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Top 5 Chatbot Companies in India (2024): Evaluation & Examples

The demand for chatbots is high in India, as it is one of the top chatbot-using countries. However, there are many Indian chatbot companies to choose from and factors to evaluate, which complicates the selection of a suitable conversational AI vendor. 

To help business leaders better understand the conversational AI market in India, this article determines and evaluates the top 5 chatbot companies in India, and introduces best chatbot examples by these chatbot vendors. 

Top Chatbot Vendors in India: Vendor Selection Criteria

VendorsTotal number of reviewsAverage rating*Number of employees
Zoho SalesIQ3998.919,130

We employed a four-step screening process. We used publicly available data that was correlated with business success to select the best chatbot vendors in India. The screening process assesses the following criteria:

1- Number of Employees: The number of employees is a valid indicator of the financial health of a company, as it is correlated with revenue and overall success. We screened out companies with less than 100 employees on LinkedIn.

2- Number of B2B Reviews & Average Rating: The number of user reviews on reputable B2B review platforms (G2, Capterra and Trustradius) is another valid indicator of the popularity of a company. We screened out companies with less than 50 total reviews and 8.5 average rating.

3- Office in India: The presence of a company office indicates investment and involvement in the region, so we screened out companies without an office in India. 

4- Case studies/References: Case studies and references indicate the market presence and the quality of solutions a company provides. They provide measurable data on the real-world impact of a company’s products. We screened out companies without at least two case studies with Indian companies.

Our screening process led us to the 5 vendors listed below:

1- Haptik1

2- Zoho SalesIQ2

3- Gupshup3

4- Verloop.io4

5- Yellow.ai5

Note: We might have missed a vendor that suits our screening criterion. If that is the case, please let us know in the comments below.

Evaluation of Top 5 Chatbot Companies in India

In this section, we used verified customer reviews for each conversational AI platform to assist managers in finding suitable chatbot providers for their business. User comments help us identify the pros and cons of each vendor.

1. Haptik


  • Satisfactory customer support
  • High ROI for long-term digital transformation strategies
  • AI chatbot with satisfactory analytics and monthly reports (see Figure 1)

Figure 1: Haptik customer review on Capterra

Source: Capterra6


  • Pricing of the WhatsApp platform is considered to be a bit more expensive than other vendors.
  • Integration capabilities of the chatbot are criticized.

You can view the cons of Haptik as mentioned most by users (see Figure 2).

Figure 2: Cons of Haptik

Source: Capterra7

2. Zoho SalesIQ


  • No-code implementation of chatbots
  • Offers hybrid chatbot that can work both as guided flow chatbot and and AI chatbot
  • Server connection that can retrieve or push data to internal databases and web servers

You can contact Zoho to see the capabilities of SalesIQ tools in more detail.


  • Sometimes chat alerts do not work, which can lead to missed interactions

Figure 3: Pros and cons of Zoho SalesIQ

Source: Capterra8

3. Gupshup


  • Suitable for mobile marketing
  • Easy-to-use product with a good overall user experience
  • Customer care is helpful and useful


  • Analytics could be better with more insights 
  • Limited dashboard capabilities for audience monitoring
  • No scheduler functionality (see Figure 3)

Figure 4: Pros and cons of Gupshup

Source: Capterra9



  • Chatbots are easy to integrate and deploy
  • Solves various issues with multiple bot flows
  • Improves customer satisfaction


  • Analytics is not well developed
  • Some processes are tedious or buggy
  • Not deeply customizable (see Figure 4)

Figure 5: customer review on G2

Source: G210



  • Easy integration with multiple channels
  • Analytics insights for understanding user behavior
  • Easy campaign management from multiple channels


  • Customer support can be improved
  • Hard to write custom scripts or integrate customized interfaces
  • Community and documentation are not strong (see Figure 5)

Figure 6: Pros and cons of

Source: Capterra11

Top 7 chatbot case studies in India

Indian chatbot success stories can further help managers determine a suitable chatbot provider for them. In this regard, we selected at least one chatbot example from our pick of the top 5 Indian chatbot producers.

1- Jiomart – Haptik

JioMart is an e-commerce platform owned by one of India’s most valuable firm, Reliance Industries. With a spectrum of 50,000+ products and 200 locations, JioMart processes 250,000+ orders per day. 

Business challenge

The demand for e-commerce surged due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which led JioMart to experience 3x more traffic than expected. JioMart wanted to improve its first-response time and query resolution to enhance customer satisfaction without recruiting additional human capital. 


JioMart partnered with Haptik to develop a WhatsApp chatbot to help grow customer support activities and provide a more efficient customer experience. The entire shopping experience was carried onto WhatsApp as users could:

  • View the entire product catalog 
  • Create and modify their cart
  • Checkout and pay

without exiting WhatsApp. Watch the video below to see Haptik’s chatbot in action.

Source: Haptik

The chatbot makes it simple for customers to find goods and add them to their shopping basket with as few clicks as possible. In only three clicks, users may check delivery information and pay using any payment option (see Figure 7).

Figure 7: Haptik’s WhatsApp chatbot interacts with a JioMart customer.

Source: Haptik

The chatbot offers convenience for users with its built-in buttons. To reach a broader audience, the JioMart bot also provides service in Hindi.

Business results

  • 1,500 average daily orders via WhatsApp chatbot
  • 68% repeat customer rate
  • 15% conversion rate
  • The WhatsApp bot also generated a lot of organic traffic since it increases consumer pleasure, which leads to more return customers.

To learn more regarding recent WhatsApp marketing trends and WhatsApp bots, you can download Haptik’s The State of WhatsApp Marketing 2023 report.

2-Tally – Haptik

Tally is a B2B software solution provider from India with 30 years of experience in the sector. With over 2500 employees, Tally continues to deliver innovation and quality in enterprise resource planning software for small and medium enterprises.

Business challenge

Tally’s aim was to move away from traditional marketing and create a 1:1, customized, and unified conversational commerce experience that fosters innovation. Tally began looking for a solution that would:

  • be available 24/7
  • engage visitors from the minute they arrive on the website,
  • solve typical questions,
  • and encourage them to book a demo with the sales team.

Tally had a team of live operators to handle support requests, but communication was more reactive than proactive.


Tally worked with Haptik to install an AI-powered virtual assistant on their website with features to generate leads and prompt action from customers. Key use cases of the IVA are:

  • Product promotions
  • Lead generation
  • Self-serve support (see Figure 8).

Figure 8: Key use cases of Tally’s website IT chatbot.

Source: Haptik

Business results

3- Jio Health Hub – Haptik

Jio Health Hub, a Reliance Jio product, is a health app that provides a variety of health services from India’s premier healthcare organizations and physicians. Users utilize Jio Health Hub to:

  • order diagnostic tests,
  • receive online consultations,
  • and download reports and health information for future reference.

Business problem

Jio was considering offering services and information in a language preferred by people across India. The Jio Health team was searching for new ways to:

  • Engage with consumers, 
  • Enhance registrations, 
  • And give real-time support on newer channels, 

and opted to investigate WhatsApp as a platform to interact with customers since it is the most popular messaging app in India.


Jio Health Hub collaborated with Haptik to create a Whatsapp healthcare chatbot named ‘JIVA’ in order to improve user engagement and make customer support efforts omnichannel. Users of ‘JIVA’ can:

  • Schedule doctor’s appointments.
  • Examine and update medical records
  • Contact a live agent
  • Schedule COVID-19 vaccine sessions.
  • COVID Health Certificates can be uploaded and downloaded.

With the success of ‘JIVA,’ the brand also released a Hindi version of the assistant to cater to vernacular customers and increase overall engagement. See ‘JIVA’ in action in the video below.

Source: Haptik

Business results

Jio Health Hub received the following within 3 months:

If you want to learn more about WhatsApp chatbot examples, you can read our Top 7 WhatsApp Chatbot Examples from Different Sectors article. 

4- Mahindra & Mahindra – Zoho SalesIQ

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (M&M) is a leading automotive manufacturer based in Mumbai, India. Founded in 1945 under the name Mahindra & Mohammed, it later underwent a name change to Mahindra & Mahindra.

Business problem

Before implementing Zoho SalesIQ, the company utilized a live chat feature on its platforms where agents addressed customer inquiries. Upon request from the marketing, strategy, and sales departments to integrate chatbots into the live chat system, the main office began looking into alternative solutions.


The R&D team at Mahindra & Mahindra conducted research on several products before settling on Zoho SalesIQ. They highlight that SalesIQ offers a user-friendly experience, enabling site visitors to easily click on the chat widget and pose basic queries to the chatbot. In instances where the bot falls short in delivering accurate responses, a live agent can promptly step in to help the visitor.

Business results

5- NoBroker – Gupshup

NoBroker is a Bangalore-based real estate property portal that was founded in 2014. NoBroker connects owners with verified buyers and tenants in cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and Gurugram.

Business problem

Many of NoBroker’s customers were having trouble uploading images of homes they wished to list on the website or app. The team would then contact the clients by SMS or email but discovered that the open rate for emails was less than 3%, and SMS had a click-through rate of 4-5%. The company also spent a significant amount of time on support calls with property owners to collect and upload images from their end to the website and app.


Gupshup created a WhatsApp real estate chatbot that allowed property owners to communicate with NoBroker and respond with images directly in the chat box.12 When registering for a NoBroker account, property owners can choose to get WhatsApp notifications, which was preferred by more than 88% of its users. When the deep-learning algorithm of the real estate platform accepts the photographs, they are automatically uploaded to the online property listing.

Business results

  • 20x annualized return on investment through cost savings
  • 2.8x increase in properties let out or sold
  • Average time to upload photo listings reduced to 6 minutes from 3 days

6- Kaarva –

Kaarva is an Indian financial health platform that offers flexible salary solutions for employers and employees. From its headquarters in Bangalore, Kaarva has worked with 50+ employer partners and 100+ companies since 2018. 

Business problem

Kaarva operations were handled through 3 separate WhatsApp Business accounts and a small group of agents, which was not a long-term and scalable option. Kaarva wanted to automate and unify customer engagement and support endeavors. Manually processing chats beyond a certain scale became difficult for a platform that intended to be endlessly fast. Kaarva needed to be able to manage hundreds of thousands of chats at the same time while providing quality customer support.


Kaarva uses to run its operations, which are nearly fully based on WhatsApp’s Business APIs and a WhatsApp chatbot, from onboarding through cash transfer confirmations.13 With the APIs, Kaarva can provide a single point of contact for its clients, an automated flow, and extensive customer behavior analytics.

Business results

While businesses compete to be recognized in emails and SMS messages, Kaarva stands apart. When compared to its competitors, WhatsApp notifications perform better in most metrics. WhatsApp is also significantly less data-intensive than its competitors; essential financial documents can be transferred via WhatsApp even over 2G and 3G networks. Kaarva utilized’s WhatsApp chatbot to generate, qualify, and support over 100,000 customers.

7- Leo Coffee –

Leo Coffee was founded in 1910 and has 40 outlets in Chennai and South India today, as well as 300+ distributors throughout South India and even Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. The company sells coffee blends, vending machines, and coffee items in nations such as the United States, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore. 

Business problem

Leo Coffee had to shut down its store services following the pandemic and lockdown regulations. They wanted to expand their online sales in their e-commerce stores, but it proved difficult because call centers were also closed. Responding to thousands of queries per day became a difficult and time-consuming process, which Leo Coffee wanted to automate.


Leo Coffee worked with to deploy a restaurant chatbot available across Facebook, WhatsApp and Leo e-store.14 The IVAt provides client interaction while dealing with numerous customer inquiries. The IVA assists consumers in subscribing and ordering blends from Leo Coffee via the bot interface. Integration with Shopify enables the automated update of all merchandise on the Leo e-store.

Business results

  • 100% accuracy in resolving every query
  • ₹150K+ crossed in total revenue within a few days
  • 24/7 available customer support

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