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Lime Proxies Evaluation & Top 9 Alternatives in 2024

A robust proxy service is indispensable for businesses to collect data or conduct market research. Lime Proxies has been a notable player in this domain, offering a range of features including sales intelligence tools, data scraping capabilities, and ad verification services among others. However, unlike other proxy services, most of Lime Proxies reviewers have pointed out connection issues, inconsistent customer support, and bandwidth restrictions as areas of discontent. Hence, exploring alternatives might be beneficial for businesses.

This article delves into the top competitors of Lime Proxies and lists the possible downsides of the product based on its reviews and features.

Lime proxies features overview

Proxy TypeIP PoolFiltering levelStarting price*
Mobile2M+Country, city, and state-level$6
Rotating ISP40M+City-level$6
Dedicated Data Center200K+City-level$50
Shared Data Center200K+City-level$50

* Starting price refers to the unit cost of a proxy service in the smallest monthly package.

Top 9 Lime Proxies alternatives

VendorsNumber of ReviewsRatings*Employee sizeFree trialPay as you goProxy types ****
Lime Proxies742/53✖️6
Bright Data8264.7/58284
ASocks5454.9/5Not provided2
Infatica Global594.7/512✖️3
ProxyRack2244.3/5Not provided✖️3

Number of reviews are based on the total reviews on software review platforms and services such as TrustPilot, G2, and Capterra.

* Based on the average ratings on TrustPilot, G2, and Capterra.

** IPRoyal offers free trial only for company registrations.

*** SmartProxy offers pay as you go feature only for residential and mobile proxies.

**** Proxy types offered by each vendor

Lime Proxies: Residential, Mobile, Private, Datacenter, ISP, SOCKS5

Bright Data: Residential, Mobile, Datacenter, Private, ISP

SmartProxy: Residential, Mobile, Datacenter, ISP, Private

OXYLabs: Residential, Mobile, Datacenter, Private

NetNut: Static Residential, Rotating Residential, Mobile, Datacenter

ASocks: Residential, Mobile

Infatica Global: Residential, Mobile, Datacenter

IPRoyal: Static Residential, Rotating Residential, Datacenter, Sneaker

ProxyRack: Rotating Residential, Mobile, Datacenter

SOAX: Public, Shared, Private

Note: Lime Proxies, unlike larger proxy services, is not reviewed on B2B review platforms as of October 2023. Therefore, we relied on their reviews on a B2C review platforms (i.e. Trustpilot)

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Vendor selection criteria

Given the high number of vendors providing proxy services, we used transparent criteria to ensure objective evaluation of the proxy itself. Our focus was on metrics that are both public and can be easily validated either through the proxy vendors’ official websites or trusted third-party platforms. Thus, we centered our focus on companies with:

  • 50+ reviews on software review platforms such as TrustPilot, G2, and Capterra
  • At least 4.3 out of 5 star ratings on software review platforms

Overview of Lime Proxies Services

Lime Proxies’ proxy network consists of 6 different proxy types. 

1- Residential proxies

Residential proxies provide IP addresses that are associated with actual physical locations and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Businesses often use these proxies to conduct market research and analyze ads since they mimic real user behavior, reducing the risk of getting blocked or detected while accessing web data.

2- Private proxies

Private proxies offer dedicated IP addresses that are exclusively used by one user at a time. Companies choose private proxies for secure and anonymous browsing, as they provide a consistent and reliable connection, ensuring sensitive business activities remain confidential.

3- Datacenter proxies

Offers both private, aka dedicated proxy, datacenter and shared datacenter IPs

4- Internet Service Provider (ISP) proxies

ISP proxies are a hybrid between residential and datacenter proxies, offering the high-speed performance of datacenter proxies while providing the legitimacy of residential IP addresses. Companies use ISP proxies to carry out activities that require a balance between fast connection speeds and the need to appear as a genuine user, often for tasks like social media management, SEO monitoring, and ad verification.

5- SOCKS5 proxies

SOCKS5 proxies are an advanced type of proxy that supports both TCP and UDP protocols, as well as various types of internet traffic, including HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP. This versatility makes SOCKS5 proxies popular for tasks that require a high level of anonymity and security, such as P2P file sharing, bypassing internet censorship, and online gaming. 

6- Mobile proxies

Mobile proxies assign IP addresses from mobile carriers, making the user appear as if they are accessing the internet through a mobile device. Businesses leverage mobile proxies to test mobile advertisements, applications, and websites from different locations, ensuring a seamless user experience across mobile platforms.

Check out our article for a more comprehensive review of proxy types.

Lime Proxies evaluation

Lime Proxies operates as an independent company located in Singapore and delivers an array of proxy services suitable for individuals and businesses across the globe. They provide a selection of proxy alternatives, including residential, private, and mobile proxies, to accommodate the varied requirements of their users. Boasting over a thousand global subnets, they fulfill customer’s diverse hosting demands by providing comprehensive solutions.

Key features of Lime Proxies

  • Offers username and IP based authentication methods, allowing users to access proxy servers via traditional username and password credentials for simplicity and familiarity, or opt for IP-based authentication for streamlined access, though the latter method necessitates stringent IP security management.
  • Provides country, city- and state-level targeting.
  • Offers static and rotating IP sessions, and while static IP addresses remain constant over time, providing a consistent and reliable connection, rotating IP addresses change at regular intervals or each time a request is made, enhancing anonymity and reducing the risk of being blocked when scraping websites or accessing restricted content.
  • Supports HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5 protocols.


  • Some users state that the on-demand proxy refreshing feature helps avoid being blocked or flagged.

Source: TrustPilot1

  • Their 24/7 customer support helps resolve customer needs and requests fast.

Source: TrustPilot2

  • Lime Proxies supports the SOCKS protocol which is beneficial for handling diverse types of traffic​.
  • With residential IPs from all over the world and datacenter IPs from 40+ locations, Lime Proxies provides extensive geographic coverage​.
  • They offer a refund policy that users can get their money back within 3 days.


  • While the vendor advertises 24/7 support availability, some users have reported inconsistencies in the quality of customer support provided.

Source: TrustPilot3

  • There are connection issues while using the proxy service.

Source: TrustPilot4

  • Some users state that their proxies are not delivered despite paying in advance.

Source: TrustPilot5

  • Numerous users have expressed dissatisfaction with their refund policy, highlighting a lack of transparency in reimbursing payments.

Source: TrustPilot6

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