/Year. Other aspects of the package such as the number of admin users are different in different vendors.

***Other licensing terms such as the minimum quantity of licenses needed, are not taken into account.

Vendor selection criteria

In order to provide an objective evaluation of vendors, we considered publicly verifiable data such as the number of reviews and user ratings on software review platforms. User reviews for pros and cons are selected only if multiple users reported the same point.

  • Number of reviews: We included the vendors with more than 100 total user reviews.
  • Average rating: Above 4/5 rating on average across all software review platforms.
  • Price: Endpoint management software products vary in price, and publicly available prices of above listed products can help potential users to compare.
  • Pricing driver: The price of products depends on multiple aspects, such as minimum licensing or admin user quantity, device quantity, or domain quantity. Businesses can choose between pricing driver options in accordance with their needs.

Factors to consider when evaluating endpoint management

Endpoint management capabilities can be broken down into endpoint security, device control, remote access and monitoring, threat detection and response, configuration, compliance, integration, and deployment.

Device control is typically a feature or an integral component of endpoint management software designed to keep track of IoT devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and removable media such as HDDs, and USBs.

Endpoint security aims at securing endpoints, by protecting endpoints against incidents that may result in data breaches.

Effective endpoint security should prevent threats against viruses and breaches by offering systematic control and management systems such as monitoring, remote control, patch management, response mechanisms, authentication and authorization, compliance, and education.

1. Capabilities

  • Products that are listed in the above table are qualified as being compatible with multi OS.
  • Cloud-based infrastructure offers efficiency by reducing energy and hardware use. Products that are listed in the above table offer cloud-based deployment.
  • Real time monitoring, along with real time security notifications, helps prevent threats. Products that are listed in the above table are capable of real time monitoring.

2. Ease of use and support

Together with capabilities, ease of use, and customer support, they create an impression on users. Customers seek information when they run into difficulties with use or other aspects.

3. User reviews

Cumulative user reviews gathered from reputable user insights websites such as Capterra, G2, Gartner, and Trustradius are described below.

Hexnode Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

The company produces device management software that is equipped with additional security and automation tools. Hexnode also offers APIs, gateway solutions, expense management, and more. 


  • Geofencing: Location-based security measures so that data is confined to the desired borders.1
  • Device location tracking: Device tracking is possible remotely for organizations whose devices operate away from the workstation.2
  • Kiosk management: Limiting access to apps and websites can assist in controlling user activity on devices.3


  • Compatibility: Uneven quality of performance regarding the operating system. Hexnode UEM does not work on Windows as efficiently as on macOS.4
  • Complex setting: Some reviewers have found setting up the product complex and hard to get to know from the start.5
  • Price: According to reviewers, the price could have been lower. Some reviewers found it expensive.6

User Ratings 

  • Gartner: 4.6/5 with 408 reviews
  • G2: 4.6/5 with 189 reviews
  • Capterra: 4.7/5 with 114 reviews
  • TrustRadius: 8.7/10 with 17 reviews

Top 3 alternatives for Hexnode

Top three alternatives for Hexnode are listed below with the most issued remarks by reviewers added.

1. Symantec Endpoint Security

Symantec is a cybersecurity product suite owned by Broadcom Inc. which provides solutions in hardware and software.


  • Device control: In order to lower the risk of threats and exfiltration, device control defines block or allow policies on various device types that attach to client computers, such as USB, infrared, and FireWire devices.7
  • Malware prevention: Detection and blocking of emerging threats supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning tools.8
  • Auto-managed policies: Endpoint policy thresholds and rules are dynamically adjusted and updated to match your organization’s risk profile, thanks to policies that integrate indicators of compromise and past abnormalities in a unique way. This is made possible by advanced AI and ML-based policies.9


  • Scanning: Scanning for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across applications, active directory, and devices is found to be slow by some reviewers.10
  • Reporting: Reviewers also mentioned that reporting regarding data, users, and devices could be improved.11
  • Setup: Reviewer expresses hardship during set-up. 12 

User Ratings 

  • Gartner: 4.3/5 with 1613 reviews
  • G2: 4.4/5 with 829 reviews
  • Capterra: 4.2/5 with 542 reviews
  • TrustRadius: 7.6/10 with 173 reviews

For overall pros and cons of Symantec Endpoint Security, check the figure below.

Source: Capterra.13

Figure 1. The above picture summarizes positive and negative user reviews on Symantec Endpoint Security.

2. ManageEngine Endpoint Central

ManageEngine is a cybersecurity and IT automation platform developed by Zoho Corporation. Zoho Corporation is a technology company that innovates varied projects and software for cloud-based applications.


  • Patch and update management: This feature encapsulates the scanning, detecting, and testing of patches supported by the automated patching system. Users can customize patching by scheduling tests and choosing the duration.14 
  • Vulnerability remediation: Scanning, detecting, and prioritizing vulnerabilities can be performed. By implementing tested mitigation scripts, zero days are prevented. Auditing and configuring security factors help organizations stay in compliance with regulations.15
  • Reporting and auditing: Users can conduct reporting and auditing using readily implementable templates that comply with regulatory requirements.16 


  • Configuration management: The configuration of users and devices is managed in accordance with predefined rules. Some users complained that some of the template scripts failed to work properly, and the configuration process became a hardship.17
  • Endpoint analytics: According to the user reviews, endpoint analytics and device reports could be improved.18
  • Integration: Some integrations, like with Azure AD, failed to satisfy users.19

For overall pros and cons of ManageEngine Endpoint Central, check the figure below.

Source: Trustradius.20

Figure 2. The above figure depicts the summarized version of the user review, which consists of pros and cons.

User Ratings 

  • Gartner: 4.4/5 with 933 reviews
  • G2: 4.4/5 with 633 reviews
  • Capterra: 4.6/5 with 747 reviews
  • TrustRadius: 8.8/10 with 108 reviews

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