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53 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools: Comprehensive Guide [2024]

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of improving conversions of a website. There can be multiple barriers that cause users to leave the website before reaching a conversion point and CRO tools help businesses identify and fix those issues by applying various best practices. Overall, conversion rate optimization involves collecting data about visitors’ preferences for adjusting your website to achieve more conversions with the same traffic.

In our previous article, we explained conversion rate optimization, including best practices, techniques, and examples. Now, we’ll highlight all conversion rate tools you can leverage to increase sales. We breakdown tools into four segments which are testing, market research& customer feedback, analytics, and full suite solutions.

Testing tools

The vendor landscape for testing tools can be examined in two categories:

  • Semi-autonomous testing tools (also called personalization platforms): Users define the variables (e.g. shopping cart size, color) to be optimized. Using individual preferences, these tools try various combinations of these variables and optimize for conversions. The important difference between these and regular testing tools is that tests do not need to be explicitly defined. Most these tools are also capable of running tests defined by the user.
  • A/B testing and multivariate testing tools allow users to formulate tests. They then present these tests (i.e. website variations) to the website’s audience. These tools help businesses identify which variation converts most. They can also work on specific segments rather than the full population of website visitors.
  • Usability testing tools enable businesses to evaluate their website by testing it on users. In usability testing, a researcher (called a “facilitator” or a “moderator”) asks a participant to perform tasks on the website to check if all functionalities work.

Below are all testing tools you can use for conversion rate optimization. Feel free to check out our conversion optimization tool list for a sortable, filterable, constantly updated version of the tables below.

Semi-autonomous testing tools

ToolsPricing (if available on website)Is free trial available?Additional notes
TUP Solutions$800-$8000/monthYes
Uses users' cookies, on-screen, weather, news, and demographic data to feed machine learning model which identifies best variation for the user segment, then tests it.
ConductricsContact vendor for pricingNo
ML algorithms help identify variations to test, then uses A/B and multivariate testing methods to learn which works best for whom.

A/B testing & multivariate testing

ToolsPricing (if available on website)Is free trial available?Additional Notes
AB TastyPrice is customized based on your traffic and industryYes
Along with A/B testing, AB Tasty also offers UX analytics via heat maps and screen recordings
Adobe Target
Price is customized based on product features and the volume of digital properties
NoEnables A/B and multivariate tests for website & email optimization$14-$149/monthYesEnables A/B testing with full Google Analytics integration
Convert Experiences$699-$1,899/monthYes
Effective ExperimentsContact vendor for pricingYes
Along with A/B testing, it is also a workflow platform to help CRO teams collaborate
OptimizelyContact vendor for pricingNo
Enables A/B, multiple page, and multivariate tests across all devices and platforms
SiteSpectContact vendor for pricingYesSiteSpect also provides site speed improvements

Usability testing

Tool NamePricing (per month)Is free trial available?Additional Notes
-can capture, save, and share screenshots of web pages in all browsers. -has browser extension
BrowserStack$29-$39YesTests website in all browsers
$53 version is limited with 3 tests/month and 10 participants /user test
ScreenFly by Blue TreeFree-Enables to test the website at different resolutions
TryMyUI$99 -$2000Yes
Enables remote testing, concept mapping, wireframe testing, impression testing, demographic curation
UsabilityHubFreemium or $199-
WebPageTestFree-Runs a free website speed test from multiple locations

Market research & Customer feedback

This is the oldest conversion rate optimization trick in the book. Even before webpages existed, businesses conducted surveys and captured customer feedback to identify what their customers expected from them and how they could meet customers’ expectations to improve conversions.

With the rise of digital communication, a plethora of market research tools became available for brands. Some examples are:

  • on-site polling tools that mostly display a pop out screen to enable visitors to rate the service
  • survey creation tools that help with creating surveys by mostly drag & drop interfaces
  • tools that find survey participants for businesses
Tool NamePricing (per month)Is free trial available?Notes
Finds the right participants for your in-person and remote UX research, online exercises and surveys
Google FormsFree for personal use or $6-$18-Enables to create surveys
Enables to create interactive content such as quizzes, calculators, polls, forms & surveys
Pricing is based on number of number of visitors who were shown at least one survey
YesEnables on-page polls
QualtricsContact vendor for pricingYes
Create and test surveys in real time and collaborate effortlessly with drag and drop interface
Survey Monkey$10-$25 per userNoEnables to create surveys
SurveySparrow$149-$449YesEnables to create any type of survey including on-page polls
Created surveys can be integrated with Slack, Zapier, Google Sheets, Airtable, Mailchimp and Google Analytics


Analytics is the analysis of data to uncover actionable insights. However, analytics vendors differentiate based on data that is analyzed. In CRO, these are the analytics tools by the type of data they process:

  • Web analytics to analyze common web site metrics
  • Customer behavior analytics (also called customer experience analytics or user experience analytics) to segment customers and provide personalized messaging
  • Funnel analytics to understand areas where people abandon a process on your website such as checking out or creating an account.
  • Form analytics: These are similar to funnel analytics, but they focus on identifying how forms can be improved. For example, they can help identify common points where users leave forms.
Tool NamePricing (per month)Is free trial available?Type of AnalyticsAdditional Notes
Adobe AnalyticsContact vendor for pricingNoWeb Analytics
AmplitudeContact vendor for pricingYesProduct AnalyticsFree Version is more like web analytics rather product analytics
ClicktaleContact vendor for pricingNoCustomer Behavior Analytics
Identifies positive and negative experiences, visitor loyalty levels, friction, conversion vs. struggle paths, lead quality, cues signaling fraud indicators
ClickyFree up to one website
For more: $9.99-$19.99
YesWeb Analytics
Clicky is similar to Google Analytics with additional heat maps feature
Decibel InsightsContact vendor for pricingNoCustomer Behavior Analytics
Uses AI to provide Digital Experience Score for every sessions to identify issues impacting conversion and engagement
Google Analytics 360$12,500YesWeb Analytics
Free version, Google Analytics, can provide enough insight to guide marketing.
Google PageSpeed InsightsFree-Web Analytics
Provides performance metrics of your website and insights on how to speed up your site
HeapFreemium version or $1000YesProduct Analytics
Automates capturing all user interactions on website rather than manual tracking
InMomentContact vendor for pricingNoCustomer Behavior Analytics
Kissmetrics$299-$499NoProduct Analytics
Enables to track unique events and segment who the users are and what each user is doing.
Leadformly$37-$749YesForm Analytics
Provides form templates and performs form analytics & A/B testing to increase conversions
€0 if hosted on your servers €29 if hosted on Matomo server
YesWeb AnalyticsAlternative to Google Analytics
Free until 100K monthly tracked users. For more tracked users: $17
-Product Analytics
Pingdom Website Speed Test$10YesWeb Analytics
Enables page speed monitoring, user experience monitoring and provides user behavior metrics
PiwikContact vendor for pricingNoWeb AnalyticsAlternative to Google Analytics
SimilarWeb$199Yes (Only 24h)Web Analytics
Provides information on clients' and competitors' website traffic volumes, referral sources which include keyword analysis and demographics, and website "stickiness"
WebEngageContact vendor for pricingNoFunnel Analytics
Analyzes actions in funnel, segments users and personalizes communication with users
WoopraFreemium or $99YesFunnel Analytics & Product Analytics
*Analyzes people and how they interact with the product **Free version is limited to 500K Actions and integrates with less tools
Zuko£100-£500YesForm Analytics
Free trial involves 1000 visits and there is no time limit.

Full suite solutions

These solutions cover two or more categories that are listed above. Full suite solutions commonly involve  heatmaps, screen recording, and analytics dashboards.

Tool NamePricingIs free trial available?Features
ChartbeatContact vendor for pricingNoEnables funnel analytics and A/B testing
CrazyEgg$24-$249YesA/B testing
Heat maps
Screen recordings
Hotjar€99-€389YesProvides heatmaps, screen recording, on page polling and instant feedback
HubSpot$45-$3,200YesAll-in-one marketing suite
InspectletFree or $39-$499Yes
Enables session recording, A/B testing, heatmaps, form analytics and error logging
Lucky Orange$10-$100Yes
Enables web analytics, funnel analytics, screen recordings, heatmaps, live chat, form analytics and survey data collection
MouseflowFreemium or $24-$299Yes
Enables funnel analytics, screen recordings, heatmaps, form analytics and feedback systems
Optinmonster$9 -$49NoProvides high-performing templates, personalized messages and A/B testing
SessionCamContact vendor for pricingYes
Enables session replays,heatmaps, funnel analytics, form analytics, customer behaviors analytics, error and struggle detention
Pricing depends on product you choose. Min Prices for -VWO TESTING: $199 -VWO INSIGHTS: $169 -VWO ENGAGE: $99
YesAll-in-one marketing suite

If you still have questions on conversion rate optimization, feel free to download our in-depth whitepaper on the topic:

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And if you want to learn more about CRO vendors, feel free to check out vendor list on or contact us:

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