No code RPA (also called low code RPA when a limited amount of coding is required) is an emerging technology but there are already strong companies with commercial space emerging in this space. We see 2 major types of vendors in the space:

  • 1st generation RPA companies expanding their offering with low/no code solutions
  • 2nd generation RPA companies offering only no code solutions

1st generation RPA companies

While one of the largest RPA companies like Automation Anywhere still does not have a UX programming option, Unicorns like UiPath and BluePrism have been touting the effectiveness of their UX platforms since the last couple years. Though their UX has been growing in capability, we hear from implementation partners that most solutions are too complex to be built solely using the UX. Consultants inevitably end up relying on code to program the complex parts of RPA software.

No code RPA companies

Though these are not unicorns yet, this field is likely to generate unicorns. The claim to fame of these companies is that even complicated RPA programs can be completed with no coding. Though this is difficult to confirm via demos, their Fortune 500 clients show that their solution is competitive against the solutions of more established RPA companies.

Since these companies had a chance to reimagine RPA while working with clients that already knew of the 1st generation of RPA companies, their solutions tend to cover some of the other blind spots of RPA companies. One example is iOS support.

We were contacted by a US unicorn that wanted to choose an RPA solution for its finance related processes. The issue was that team lead who wanted to carry out the programming was operating a Mac. Mac support stopped most major RPA vendors in their tracks. It’s was to understand why, RPA vendors want to first tackle the largest segment of the market: Windows. However, this naturally creates opportunities for new companies trying to grow in the RPA space.

On top of their focus on user interface, these companies are also relying on leading edge features of RPA to make their platforms stronger. For example, Argos Labs is launching an RPA marketplace which further simplifies RPA programming. Feel free to read our article on RPA marketplaces and reusable RPA plugins/bots to learn more.

List of no code / low code RPA companies

CompanyBased inCurrent tractionGeo coverageMarketplace
Argos LabsUnited States40+ clients listed (including numerous Fortune 500)GlobalTo be launched in 2019
NTT-AT WinActorJapanStrong presence in Japan but we were not able to reach their customer listJapan
Option3India5 case studies listed on website (customer names not shared)Global

No code RPA is still quite an emerging industry and it is difficult to name a player as an absolute winner. However, we would definitely encourage you to work with a broad set of companies for the proof of concept to understand the advantages and limitations of the tools first hand. And no code RPA companies should definitely be part of your short list for the PoC

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