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In-depth TaskUS Review in 2024 With Top 3 Alternatives

In-depth TaskUS Review in 2024 With Top 3 AlternativesIn-depth TaskUS Review in 2024 With Top 3 Alternatives

With the increasing adoption of AI-powered solutions, businesses and developers are relying on data crowdsourcing services to source relevant training data on demand. TaskUS is one such AI data service provider that operates through a crowdsourcing platform. In this article, we offer a detailed TaskUS review and analysis based on user reviews, focusing on its AI data services.

If you’re only interested in TaskUS’s alternatives, we offer comparison tables for 2 types of readers; select yours to see information that is relevant to you:

Table 1. TaskUS alternatives comparison (for Taskers)

CompaniesWorker ratings
(out of 5)*
of reviews*
Amazon Mechanical Turk257Weekly


  • Workers can use the links in the table to reach the sign-up pages of each alternative and TaskUS.
  • The companies are ranked based on the number of reviews.
  • * Worker ratings data gathered from Trustpilot since it has mostly worker reviews rather than customer reviews.
  • ** Data gathered from analyzing worker reviews. In some cases, workers reported payment delays.

Table 2. TaskUS alternatives comparison (For potential customers)

CompaniesUser ratings
out of 5 (Avg)*
Number of
ISO 27001
Code of
Amazon Mechanical Turk428N/A


  • * The data was gathered from B2B review platforms such as G2, TrustRadius, Capterra, and Gartner.
  • Companies with 15 plus total reviews are included.
  • The comparison is based on publicly available and verifiable data
  • The companies are ranked based on the number of reviews.
  • A company is considered to follow a code of conduct if it has a code of conduct page on its website.

TaskUS analysis based on customer reviews

A line graph showing the global google trends for the TaskUS review.

TaskUS is an outsourcing company headquartered in Texas, USA. The company claims to offer scalable AI data services through a crowdsourcing platform. TaskUS’s AI services also include data annotation services aimed at training and developing machine learning models for different applications.

In addition to its AI data services, TaskUS also claims to offer other services, including customer experience management, content security, and consulting services, aiming to enhance operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction for its clients.

Pros and cons of TaskUS (For potential customers)

This section highlights some pros and cons of working with TaskUS as a customer based on an in-depth analysis of customer reviews from B2B review platforms like G2 and Gartner.


1. Positive customer support: An analysis of customer reviews identified that TaskUS’s customer support is positive.efn_note]Customer reviews. G2. Accessed: 26/January/2024.[/efn_note]

2. Data annotation offered: The company offers data annotation as a service, which is a beneficial supplementary offering for AI data service providers..efn_note]TaskSU AI services. Accessed: 26/January/2024.[/efn_note]


1. AI services focus: While the company has received numerous reviews for its BPO and customer experience services, we found no customer feedback on its AI data collection or annotation services. This suggests that AI services are neither the primary focus nor a popular offering of TaskUS.

2. Smaller crowd size: Having a large and diverse network of workers is an important factor for businesses operating with a crowdsourcing model. TaskUS has a significantly smaller crowd size compared to its competitors.

Figure 1. Crowd size comparison of TaskUS and its alternatives

A bar graph providing a comparison of the crowd sizes for TaskUS review. Clickworker has the largest followef by Appen, MTurk and TaskUS has the smaller.

Detailed alternatives comparison (For potential customers)

Our analysis identified some drawbacks of working with TaskUS for AI data services that might lead potential customers to seek its alternatives. Here are the top 3 most suitable alternatives of TaskUS.

1. Clickworker

Clickworker is a suitable alternative to TaskUS since it offers various AI services and data solutions through a crowdsourcing platform. The company distributes its projects to its global network of over 6 million workers.

Here is a list of Clickworker’s data solutions:

  • Datasets collected and generated by humans
  • Image & video datasets in different formats and specifications.
  • Audio and speech datasets in multiple languages and dialects.
  • Text datasets
  • Data annotation services
  • Research/survey data collection
  • Reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) services for AI development

Pros and cons of working with Clickworker:

  • A customer provided feedback on Clickworker’s AI services, specifically praising the dependability and effectiveness of its network of workers.1
The image is a customer review regarding crowd reliability and AI data services of Clickworker, which is a TaskUS alternative.
  • A customer review regarding Clickworker’s data annotation services and its prices.2
The image is a customer review regarding data annotation and prices of Clickworker, which is a TaskUS alternative.

2. Appen

Appen is another alternative to TaskUS and a popular name in the AI data service space. Its offerings include:

  • Data collection & generation of different data types (image, video, text, audio, speech)
  • Data annotation
  • Data validation

Pros and cons of working with Appen

  • Despite its popularity, recent news has highlighted that Appen’s performance is in decline as the company loses customers and goes through financial losses.3
  • One of the major clients that Appen recently lost is Google.4
  • A customer review regarding Appen’s customer support, pricing, data quality, and platform.5
The image is a customer review regarding Customer support, pricing, and data quality of Appen, which is a TaskUS alternative.

3. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

Amazon Mechanical Turk, or MTurk, is also a popular alternative for TaskUS, offering AI services through a marketplace and a crowdsourcing model.

Here is a list of their offerings:

  • AI data collection and generation of different data types
  • Data annotation and labeling
  • Market research & surveys
  • Academic research
  • Other data services

Pros and cons of working with Amazon Mechanical Turk

  • Customers identified that most workers on MTurk’s platform are not fluent English speakers. This can cause issues for clients who require human-generated speech or text data in English.6
The image is a screenshot of a customer review regarding Customer of MTurk, which is a Taskus alternative.
  • A customer found its data collection service to be efficient. However, various customers found the quality of the work done by the workers to be low.7.
The image is a screenshot of a customer review regarding Customer of MTurk, which is a TaskUS alternative.

Learn about Amazon Mechanical Turk alternatives here.

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