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The 7 Best Dedicated Proxy Services of 2024

The 7 Best Dedicated Proxy Services of 2024The 7 Best Dedicated Proxy Services of 2024

There are various proxy types, and the value they offer is not the same. Most businesses struggle to determine which proxy type fits their needs. One of these is the dedicated proxy, which is used by a particular user. This eliminates the risk of being detected and blocked by the target website.

To help you determine if a dedicated proxy is the best solution for your particular need, we have outlined the pros and cons of dedicated proxies. In addition, we analyzed the top dedicated proxy services, including their features and pricing plans.

Quick summary of the top dedicated proxies in 2024

VendorsStarting price (GB-mo)Free trialPAYG
Bright Data$6.307-day$8.4
Smartproxy$714-day money-back$8.5
IPRoyal$5.9524-hr refund$7

Starting price: The initial cost of the smallest package of residential proxies.

What is a dedicated proxy?

A dedicated proxy, also known as a private proxy, is a specific IP address used only by a single user. It is not shared or used by multiple users. Since no one else shares the same IP address, you have complete control over each activity. 

How does a dedicated/private proxy work? 

Dedicated proxies, like other proxy types, act on your behalf and make connection requests to the target website by hiding your real IP address. They act as an intermediary between you and the target website when you make connection requests. Similarly, when the website accepts your connection request, the private proxy receives your requested information from the website on your behalf. A typical dedicated proxy process consists of six steps:

  1. Client connects to the private proxy server. 
  2. Private proxy receives the connection request and assigns the client an IP address to mask their real IP address and sensitive information. 
  3. Private proxy forwards the request to the target website. 
  4. The target website or application responds to the connection request of the proxy server.  
  5. The response is forwarded to the client by the private proxy server. 
  6. Client gains access to the website using the IP address assigned by the private proxy server. The proxy server manages and forwards all incoming and outgoing traffic between the client and the website.

The best dedicated proxies of 2024: A feature-based comparison

1. Bright Data

Bright Data offers dedicated IPs in 195 countries, including residential, datacenter, ISP mobile proxies. You can manage your dedicated proxies through Bright Data’s proxy manager or API. They offer pay-as-you-go plan without a monthly commitment.


  • SOCKS5 Protocol with Proxy Manager: You can use SOCKS5 protocol with dedicated proxies via Bright Data’s proxy manager. It enables you to route your traffic through the proxy manager.
  • City, ASN and Zip code level targeting: Allows users to choose IP address associated with a particular city, zip code or ASN.
  • Extended session control: Maintains the same dedicated IP for an extended period of time.


  • Starting price for residential proxies: $6.3/GB
  • Free trial: 7-day trial

2. Smartproxy

Smartproxy provides 400K dedicated datacenter proxies from the US. They allow users to test 3 dedicated datacenter IPs for $7.5.


  • IP replacement option: Replaces the IP you are currently using with a new one.
  • Sequential and non-sequential IPs: Sequential IPs follow a consecutive order, like, Non-sequential IPs don’t follow a predictable numerical order.
  • SOCKS5 or HTTP(s) IPs: Support SOCKS5 and HTTPS protocols.
  • IP randomisation: Changes IPs at random intervals to reduce the risk of being detected and blocked by the target website.



  • Starting price: $1.80 / IP
  • Free trial: 7-day

3. Oxylabs

Oxylabs offers 2M+ dedicated datacenter proxy pools in 188 countries supported by HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols. Dedicated datacenter proxies support HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols. Dedicated datacenter proxies provide high performance and speed since you’re the only one using the proxy and their IPs are located in remote data centers.

  • Datacenter proxy API: Allows users to manage proxies and check offline IPs to ensure a high success rate.
  • Support IPv4 and IPv6 protocols: IPv4 and IPv6 are two types of Internet protocols that govern how data is transmitted over a network.
  • City and state-level selection: Enables users to choose a dedicated IP associated with a specific city.
  • Proxy rotation

4. Nimble

Nimble offers dedicated residential proxies with an automatic rotation of IP addresses as a default function. Additionally, if you need a stable IP for longer periods, you can activate a ‘sticky session’. During these sessions, the IP address remains unchanged until there is no activity for 10 minutes, after which it will rotate.


  • Geo-targeting: Enables proxy users to route their internet traffic via proxy servers located in countries, states, or cities.
  • Rotating and sticky IPs: Provides the functionality to switch IP addresses with every new request, and also allows for the retention of the same IP address for an extended time or throughout a session.
  • Auto-scaling infrastructure: Residential proxy pool dynamically expands or contracts its proxy count based on the demands of the ongoing project.


  • Starting price for residential proxies: $8/GB/mo
  • Free trial: 7-day

5. NetNut

NetNut offers dedicated IP pool with their proxy services including residential (rotating and static) and datacenter proxies.


  • Auto IP rotation: Enables users to change the IP address after a certain period of time or after per connection request.
  •  HTTP, HTTPS & SOCKS protocols: Supports HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols. You can route traffic through the proxy server.
  • IP-based and username/password authentication: With IP-based method, the provider provides access to the IP addresses on the whitelist. In the username/password technique, the user must enter a valid username and password to connect to the proxy server.


  • Starting price for datacenter proxies: $1/GB/mo
  • Free trial: 7-day

5. IPRoyal

IPRoyal offers private residential and datacenter proxies for personal and business purposes. Dedicated residential proxies use IP addresses that are assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISPs).


  • Rotating proxies: Offers automatic IP rotation for dedicated residential proxies.
  • City/state targeting: Allows you to choose a proxy IP that is located in the desired location.
  • HTTPS and SOCKS5 support


  • Starting price: $1.56 per proxy
  • Free trial: N/A

6. PrivateProxy

PrivateProxy is a proxy service providers that offers dedicated IPs for datacenter and residential proxies for web scraping and data harvesting purposes.


  • Sticky IP session: Allows users to maintain the IP for a certain time period (e.g., 10 minutes or 1 hour).


  • Starting price: $9/month (datacenter), $5/month (residential)
  • Free trial: 3 private proxies for free trial

Advantages and disadvantages of a dedicated proxy


  • Speed: Dedicated proxies are faster than shared proxies since they are not being used by multiple users at the same time.
  • Security: With shared proxies, you may have to concern about others engaging in unethical or illegal activities, as these actions could impact all users sharing the proxy. On the other hand, dedicated proxies allow you to retain control over the activities performed by the proxy server.
  • Less likely to be blocked: It is most likely to be detected and blocked when an IP address is shared simultaneously by multiple users.


  • Cost: Dedicated proxies are typically more expensive than shared proxies since there isn’t anyone else to shoulder the proxy cost.

When to use dedicated proxies

Here are some applications where dedicated proxies can be beneficial:

1. To access data on well protected websites

Most websites employ anti-scraping techniques to detect suspicious activity and prevent it from accessing and collecting website content. They track and analyze the activities and interactions of their visitors. When you visit a website, for example, your machine sends a connection request to the website. Websites can access your private data, such as location and IP address, if you do not use a proxy server or a VPN. A web server can distinguish between bots and humans based on their activities.  

Assume you are collecting a large amount of data from a website using a web scraping bot. You must send multiple requests to the website. The website can quickly determine whether you are an actual person or a bot based on the number of requests. With shared proxies, you are more likely to be identified as a bot and blacklisted by the website. Because you have no control over how and when the IP address is used,  it is easier to get blocked. A dedicated proxy allows the user complete control over all IP address activity. 

2. To bypass bandwidth throttling 

When you make connection requests using an IP address that multiple users share, your internet connection will slow down. If your action requires unlimited bandwidth (the amount of data transferred between your machine and the internet), you should use a private proxy server rather than a shared proxy. 

Bandwidth is a tunnel that transfers data from the internet to the user. Assume you want to be able to view content from a website. Every piece of content on the website, such as a gif, image, or video, has a different size. Consider using a shared proxy server to connect a website to multiple users simultaneously. You must share bandwidth with other users when using a shared proxy server. Data transfer and browsing speed are slowed by shared bandwidth. You will be throttled if a large amount of data passes through the bandwidth at the same time.  You must stay under your bandwidth limit. However, it is not easy with a shared proxy since you cannot take control of each activity. Private proxies offer unlimited bandwidth and do not require you to share it with anyone. If you work with a large amount of data and are concerned about speed private proxies are the best option. 

3. To rotate IP address 

Dedicated proxies or private proxies do not rotate IP addresses; instead, they use static IP addresses. Static proxy servers include datacenter and ISP proxies, which do not change clients’ IP addresses. Your IP address will remain the same for all connection requests. 

If you need to change your IP address, a private proxy server is a wrong and expensive option for your case. Use a residential, mobile, or backconnect proxy server if you need to change your IP address every time you connect to a website. They constantly rotate IP addresses for each connection request.

4. To collect a massive amount of data 

If you target to collect a large amount of data, let’s say you are a company in the travel industry, and want to analyze your competitors. You must extract dozens of travel data from websites such as Tripadvisor,, etc. If you make multiple requests frequently to the same website without changing your IP address, the website will identify you as a bot and block your IP address. 

Thus, You need to use a rotating proxy server such as a residential or mobile proxy. Private proxies use static IP addresses. A private proxy server will forward your connection requests to the website without rotating your IP address.

Read our comprehensive guide to rotating proxies vs. static proxies for more information on the differences between the two.

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