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20 AP Automation Case Studies: Analysis of Benefits & Use Cases

AP automation (or accounts payable automation) is automating and streamlining  the management of companies’ payment cycles, allowing them to save time, money, and resources. 

A research company estimates that AP automation could help companies:1

  • Lower per invoice costs  by 80% 
  • Decrease invoices’ DSO (daily sales outstanding) by 50%
  • Quicken  the invoice process by 75%

What are the benefits of AP Automation?

We collected 20 case studies and looked at their business benefits. The most common project outcomes of AP automation are the following: 

  1. Increased Efficiency of Financial Operations: 

AP automation increases speed and accuracy in invoice processing. This allows companies to execute their financial operations, such as invoice validation or payment release, with minimal human involvement and errors, often associated with manual entries and paper-based processes. 

  1. Faster Payments & Improved Cash Flow: 

Companies can get a clear picture of their cash flows when they automate invoice payments. That’s because they can keep track of when their payments are due. Also, because automated payments make payments on time, companies can keep up with their contractual obligations and get discounts for paying early.  

  1. Scalability & Reduced Processing Time: 

Automating the invoice process reduces each invoice’s processing time and enables processing scalability. This saves businesses valuable resources that can be spent better elsewhere, such as accountants trying to identify fraudulent invoices, or duplicate payments and allows them to expand their operations without worrying about increasing the size of the AP teams. 

  1. Improved Accuracy:

Automation minimizes manual data entry errors  in paper-based and manual processing. This increases the accuracy of financial operations. In addition, all transactions can be securely stored and monitored 24/7 in one central location, with minimal  intervention . This ensures that all transactions are managed correctly, with no discrepancies or surprises in the financial close season. 

  1. Enhanced Visibility & Reporting Capabilities: 

Invoice automation enhances  visibility into an organization’s financial operations through visible dashboards, real-time internal controls and notifications, and periodic reports and analytics. This provides businesses a real-time view of their accounts payable process , enabling them to quickly adjust strategies if needed. 

  1. Supplier Cost Savings: 

The most significant benefit of automating accounts payable processes is cost savings. AP automation increases your business’ operational efficiency and financial stability with:

  • Improved accuracy through reduced errors such as duplicate payments
  • Improved vendor relations due to faster payments 
  • Improved visibility resulting in better allocation decisions

What are some case studies of AP Automation? 

To illustrate the benefits of AP automation, we gathered 20 case studies that will showcase various use cases, business functions and benefits for companies:

CustomerCountryIndustryBusiness FunctionVendorSolutionUse caseBenefitsBenefits DetailsShort SummaryPartner
Angel TrainsUKRailwayAccountingARCivateMi Invoices- Document management
- AP automation
- Reduced human errors
- Saved time
- Resolved issues with VAT invoices - Enhanced accountancy work - Adapted GUI to any language
The processing of supplier invoices are automated.Claremont
Ascend PropertiesUKProperty ManagementAccountingNanonetsInvoice OCR- AP automation
- Reduced operational costs - Enhanced approval workflow - Contibuted business' growth
- Saved processing costs by 80% - Growth in properties managed from 2,000 to 10,000
- Used for training the AI to extract required information from invoices, checking to make sure all fields are accurately supplied and meet expectations.
Blue StarIndiaManufacturingAccountingDatamaticsTruBotAP automation - Saved time
- Increased demand
- Improved invoice processing time by 33% - Enhanced efficiency by 70% - Increased payment requests by 98%
Used for improving efficiency of AP operations.NA
CapitaUKBPO ServicesAccountingKofaxKofax ReadSoft Invoices- Document management
- P2P automation
- Reduced operational costs
- Saved time
- Redcuced costs per-invoice by almost 80% - Saved £1 million pounds annually by decreasing office staff by 50% - Boosted invoice process by almost half a million with the new system integration - Increased payment on-time - Enhanced reputation
Used AP automation to classify, sort and distribute incoming documents.NA
ColasFranceCivil EngineeringAccountingItesoftFreeMind for InvoicesAP automation - Saved time
- Reduced operational costs
- Enhanced visibility
- Enhanced visibility of the AP process - Reduced paper and storage costs - Improved supplier service
Used for total automation of manual process.NA
Cypress CreekUSRenewable Energy ManufacturingAccountingRillionInvoice Capture, Invoice
Processing, PO Matching, Archive & Audit Trail
AP automation - Saved time
- Enhanced accuracy
- Reduced operational costs
- Improved accuracy rate of vendor invoices by 98% - Provided vendor invoices to purchase orders
Used for invoice data capture automatedNA
Domino PrintingUKManufacturingAccountingARCivateMi Invoices- Document management
- AP automation
- Saved time
- Improved customer service
- Improved document capture and OCR functuality - Enhanced implementation speed
Used AP automation to manage their financial reporting and budgetging.NA
KEW ElectricalUKElectrical DistributionAccountingCanonCanon P2PAP automation
- Reduced operational costs - Improved visibility - Enhanced fraud protection
- Enhanced control over cashflow and spending - The rate of fraud and duplicated payment are decreased
AP automation for increased invoice visibility, compliance and higher productivity.NA
Land Securities Group (Landsec)UKReal EstateAccountingRossumRossum AI- AP automation- Saved time
- Reduced manual workload
- Improved productivity
- Saved up to 92% time on manual data capture and validation
- Used for connecting Landsec's workflow and ICE, a proprietary app, to the AI engine and validation screen. - Used for capturing the data from the remittance advice, and matching it to Landsec’s bank statement data
LidlGermanyRetailAccountingItesoftItesoft Streamline for InvoicesAP automation- Enhanced security
- Improved compliance
- Over 70% of invoices processed without human intervention - Fully secure and encrypted process - Increased copmliance by automating 75% of invoices - Increased invoice reading rate of over 95%
Used for automated data reading and controlNA
Mitsubishi ElectricJapanElectronicsAccountingItesoft | W4 FreeMind for InvoicesAP automation
- Reduced operational costs - Saved time - Reduced human error
- Increased speed of coding and approval - Improved flexibility of locating documents - Invoices are processed automatically by 90%
Used for invoice automation with seamless SAP integration.NA
Molson CoorsCanadaRetail/ CPGAccountingRossumRossum IDP- AP automation- Saved time
- Improved accuracy rate
- 76% saved time per document - Reduced approval time to 17 seconds per document - Reduced the processing time( from purchase to deployment) to 3 days - Enhanced accuracy rate by 90%
- Blue Prism robots directs invoices to Rossum - Rossum's AI imports and collects invoice data upon receipt. - Rossum delivers high-confidence data back to the robot, which matches purchase orders with extracted data. - The Blue Prism robot stores results in SAP.
Blue Prism & EY
Network RailUKRail infrastructure and asset managementAccountingItesoftSWIM (scanning, workflow, invoice
Finance Automation
- Reduced operational costs - Saved time - Enhanced invoice analysis
- Reduced processing costs by 60% - Processing time decreased by 90% - Reduced operating costs by downsizing AP team from 20 to 14 and procurment staff from 10 to 4 - Provided better analysis with invoice matching automation by 82%
Used for a more integrated and automated approach to financeNA
Oxford Health NHS Foundation
UKHealthcareAccountingItesoftItesoft Streamline for InvoicesAP automation- Increased productivty
- Reduced operational costs
- Saved time
- Reduced costs while doubling invoice volumes - Increased staff productivity by 78% - Improved data quality by 80% - Saved time is equivalent to 16 full-time employees in a year - Benefited from supplier discounts thanks to early payments
Used for invoice automation.NA
SchrodersUKInvestment ManagementAccountingARCivateMi Invoices- Document management
- AP automation
- Reduced operational costs
- Saved time
- Cost savings by more than a 300% - Improved efficiencies with 'No PO No Pay' policy - Increased payment rate by 90% in a month - Reduced average processing time from 10 to 3 days - Enhanced data-extraction and OCR recognition with 100% language capability - Allowed for flexible and remote access by ceating a centralised hub - Support for localised payment formats
Used for invoice management and improving data extractionNA
TacalaUSFranchisingAccountingRillionInvoice Processing, Contracts (Recurring Invoices) and DocumentsAP automation
- Enhanced approval workflow - Reduced human error - Reduced operational costs - Saved time
- Improved invoice validation rate by 98% - Decreased the cost arising from duplicate invoices - Improved audit trail and reporting
AP automation for easier management of bills and other recurring services of various locations
TapiNew ZealandProperty ManagementAccountingNanonetsInvoice OCR- AP automation- Reduced operational costs
- Saved time
- Costs are reduced to down 70% - Validation time is reduced to 12 seconds per invoice - The correction rate of information is improved by 94%
- Used to extract data from invoices, verify to see if it matched expectations.
The Master Trust Bank of Japan (MTBJ)JapanFinanceAccounting RossumMachine learning OCR- Document management
- AP automation
- Reduced workload
- Improved productivity
- Reduced error rate
- The manual workload is reduced by 75%. - Document validation per document time is reduced to 50 seconds. 
- Rossum trained an extraction model to automate account statement processing with its specialized AI engine - Used machine learning OCR to speed work and eliminate manual workload.
TransMontaigneUSEnergy TransportationAccountingKofaxKofax ReadSoft InvoicesAP automation
- Reduced operational costs - Saved time - Enhanced approval workflow - Reduced human error
- Reduced average cost of transaction by almost 80% - Saved $1 million in monthly accurals - Decreased duplicate payments by 90% - Lowered error rate by 43%
Used AP automation for improving invoice visibility, cutting invoice processing times and reducing costs.

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