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Redwood-SAP Partnership: Clean Core Support for SAP Customers

Combining Redwood’s 30+ years of experience in automation with SAP’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, this alliance has supported numerous enterprise automation projects. This article delves into the services SAP users can access through Redwood, the history of this partnership, and the dynamics of their collaboration.

Services Offered to SAP Users by Redwood

Redwood offers a range of services to SAP users, focusing on enhancing the automation and efficiency of various business processes. Integrated with SAP’s ERP systems, these services provide workload and business process automation solutions while allowing businesses to keep a clean SAP core. This enables a faster and easier SAP update process and allows businesses to separate core applications from the automation-related code.

Redwood offers most of these services through RunMyJobs by Redwood:

Workload Automation and Integration

Redwood’s cloud-native platform, RunMyJobs, aims to support business growth, allowing users to automate and orchestrate end-to-end business and IT processes. This includes a range of automation capabilities, from ERP automation to IT process SLA monitoring. 

RunMyJobs is designed to facilitate integration with SAP systems, utilizing native API connections. This method streamlines the integration process, allowing organizations to harness the capabilities of S/4HANA. 

Additionally, RunMyJobs offers connectivity options, not limited to SAP application infrastructures but also extending to non-SAP applications. This approach aims to meet current business requirements and is adaptable to future technological advancements and demands.

Redwood provides a SaaS infrastructure with native integrations that can orchestrate SAP, Oracle, and other ERPs. This includes real-time automation, low-code development, and security features, ensuring comprehensive documentation and audit trails.

Full-Stack Automation and Security

The significance of security in job scheduling systems is paramount, and it is essential for organizations to thoroughly evaluate the security protocols, compliance certifications, and data protection policies of any potential job scheduler. This ensures that security measures are in place to safeguard data from remote systems and applications effectively.

RunMyJobs by Redwood maintains compliance with leading SaaS encryption and security policies. It adheres to security and compliance standards, holding various certifications, including ISO 27001, ISAE 3402 Type II, SSAE 18 SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type II, TX-RAMP Provisional Certification, and Cloud Security Alliance STAR Level 1. The platform ensures that no confidential data is transferred, and all communications within the platform are fully encrypted using TLS 1.2+ and SSL.

In the context of transitioning to S/4HANA, especially under the RISE with SAP program, it can be beneficial for enterprises to partner with a SAP-certified provider of automated processes. RunMyJobs, with its certification for RISE, presents itself as a partner in this regard.

Figure 1: SAP S/4HANA 1

Event-Driven Scheduling Capabilities

Redwood’s platform offers event-driven automation capabilities, making it easy to schedule and run workflows and monitor service level agreements (SLAs). This includes managing jobs across the SAP ecosystem process monitoring and linking critical processes across various SAP and non-SAP applications.

Comprehensive Solutions

Redwood offers solutions like finance automation software, managed file transfer, report distribution, DevOps automation, data warehouse management, security management, application management, incident management, and infrastructure management.

Flexibility Across IT Environments

RunMyJobs is built to work across enterprise-wide processes and different IT environments, including on-premise, cloud, and hybrid cloud setups. RunMyJobs offers high reliability with a 99.95% SaaS uptime guarantee, requiring minimal maintenance effort. The platform is capable of handling millions of transactions daily while maintaining expected performance levels.

RunMyJobs features lightweight, self-updating agents compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, AIX, and macOS. This compatibility grants extensive control over server operations and script execution. Additionally, RunMyJobs facilitates load balancing and process prioritization, optimizing resource usage and providing flexibility for streamlined workflow management.

History and evolution of the partnership

Longstanding collaboration

The partnership between Redwood and SAP began in the early 2000s. A key milestone was reached in 2005 when Redwood became SAP’s first Solution Extension partner for automation. This began a more profound collaborative effort in developing integrated automation solutions for SAP’s ERP system.

Innovation and joint development

One of the early significant contributions from Redwood was the development of SAP Central Process Scheduling (CPS) by Redwood. This tool centralizes managing and monitoring business intelligence workloads across both SAP and non-SAP applications, leading to more efficient job scheduling and data processing. Redwood has worked closely with SAP throughout the partnership to develop new features, including predictive analytics and advanced alerting functionalities.

Ongoing Collaboration

As an active SAP PartnerEdge Build Partner, Redwood continues collaborating with SAP on new features, including predictive analytics and configurable alerts, to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape and contribute to the area of SAP job scheduling.

What’s RISE with SAP? 

The RISE with SAP program represents SAP’s strategic initiative to facilitate and expedite the transition of its customers from traditional SAP ERP systems to the advanced S/4HANA cloud, available in both private and public editions. S/4HANA succeeds the SAP Business Suite or SAP ECC, which were primarily on-premise solutions, and is set to lose support by the end of 2027.

SAP developed the RISE with SAP program to acknowledge the complexities and resource demands associated with migrating to S/4HANA by the 2027 deadline. This program is aimed to support clients in their digital transformation towards the new cloud ERP, addressing the challenges of cloud migration through a unified contract encompassing both software and services.

Figure 2: RISE with SAP 2

In the context of this cloud transformation under the RISE with SAP program, clients may find S/4HANA’s job scheduling capabilities to be somewhat limited, necessitating business process automation through an enterprise job scheduler. To address this need, RunMyJobs by Redwood has been introduced as a solution to manage, enhance, and streamline job scheduling within the S/4HANA environment.

Key points: RunMyJobs by Redwood & SAP 

RunMyJobs by Redwood, a cloud-based SaaS platform, supports the RISE program by facilitating a transition to cloud environments, including the shift to S/4HANA, while delivering continuous automation processes in the job chain.

Trusted by SAP: As a trusted partner of SAP for over two decades, Redwood, the company behind RunMyJobs, has been one of SAP’s choice for workload automation since 2004. This collaboration has led to more than 450 joint customers, with RunMyJobs developing APIs and solutions that align with SAP’s objectives and values.

Directly Integrating with SAP services: RunMyJobs is the only enterprise job scheduler capable of directly integrating with S/4HANA, SAP BTP, and other SAP solutions in the workload automation space without needing custom code or specialized infrastructure. It offers access to over 1,000 out-of-the-box SAP jobs wizards and templates, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

Highest number of SAP certifications: RunMyJobs boasts the highest number of SAP certifications among job schedulers. This includes integration with RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Industry Cloud Utilities. Continuous collaboration with SAP also ensures the development of future certified integrations.

Transparency Statement

Numerous emerging tech vendors and companies, including Redwood, are sponsors of AIMultiple.

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