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Autosys Workload Automation in ‘24 | 120+ Reviews Analyzed

Google trends image showing the interest in Autosys

Interest in Broadcom’s Autosys is declining (Source: Google Trends) and Autosys has a lower average rating on review platforms compared to most other workload automation tools. This may be partially explained by: 

  • Reviewers highlighting Autosys’ limited features compared to the competition.
  • Broadcom supporting 8 workload automation solutions1 and 1 automation analytics solution2 with overlapping capabilities which may divert focus from developing new functionality for Autosys.

Dive into Autosys’ capabilities, user evaluations and outlook to learn more:

Review based evaluation of Autosys

We obtained user reviews from B2B review platforms including PeerSpot and G2 to provide insights on the automation capabilities of Autosys. While Autosys is rated 4.35 on average, the average workload automation tool is rated 4.5.

PlatformUser ratings out of 5Number of reviews
Average Rating4.35

Table 1: Autosys user ratings

Autosys Advantages

Ease of use: Users find Autosys’ workload automation feature easy to use for both technical and nontechnical users and has high availability. See Figure 1 and Figure 2.

Autosys user review on ease of use and high availability
Figure 1: Autosys user review on PeerSpot.3
Autosys user review on its ease of use features.
Figure 2: Autosys user review on G2.4

Scalability: Users praise Autosys’s high scalability that enables businesses to run workflows at the same time. See Figure 3.

Autosys user review on its high scalability
Figure 3: Autosys user review on G2.5

Stability and features: Users consider Autosys as a stable solution and find batch processing features highly beneficial. See Figure 4.

Autosys user review on stability and useful batch processing feature
Figure 4: Autosys user review on PeerSpot.6

Autosys Shortcomings

Dynamic job features: Users report that Autosys lacks creation of dynamic job features. See Figure 5.

Autosys user review on lack of dynamic job feature creation
Figure 5: Autosys user review on G2.7

Workload windows: Users advise Autosys to integrate a monitoring and managing feature for workload windows to reduce downstream applications. See Figure 6.

Autosys user review on integrating a monitoring and managing feature for workload windows
Figure 6: Autosys user review on PeerSpot.8

The lack of integration and customization: Users highlight the lack of integration in cloud support with AI and customization options for reports.9

What is Broadcom’s Autosys?

Broadcom’s enterprise workload automation solutions allow visibility to complex workloads and cloud computing by mapping workflow processes and ensuring monitoring with the aim of reducing the cost and complexity of IT business processes.

Autosys, as a part of Broadcom’s workload automation solutions, is an IT process automation and batch scheduling software that supports businesses to boost availability of their critical application workloads by lowering the cost and complexity of workloads.

Autosys can provide an increased business responsiveness with dynamic workload deployment across physical, cloud, and virtual environments. 

Autosys also enables reliable and flexible integrations with business applications. With Autosys, businesses can receive forecasts and automatic actions for overdue jobs. 

Key features and capabilities of Autosys

Multi-Platform job scheduling

Autosys enables the management and visualization of end-to-end business processes with event-based triggering, real-time alerting, and dynamic critical path management.10

It also provides a centralized point of control for integration and coordination of workload automation and job scheduling tasks across different systems and environments.


Without the need for multiple servers, Autosys can provide scalable monitoring and controlling of workloads across physical, virtual, and multi-cloud environments.11

Built-in fault tolerance

With its built-in fault tolerance feature, Autosys allows for an automated recovery for mission critical business processes by performing path analysis and forecasting while ensuring consistent workload automation. 

Users can receive notifications about the overdue jobs as well as bypassing less critical jobs.

Self service

Autosys provides end-users the ability to request and execute workload processing within the boundaries of established workload policy and governance frameworks.

This self-service capability allows businesses to have more control and flexibility while ensuring reliable service delivery.

Application support

The platform offers workload management for key business applications like SAP, PeopleSoft, and Oracle E-Business Suite.12

This feature can contribute to reduced operating costs and enhanced visibility, which leads to more streamlined operations and improved efficiency.

Autosys alternatives

It can be useful to compare workload automation alternatives when deciding on the right solution for you. Check out Autosys alternatives for more detailed information,

Redwood RunMyJobs: With this SaaS workload automation and job scheduling software, customers can connect diverse systems and data with dashboards, logging, and load balancer features.

ActiveBatch: ActiveBatch enables automated application workflows for cross-platform business systems.

Stonebranch: StoneBranch’s Universal Automation Center provides a real-time hybrid IT orchestration and automation while supporting a wide range of IT processes.

Fortra’s JAMS: Users can centralize batch processes and workloads into a single command center and monitor critical batch processes to improve SLAs and optimize IT resources.

Control-M by BMC Software: Control-M provides automation solutions including monitoring batch processing, data pipeline orchestration and managed file transfer. 

Transparency Statement

AIMultiple serves multiple technology vendors, including Redwood RunMyJobs, ActiveBatch, Stonebranch, and Fortra’s JAMS.

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