Analytics vendors and non-technical employess are democratizing data science. Organizations are looking at every employee as a data scientist so that they can bring their expertise on a business problem.

Most industry analysts are highlighting the increased role of citizen data scientists in organizations:

  • IDC big data analytics and AI research director Chwee Kan Chua mentions in an interview: “Lowering the barriers to allow even non-technical business users to be ‘data scientists’ is a great approach.”
  • According to Gartner, data scientists create models that use advanced diagnostic/predictive/prescriptive  analytics. Their primary job function is outside the field of statistics and analytics.

Why are there more citizen data scientists now?

These trends support democratization of analytics:

What are the tools used by citizen data scientists?

Citizen data scientists first need to access business data from various systems. For example, is a self-service data reporting tool which allows employees to pull data from various databases for easy analysis and automated reporting. We have listed and other solutions for reporting.

Next, citizen data scientists need to analyze this data using diagnostics/predictive and prescriptive analytics tools. Feel free to browse our comprehensive, sortable list of business intelligence tools which enable non-technical personnel to run analytics on their company’s data.

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