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15 Fraud Detection Software: Comprehensive List [2024 Update]

We have written extensively about fraud detection before. If you believe that your company needs a leading edge fraud detection solution, we list the major fraud detection vendors below.

Fraud Detection Companies Ecosystem

Tech giants

Tech giants like Experian are providing end-to-end fraud detection solutions. They have the advantage of having a large sales force and long term relationship with their customers and they have significant budgets to create competent solutions

AI Startups

Since 2000s startups are tackling various aspects of fraud. The first area of focus was to serve merchants which are easy to sell to as they are smaller e-commerce businesses. Later, with increased commercialization of AI, AI vendors started selling to merchants, acquirers and banks.

List of Fraud Detection Companies

CompanyFounded inNumber of employeesMerchants servedAcquirers servedBanks served
Services provided:
Model acceleration
Feature Space2008101-250TRUETRUE
(e.g. Lloyds Banking Group)
(Their analytics suite has been used for fraud detection)
Sift Science2011101-250TRUE
Services provided:
Fraud detection
ATM security
Software AG19694,700TRUE TRUETRUE
SAS Institute197614,000TRUETRUETRUE

This is possibly an incomplete list in an emerging field; feel free to suggest other vendors in comments.

For more on fraud detection

We have data-driven lists of fraud detection software and fraud protection software vendors that you can sort through.

And we will help you choose the best one tailored to your needs:

Find the Right Vendors
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Sep 01, 2018 at 13:09

Great Blog! Thank you for sharing the 15 Fraud Detection Software. All the enlist information below are really informative!

Kunal S
Jul 11, 2018 at 22:06

I think you’re missing Bolt on this list ( Bolt does fraud detection for ecommerce sellers – a lot of their case studies have people switching over from Signifyd, Riskified, Kount etc.

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