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An In-Depth Look at Oxylabs' Proxies in 2024

Gulbahar Karatas
Updated on Jan 2
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If you intend to extract data from the internet, you are going to have to use proxy servers to access and extract data on a large scale. Scraping data from the web using your own home IP address poses several challenges including IP blocking, no geo targeting and privacy concerns. Proxies enable web scraping tools to make a connection request to the target web server to access and extract data while masking their actual IP addresses. 

Oxylabs is one of the leading proxy service providers, offering various types of proxy solutions for data collection activities.  This article will provide an analysis of Oxylabs’ proxy services, including an overview of their main features and a breakdown of their pricing models.

Oxylabs overview

Oxylabs initiated its journey in the proxy domain with datacenter proxies before expanding into other varieties such as residential proxies, along with developing web scraping solutions like APIs. They have four types of proxies: residential, datacenter, mobile and ISP (static residential proxies). 

Oxylabs proxy network features & capabilities

ProductsPay as you goSmallest package/GBLargest package/GBProxy pool
Shared datacenter$0.65 – 77GB$0.5 – 600GB20K
Dedicated datacenter$2.5 – 20 IPsCustom price – 500+ IPs2M
Residential$10$9 – 11GB$4 – 1TB72M+
Mobile$22$20 – 10GB$14 – 300GB20M
Rotating ISP$17 – 20GB$11 – 100GB360K

The primary distinctions between Oxylabs’ regular residential proxies and next-generation residential proxies lie in their capacity for JavaScript execution, adaptability to website alterations, and enhanced management of proxy pools, which includes features like rotation and session maintenance. The cost structure for Next-Gen Residential  is traffic-based, charging you solely for the successfully returned requests made during your data collection.

Next-Gen Residential Proxies functionalities:

  • Automatic fingerprint generator: Generate fingerprint for each request 
  • Browser-specific combinations: Match residential IP addresses with particular browser characteristics, including the browser type, version, and operating system of the device.
  • Auto-retry system: Automatically re-attempt a request if the initial one fails. Allow users to set up their own rules to fit their specific needs. 
  • Covered geo-locations: Support 92 countries

Residential proxies: 

  • Proxy pool: Offers residential IPs from 72 million to 100 million proxies
  • Coordinate level targeting: Residential and mobile proxies allow users to target exact location within a particular country or city. You have the option to select a proxy location by coordinates, but the selection is confined to within a 10-mile range of the given coordinates. 
  • Sticky sessions: The default duration for a session is set to 10 minutes, or it can end after 60 seconds if no requests are made. Oxylabs allows users to customize the desired length of the session.
  • IP rotation: Assign a different residential IP with each request to the target site.
  • Supported protocols: HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS5

Mobile proxies: 

  • Proxy pool: 20 million 5G/4G/3G proxies with country, state, city, coordinate, and ASN targeting. 
  • Shared mobile proxy pool: The mobile proxy pool is used by multiple users, but when you initiate a request with a mobile proxy IP, it is exclusively yours to use during that moment.
  • Static sessions: Keep the same IP for up to 30 minutes.
  • Automatic mobile IP rotation: IP addresses automatically change at regular intervals. 

Datacenter proxies: 

  1. Shared datacenter proxies: 20K shared datacenter IPs from six countries, including US, UK, France, Netherlands, Romania, and Germany. The cost of shared datacenter proxies is based on the amount of web traffic usage, rather than the quantity of IP addresses that are used.

Certain websites such as LinkedIn, mailing services, Netflix, and all Apple-related domains are off-limits on the shared and dedicated datacenter proxy network to prevent misuse. Additionally, the use of shared datacenter proxies for scraping search engines is prohibited by the proxy provider. Instead, they provide dedicated datacenter proxies specifically for these purposes.

  1. Dedicated datacenter proxies: 
  • Proxy pool: 2 million private IP addresses with city and state targeting. 
  • Geo-location: They provide both self-service and enterprise-level dedicated datacenter packages. The smallest number of IPs available for purchase is 20, while the largest quantity in a dedicated datacenter plan caps at 500 IPs. For more than 500 IPs, an enterprise plan is required. The self-service dedicated datacenter plan includes access to 7 countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, with the ability to target by country. The enterprise plan expands this to 181 locations with the option for country, state, and city-level targeting.

ISP & rotating ISP 

  • Proxy pool: 100K static IP, and 360K rotating static IP sourced from 20 locations, with 270K of  these rotating IPs originating from the US pool.
  • Country-level targeting: Select an IP address from a specific country.
  • Up to 5h extended sessions: Allow users to maintain the same residential IP a continuous proxy session for up to five hours. 


  • Pay-as-you-go: Available for residential and mobile proxies. Residential proxies are priced at $10 per GB, while mobile proxies cost $30 per GB.
  • Refund: Refunds are available  only for self-service products, with the exception of any pay-as-you-go plans, which are non-refundable.
  • Free trial: Upon successful verification of company registration and ownership, company representatives may access a 7-day free trial, whereas individuals may receive a 3-day money-back guarantee upon sign-up.

Further reading

For guidance to choose the right residential proxy service, check out data-driven list of proxy providers, and reach out to us:

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