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Top 3 Competitors & Alternatives in 2024

Cem Dilmegani
Updated on Feb 5
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Top 3 Competitors & Alternatives in 2024Top 3 Competitors & Alternatives in 2024

A McKinsey survey found that 65% of marketing managers consider conversational AI-powered self-service customer care a major factor in the decline in call center volume.1 To enhance a company’s omnichannel capabilities, managers also intend to invest in conversational AI solutions like chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) (see Figure 1).

Despite the benefits of chatbots, it might be difficult to identify a chatbot company that is right for your business because each has unique strengths and shortcomings and there are hundreds of chatbot companies.

According to our analysis, is has some drawbacks. Therefore, before working with the company, we suggest potential users to thoroughly evaluate and look into any alternatives that might be a better fit for their company. In this article, we introduce the top 3 competitors using verified user feedback to help managers identify a good alternative. experience optimization (EO) platform review experience optimization (EO) platform is a conversational AI platform that offers automated customer engagement services for sales and marketing teams. Thus, while augmenting companies’ workforce, the platform also improves customer satisfaction produces chatbots, and virtual assistants for firms that operate in a variety of industries such as: Insurance, e-commerce, hospitality etc. Also, can deploy chatbots on variety of platforms such as:

  • Messaging apps such as:
  • Social apps like Instagram
  • Mobile apps of companies
  • Websites of companies
  • Email
  • SMS etc.

User Ratings achieves following ratings:

  • Capterra: 4.6/5

Pricing offers usage-based pricing options which are:2

  1. Request-based pricing: Each message sent or received by the customer is regarded as a request, and the basic packet costs $0.01 per message. should be contacted to discuss pricing for special plans.
  2. Session based pricing: Regardless of how many messages are sent or received, each 15-minute bundle counts as one session. Once more, is using a customized pricing structure. You should thus talk to them about it.
  3. Free demo: You can ask for a free demo of their conversational AI platform.

Cons of working with


  • Quality of translation function: Customer feedback suggests that the bots’ automatic translation feature is buggy, which might be troublesome for companies who serve clients worldwide. Customer experience may suffer from a lack of translation (see Figure 2).
  • Documentation and Guidance: Some users complain that there is not enough general material on chatbot use cases and best practices (see Figure 2).
  • Roll back to the earlier bot version: Versioning bots might be advantageous for businesses because experiment outcomes can be favorable or unfavorable. Customers have complained that the platform does not let users go back to a previous version of the bot.

Figure 2: A client evaluation of the experience optimization (EO) platform.

Image shows a verified user comment regarding's conversational AI platform.

Top 2 competitors

When we evaluate companies’ websites for their product and case studies and verified user evaluations we come up with following 3 alternatives:

  1. IBM Watson Assistant

Note that sorting is based on alphabetic order. 

IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant is another alternative that managers can consider to collaborate for automating customer conversations. As like and its other competitors, IBM Watson Assistant can be deployed on various digital channels and integrate with CRM systems.

User Ratings

IBM Watson Assistant achieves following ratings:

  • AIMultiple: 4.4/5
  • Capterra: 4/5


According to Capterra, the basic model of IBM Watson Assistant costs $140 per month. The price of a conversational AI tool rises in proportion to how many features a user requests. IBM also offers the free trial of IBM Watson Assistant.

Pros of working with IBM

  • 1. Versatility of conversational AI solutions: The IBM Conversational AI platform makes it simple to implement voice assistants over phone calls and simple chat assistants on websites, according to verified users’ remarks. Additionally, the platform connects well with many other IBM products (see Figure 7).

Figure 7: An example of verified user comment regarding IBM Watson Orchestrate.

User suggests that IBM is a great chatbot builder.
  • 2. Well prepared documentation: Users note that the product’s thorough documentation makes it simple to comprehend what must be done in order to deploy a chatbot.

Figure 8: A verified user comment regarding ease of use and deployment of IBM chatbot.

User comments suggest that it is easy to use IBM chatbots. Thus, it is an appropriate software for small businesses.

Cons of working with IBM

Figure 9 illustrates drawbacks of IBM conversational AI platform.

Source6 conversational AI platform is another one of the top alternatives to Similar to other companies, produces virtual agents and intelligent bots that enhance customer experience.  As like other companies engagement cloud provides an omnichannel platform for clients.

User Ratings conversational AI platform achieves following ratings:

  • Capterra: 4.5/5


The pricing policy of is not disclosed by either or outside sources. does, however, provide a free trial of their product.

Pros and cons of working with

Image 10 shows general pros and cons of


Further readings

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Transparency Statement:AIMultiple collaborates with many technology vendors including Haptik and IBM.

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