A chatbot is one of the oldest envisioned use cases for Artificial Intelligence. Alan Turing suggested that instead of debating whether a machine could think, we should measure how it imitates human language. Microsoft’s Xiaoice already passes the Turing test for 10 minutes.

What about your company? Don’t you believe that some of the queries that your company is responding to on social media, email, webchat or SMS could be easily and quickly responded by chatbots improving customer satisfaction? If yes, do you already have a customer service chatbot or are you looking to build a new one?  If you need to find a chatbot development services to work with and have just 1 minute to solve this:

Let us find the right vendor for your business

If you have more time, strap in, because there are a few too many bot companies out there.

Understand the options in the market

First of all, you may be thinking of what the fuss is about chatbots and why you need to spend time choosing a good chatbot development partner.

Natural languages seem relatively simple to us humans however they are one of the most difficult areas to master for machines. If you are wondering why, take a look at why chatbots fail article and 8 chatbots failure stories. Keeping your expectations low is a good first step.

Though there are many bot companies out there, we can split them into 3 groups:

  1. Self service solutions also called chatbot platforms:
    • Self-service solutions with GUI: Build your bot with using a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) by dragging and dropping components. This is not the best approach to build a sophisticated bot but you can build a relatively simple bot very quickly.
    • Self-service solutions with an API, SDK or library : These solution providers built an API, SDK or a library to provide a framework for your bot to use Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities. For example, all bots need to understand the intent of user queries. Building blocks for understanding intent such as parsing the user query can be provided by the API.  Using the available tools, even novice developers can build bots in a couple of hours. However, a best-in-class bot would take significantly longer to build depending on what you want the bot to achieve.
  2. End-to-end solutions: This is the fastest way to building your company’s bot. Specify what your bot needs to do and get a vendor to build it end-to-end. Depending on your specifications and the chatbot service provider, price varies greatly. In most cases, after your bot is built, clients would have access to a panel through which they can further customize functionality of the bot.

Decide whether to buy or build and cut your search time by half

The critical decision is: What’s the right type of company for you? 3 things will be important:

  • What are the required capabilities of your bot?
  • Do you have a sizable budget?
  • Do you have programming skills?

Once you decide those, the solution is clear in some cases:

  • Go for a self service with GUI if all of these are true:
    • You have little to no budget for chatbots
    • You have limited expectations from your bot
    • You don’t have/can’t access much technical skills
  • Go for a self service with an API, SDK or library if all of these are true:
    • You have little to no chatbot budget
    • You have limited expectations from your bot (however, with a great technical team you could also build a world class bot)
    • You have or can access some tech skills
  • Definitely go for an end-to-end solution chatbot company if you said no to all of the above
  • For all other cases, I would keep on exploring both options. For example, if you have tech skills, it might be worth building your own chatbot with some support from self-service solutions even if you can allocate a sizable budget for it.

In both cases, having a look at the overall industry landscape would be helpful to decide who to work with.

1- Understand self-service chatbot provider (chatbot platform) landscape

So you believe you or your team can tackle chatbot programming. You are probably right, chatbot development tools are so advanced that you can really build an OK chatbot in a couple of hours. Let’s look at your options:

Tech giants

Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook all want to help you build the next greatest bot. Having won Jeopardy in 2010, IBM Watson is one of the pioneers in the field. However today AI is on the agenda of all tech giants. Their solutions have a supporting community and a small army of developers so you won’t need to worry about developing on a platform that can suddenly be deserted.

On top of already familiar names, relatively new companies are also part of tech giants thanks to recent acquisitions. For example, dialogflow (previously api.ai) is part of Google. Google’s Dialogflow is a chatbot development platform that can be used in designing conversational AI interactions such as chatbot, voice assistant, and virtual assistants, which are integrated with different conversational platforms, especially Google Assistant.

If you wonder about the pros and cons of tech giants’ platforms, we’ve already written a comparison guide to choose your chatbot platform. In this guide, we compared the top 5 chatbot platforms, Google Dialogflow, Amazon Lex, IBM Watson Assistant, Facebook’s Wit.ai, and Microsoft Azure Bot Service. Feel free to check it out.


Startups are trying various approaches to innovate in this emerging market. For example, graphical user interfaces and even bots to build bots are offered to facilitate bot development.

See all chatbot platforms in one neat table

Below, you can find a slightly outdated list of chatbot platforms. We have the latest and greatest version of this list with a much better interface under aimultiple.com. The updated list allows you to sort/filter the results and learn more about the products.

Bot NameLocationYear FoundedPlatform Capabilities*UXBot communicationNumber of EmployeesTotal Funding AmountReferencesLanguages
Amplify.aiUSA2016Chatbot PlatformGUIText11-50N/AChange.orgMultilingual
Beep BoopUSA2015Chatbot PlatformGUIText1-10N/AN/AMultilingual
BotsifyPakistan2017Chatbot PlatformGUIText1-10$ 0.03 mnApple, Shazam, Unicef, RemoteInterviewMultilingual
BottrUSA2015Chatbot PlatformGUIText1-10N/AN/AMultilingual
ChatfuelUSA2015Chatbot PlatformGUIText11-50$0.12 mnAdidas, Buzzfeed, MTV, Techcrunch, Volkswagen, UberMultilingual
ChatkooIndonesia2017Chatbot PlatformGUIText1-10N/AN/AMultilingual
ChatScriptN/AN/ANLP EngineProgrammableTextN/AN/AN/AMultilingual
ChatterBotN/AN/ANLP EngineProgrammableTextN/AN/AN/AMultilingual
ChattyPeopleIndia2017Chatbot PlatformGUIText1-10N/AN/AMultilingual
ClustaarFrance2018Chatbot PlatformGUIText11-50€1.7mnNestle, TUIMultilingual
CognigyGermany2016Chatbot PlatformGUIVoice / Text11-50Henkel, TÜV Rheinland, Salzburg AGMultilingual
ConversableUSA2016Chatbot PlatformGUIText11-50N/ABudweiser, EY, PG, Pizza Hut, Sony, TGI Fridays, Viacom, Whole Foods, English
DestygoFrance2016Chatbot PlatformGUIText11-50$ 1.2 mnN/AMultilingual
EngatiIndia2017Chatbot PlatformProgrammableText1-10
Enterprise BotSwitzerland2016NLP EngineProgrammableText11-50N/AN/AEnglish
FloatBotIndia2017Chatbot PlatformProgrammableText1-10N/AN/AMultilingual
FlowXOUK2014Chatbot PlatformGUIText1-10N/AN/AMultilingual
Google Dialogflow (previously Api.ai)USA2010NLP EngineProgrammableVoice / Text11-50$8.6 mnWSJ, KLM, Giorgio Armani, ComcastMultilingual
GubshupUSA2014Chatbot PlatformGUIText51-200N/AFacebook, Linkedin, Citibank, Twitter, Venture Beat, Cisco, Unilever, EbayEnglish, Hindi
IBM Watson Conversation ServiceUSA2014NLP EngineProgrammableVoice / Text2000+N/AN/AEnglish, Japanese
It's AliveFrance2016Chatbot PlatformGUIText1-10N/ASanofi, Capitol Music FranceEnglish
KITT.AI (acquired by Baidu)USA2014Chatbot PlatformGUIText1-10N/AN/AEnglish
ManyChatUSA2015Chatbot PlatformGUIText11-50$0.125 mnN/AEnglish
Meya.aiCanada2015Chatbot PlatformProgrammableText1-10$ 1 mnSony, Vodafone, Mercedes BenzMultilingual
Microsoft Bot FrameworkUSAN/ANLP EngineProgrammableVoice / TextN/AN/AN/AMultilingual
Microsoft Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS)USAN/ANLP EngineProgrammableVoice / TextN/AN/AN/AMultilingual
Mindmeld (acquired by Cisco)USA2011Chatbot PlatformProgrammableVoice / Text1-10N/AN/AEnglish
Morph.aiIndia2016Chatbot PlatformProgrammableText11-50N/AManchester City, Yamaha, Yes BankMultilingual
motion.ai (acquired by HubSpot)USA2015Chatbot PlatformGUIText1-10
Octane.aiUSA2016Chatbot PlatformGUIText1-10$1.5 mnKiehls, Warner Music GroupEnglish
PandorabotsUSA2008Chatbot PlatformProgrammableText1-10N/AN/AMultilingual
PypestreamUSA2015Chatbot PlatformProgrammableText11-50$22.5 mnCisco, Microsoft, SalesforceEnglish
rasa NLUGermany2015NLP EngineProgrammableText11-50N/AUBS, Raiffeisen, Yellow Pages English, German
Rebot.meN/A2014Chatbot PlatformGUIText1-10N/AN/AMultilingual
Recast.AI (acquired by SAP)France2015Chatbot PlatformProgrammableText11-50$ 2.4 mnAccenture, Capgemini, Deloitte, SalesForce, Cisco, Facebook, SlackMultilingual
RecimeUSA2017Chatbot PlatformGUIText1-10$0.4 mnCoca Cola, Wyre, GigigoMultilingual
Reply.aiUSA2016Chatbot PlatformProgrammableText11-50$1.4 mnMapfre, Samsung, Starbucks, HiltonEnglish
Semantic Machines USA2014NLP EngineProgrammableText11-50$20.9 mnN/AMultilingual
Sor'unTurkey2014Chatbot PlatformGUIText1-10N/AGaranti, Hepsiburada, Pizza Hut, DecathlonTurkish
TwylaGermany2015Chatbot PlatformGUIText1-10N/AShopify, Salesforce, OracleEnglish
wit.ai (acquired by Facebook)USA2013NLP EngineProgrammableVoice / Text1-10$3 mnN/AMultilingual
Yekaliva.aiUSAChatbot PlatformGUIText1-10N/AN/AEnglish

* Chatbot platforms offer developers capability to build and publish their chatbots. NLP engines provide mainly natural language processing capabilities to developers which they can use to build their bots.

As an example, Chatfuel is one such platform that helps enterprises both to build and A/B test bots. They started in 2016 with the goal to make bot-building easy for anyone. They started as a Telegram platform, now they specialize on Facebook Messenger, where some of their key customers are NFL and NBA teams, publishers like TechCrunch and Forbes.

If you believe you may need an end-to-end solution, read on:

2- Understand different types of end-to-end chatbot providers

We see different types of chatbot vendors:

2a) Customer service experts

Nuance, founded in 1992, is the oldest and most established company on this list. Though Nuance is quite diversified, they were already established in voice authentication and call center software so they have the business relationships and the data to prepare successful systems

2b) RPA companies

Robotic Process Automation automates mindnumbing back-office work typically handled by outsourcing companies. You can learn more from our extensive article on RPA. Since RPA bots deeply integrate with a company’s systems, they can also help chatbots access data and operational capabilities. WorkFusion offers both bots and free (free as in beer) RPA services. Integration of both is powerful yet cheap though chatbots are not offered for free by Workfusion yet.

2c) Pure chatbot players

They use their own platform to develop complex bots fast. Using their own platform they are able to quickly produce competent bots. Some players focus on a specific niche in the market and produce bots customized for the industry or business function they specialize in.

Companies founded in 2000s

Entered chatbot business in 2000s when first web chat features were added. Accumulated decades of data and experience. Leading examples: Interactions, creativevirtual, Inbenta, next IT

Companies founded in 2010s

Founded since 2010s, they are developing novel approaches to chatbots. They offer end-to-end service and enable enterprises with limited capabilities to develop chatbots. They may lack experience and business relationships but they are plunging ahead with significant funding.

2d) Chatbot developers

These companies rely on publicly available APIs to build custom bots for their clients. There are hundreds of such companies and very few of them are specialized. Most are software development houses that build various custom software solutions.

Identify partners to build custom AI solutions

2e) Other: Agencies, system integrators, consultants

If you are working for a large company, you already know that these are Swiss army knives. Think of any tech problem and there’s probably a company that can build a custom solution for you working on available solutions in the market. For example, if you are already working with a system integrator and considering getting an end-to-end service, consider asking them about their conversational capabilities.

Leading end-to-end chatbot companies

This is the list of top chatbot companies that are only specialized on chatbots (Pure chatbot players). This list is not comprehensive but includes most of the major companies in the space.


Given their experience in omnichannel customer engagement, Nuance Communications already understands customer service industry and its chatbot Nina boasts Fortune 500 clients like Coca Cola and ING Netherlands.

Next IT

Next IT iconFounded in 2002, Next IT is the oldest vendor in our database that focuses solely on chatbots. They claim that no other provider of intelligent interface technology has completed more successful implementations for Fortune 1000 companies.


Founded in 2014, Kore.ai is a relative newcomer into chatbots industry however it is already one of the largest players in the space. Kore.ai Bots Platform aims to provide a complete end-to-end solution with the features enterprises require to scale conversational chatbots.


Capable of dealing with 25+ languages, the InbentaBot claims to deliver industry-leading self-service rates of over 90%.


A finance specialist, Personetics claims its chatbot handles 95% of customer queries, increases cross-sell and online engagement.


Creative Virtual

With offices in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, creative virtual boasts numerous customers including numerous global financial institutions, retailers and government agencies.

Nano Rep

Nano Rep has tens of public references from leading corporations and claims up to 70% reduction in live-agent workload thanks to its chatbot. Just 2 months after we published this post listing Nanorep, they were acquired by LogMEIn which provides authentication and connectivity solutions for those who remotely connecting to networks.


Founded in 2015, pypestream is already one of the best funded vendors in the space.



Boasting numerous Fortune 500 references, MindMeld was acquired by Cisco in March/2017 for $125 M. With Cisco’s resources, Mindmeld is one of the vendors with strongest support in the space.


Claire.AI is specialized in financial services in South East Asia covering these languages: Indonesian, Chinese (simplified and Cantonese), Japanese, Korean, Malay, Tagalog, Thai and Vietnamese.


Working with Fortune 500 companies including Unilever, ubisend has experience creating an engaging and scalable chatbot experience.


2d) Chatbot developers

If you are on a tight budget and don’t prefer to partner with a pure chatbot player, partnering with chatbot developers may be more beneficial for you. These vendors use 3rd party chatbot solutions to develop custom solutions for their clients. Generally, they enable smaller companies to build relatively simple bots fast. As they develop solutions in similar cases, they build a library of bot configurations that enable them to quickly build new bots.

We are listing major chatbot developers that we came across. However, there are too many chatbot developers to list and new chatbot development companies are entering the market constantly.

CompanyNumber of employees
The Bot Forge1-10
Root Info Solutions51-100
OnGraph Technologies101-250
iGnovate Solutions11-50
Chatbots Studio11-50
BitBot Studios1-10

Before you pick a chatbot development company

We categorized the chatbot players and put them in separate lists here. Now that you know how you will build your chatbot, it is worth thinking about where to test, analyze and deploy it. We have a detailed article on chatbot ecosystem that can guide you. An important decision is where you will deploy the chatbot. You can consider the messaging platforms Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Kik or Slack for deployment. Though Facebook Messenger had an ambitious start in promoting bots, bots are deprioritized in their platform now and WhatsApp is gaining more momentum in bot usage.

If you would like to have our opinion on who would be the right chatbot provider for your business, just let us know:

Let us find the right vendor for your business

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  1. Hi there. First of all, great article. Provided some interesting insight into the industry and, while your vendor list includes many of the key players in the conversational AI space, it is by no means exhaustive. Not surprising, of course, given how crowded the market is these days!

    We, at boost.ai, would love to be included in your list. We are a Norwegian conversational AI scale-up that has over 150+ live virtual agents including some of the largest enterprise organizations in the Nordics (DNB, Santander, Nordea, Telenor, Tryg, etc). Our solution differs from traditional rule-based chatbots by introducing a proprietary Deep Learning algorithm that we call Automatic Semantic Understanding. ASU allows our virtual agents to make sense of messy, convoluted conversations that often have multiple intents all while reducing false positives to a minimum in 90% of cases. You can read all about it on our website www.boost.ai or we’d be more than happy to give you a demo to show you precisely why we deserve to be included on your list!

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    BOTfriends is one of the leading chatbot vendors in Germany and has already implemented many successful chatbots with customers like Porsche, Bosch und Innogy.

    Our website: https://botfriends.de/

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    Hailing from 2011, https://just-ai.com/ creates skills and content for digital assistants and designs tools for developers.
    With offices in London, Nanjing, and St. Petersburg, Just AI develops comprehensive solutions for contact centers and enterprises. The company’s NLU platform is used by the likes of Papa Johns and McDonald’s, enabling contact center automation to reach a whopping 80%.

    Just AI operates Aimylogic, a platform that enables developers to create skills and intelligent bots. The platform has over 10 000 users and some 4 000 skills and chatbots have been built on it.

    Just AI collaborates with Roobo, NotAnotherOne, Cinemood, Mishka AI, Elari and others, helping create ??smart devices and digital assistants.

  7. Hi Guys,

    the list seem to be missing www.InteliWISE.com, with the experience of more than 160 reference Conversational AI / Chatbot deployments for enterprise customers, including Fortune 500 and European banks, insurance and ecommerce, including AXA, Castorama, Santander, governmental organizations and smart city.

    1. Hi Marcin, this list is becoming difficult to update. We are working on a much better interface for these lists. It will be published this month on AIMultiple.com and we will definitely include inteliwise there. Thank you for your patience.

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  19. Hmmm…interesting list. I however was thinking that you may want to include Engati as well. Engati is a chatbot platform that allows you to build, manage, integrate, train, analyse and publish your personalized bot in a matter of minutes. It presently supports eight major messaging platforms including messenger, kik, telegram, line, viber, skype, slack and webchat with a focus on customer engagement, conversational commerce, and customer service and fulfillments.

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  20. Could you please provide high level cost range for Self-service solutions with an API, SDK and for End-to-end solutions

    1. It depends on your requirements. Some important criteria are the channels where you will publish the bot, whether integration CRM or support ticketing systems is necessary. Finally, API costs are usage dependent so while a few conversations will be free, thousands of conversation will incur major fees. Just to give you an idea of the range, you can build and publish a chatbot using a bot builder platform like chatfuel for free. However, if you need a bot built for a Fortune 500, that will require extensive testing and can have a wide range of costs based on its complexity and the required integrations.

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  22. You missed Conversable – with clients like Pizza Huts, Whole Foods, TGIFridays, CES, Budweiser, Sam’s Club, Denny’s, Shake Shack, Viacom, Dermstore, Boston Market, EY, Sony Pictures, Proctor & Gamble, 7Eleven, and many more.

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