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Fintech industry landscape in 2024: 100 most funding companies

Cem Dilmegani
Updated on Feb 14
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Fintech landscape leverage advanced technology to provide financial products to businesses and customers. For instance, AI stats suggest that AI solutions’ value to the financial services industry will be exceeding $1 billion by 2035. Doing so, fintech companies deliver variety of products and services, attractive rates and fees, ease of use and access as well as better service quality, increasing the growth of fintech companies.

We created and categorized the list of most funded fintech companies.

What is fintech?

Fintech is short for financial technology that includes all new-age technologies in financial services. Most common example technologies are

  • Crowdfunding platforms
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  • Mobile payment platforms
  • Stock trading & advising apps
  • Innovative and personalized insurance products via AI and analytics
  • Credit-lending platforms for real estate or other spendings.

Top 100 fintech companies

This list contains top 100 most funded Fintech companies in the world. Fintech used to be referred to as the technology for the back-end systems of banks or other financial institutions. However, its scope got extended through years and it started to also include technologies that ease financial transactions in other industries. Therefore we included companies from industries such as insurance, real estate, e-commerce, cybersecurity & food service.

CompanySectorApplicationCountryTotal FundingNumber of employeesCustomer Type
GrabInternet Software & ServicesMobile wallets & remittancesSingapore$10.1B10.000+B2C
RobinhoodInternet Software & ServicesRetail investing & secondary markets & CryptoUnited States$2.2B501-1.000B2C
KlarnaInternet Software & ServicesE-commerce & POS & consumer lendingSweden$2.1B1.001-5.000Both
StripeMobile Software & ServicesPayments processing & networksUnited States$1.6B1.001-5.000B2B
Bright HealthHealthcare PlansInsuranceUnited States$1.6B501-1.000Both
Oscar HealthMobile Software & ServicesInsuranceUnited States$1.5B1.001-5.000B2C
AffirmMobile Software & ServicesPOS & consumer lendingUnited States$1.5B501-1.000B2C
ChimeInternet Software & ServicesDigital bankingUnited States$1.5B501-1.000B2C
NubankMobile Software & ServicesDigital bankingBrazil$1.4B1.001-5.000B2C
Figure TechnologiesInternet Software & ServicesReal estate & mortgageUnited States$1.4B201-500B2C
LendInvestInternet Software & ServicesReal estate & mortgageUnited Kingdom$1.3B51-200B2C
AvidXchangeInternet Software & ServicesAccounting & financeUnited States$1.1B1.001-5.000B2B
TransferWiseInternet Software & ServicesMobile wallets & remittancesUnited Kingdom$1.1B1.001-5.000Both
RevolutInternet Software & ServicesDigital bankingUnited Kingdom$917M1.001-5.000Both
ToastInternet Software & ServicesPayments processing & networks for food serviceUnited States$902M1.001-5.000B2B
N26Internet Software & ServicesDigital bankingGermany$782.8M1.001-5.000B2C
BlueVineInternet Software & ServicesBusiness lending & financeUnited States$767.5M201-500B2B
BrexInternet Software & ServicesPayments processing & networksUnited States$732.1M201-500B2B
Next InsuranceMobile Software & ServicesInsuranceUnited States$631M201-500B2B
PolicyBazaarMobile Software & ServicesInsuranceIndia$626.6M1.001-5.000Both
Atom BankMobile Software & ServicesDigital bankingUnited Kingdom£429M201-500Both
CoinbaseInternet Software & ServicesCryptoUnited States$547.3M1.001-5.000Both
MarqetaInternet Software & ServicesPayments processing & networksUnited States$528M201-500B2B
Root InsuranceInternet Software & ServicesInsuranceUnited States$527.5M501-1000B2C
GustoInternet Software & ServicesPayroll & benefitsUnited States$516.1M1.001-5.000B2B
MonzoInternet Software & ServicesDigital bankingUnited Kingdom£384.7M1.001-5.000B2C
Cambridge Mobile TelematicsInternet Software & ServicesInsuranceUnited States$502.5M51-200B2B
Future FinanceInternet Software & ServicesCredit score & analyticsIreland$485.2M51-200B2C
Starling BankInternet Software & ServicesDigital bankingUnited Kingdom£363M501-1000Both
SymphonyMobile Software & ServicesCore banking & infrastructureUnited States$461M201-500B2B
KonfioMobile Software & ServicesGeneral lending & marketplacesMexico$461M201-500B2B
PetalInternet Software & ServicesPOS & consumer lendingUnited States$435M51-200B2C
Varo MoneyInternet Software & ServicesPersonal financeUnited States$419.4M201-500B2C
WorldRemiteCommercePayments processing & networksUnited Kingdom$407.7M501-1000B2C
AirwallexInternet Software & ServicesPayments processing & networksAustralia$402.7M201-500B2B
TrumidMobile Software & ServicesCapital marketsUnited States$402.3M51-200B2B
C2FOInternet Software & ServicesAccounting & financeUnited States$397.7M201-500B2B
Alkami TechnologyInternet Software & ServicesDigital bankingUnited States$385.2M501-1.000B2B
Checkout.comInternet Software & ServicesPayments processing & networksUnited Kingdom$380M501-1.000B2B
BlendInternet Software & ServicesReal estate & mortgageUnited States$365M501-1.000B2B
UnqorkInternet Software & ServicesFinancial services & automationUnited States$365.2M201-500B2B
HippoInternet Software & ServicesInsuranceUnited States$359M201-500B2C
QuintoAndarMobile Software & ServicesReal estate & mortgageBrazil$335.3M1.001-5.000B2C
Cross River BankRetail BankingCore banking & infrastructureUnited States$334M201-500 B2B
CreditasInternet Software & ServicesGeneral lending & marketplacesBrazil$314M51-200B2B
TipaltiMobile Software & ServicesAccounting & financeUnited States$295M201-500B2B
PaidyInternet Software & ServicesPOS & consumer lendingJapan$277.9M51-200B2B
BettermentInternet Software & ServicesPersonal financeUnited States$275M201-500B2C
PayoneerInternet Software & ServicesPayments processing & networksUnited States$270M1.001-5.000B2B
wefox GroupInternet Software & ServicesInsuranceGermany$268.5M201-500B2B
LinklogisInternet Software & ServicesBusiness lending & finance for supply chainChina$265.1M51-200B2B
FlywireInternet Software & ServicesPayments processing & networksUnited States$263.2M201-500B2B
Pine LabseCommercePayments processing & networksIndia$258.2M1.001-5.000B2B
Better.comInternet Software & ServicesReal estate & mortgageUnited States$254M1.001-5.000B2C
DivvyMobile Software & ServicesAccounting & financeUnited States$252.5M201-500B2B
AddeparInternet Software & ServicesAsset ManagementUnited States$245.8M201-500B2B
DeserveInternet Software & ServicesPOS & consumer lendingUnited States$237.1M51-200B2C
States TitleMobile Software & ServicesGeneral lending & marketplacesUnited States$229.6M201-500B2B
RiskifiedInternet Software & ServicesPayments processing & networksUnited States$228.7M501-1.000B2B
eToroMobile Software & ServicesRetail investing & secondary marketsUnited Kingdom$222.7M1.001-5.000B2C
BioCatchInternet Software & ServicesRegulatory & complianceIsrael$213.7M51-200B2B
TouchBistroInternet Software & ServicesPayments processing & networks for food serviceCanada$209.4M201-500B2B
RaisinInternet Software & ServicesDigital bankingGermany$206M201-500Both
MX TechnologiesInternet Software & ServicesCore banking & infrastructureUnited States$205M501-1.000B2B
TinkInternet Software & ServicesCore banking & infrastructureSweden$205.5M201-500B2B
WealthfrontInternet Software & ServicesPersonal financeUnited States$204.5M201-500B2B
UpgradeSpecialty Computer HardwarePOS & consumer lendingUnited States$202M201-500B2C
BreadInternet Software & ServicesPOS & consumer lendingUnited States$200.3M201-500B2B
UalaMobile Software & ServicesMobile wallets & remittancesArgentina$194M501-1.000B2C
Pie InsuranceeCommerceInsuranceUnited States$188M51-200B2B
OnfidoInternet Software & ServicesRegulatory & complianceUnited Kingdom$188.8M201-500B2B
iCapital NetworkDatabase Management SoftwareAsset ManagementUnited States$182.9M201-500B2B
Digit InsuranceInsuranceInsuranceIndia$179M501-1.000B2C
YieldStreeteCommerceRetail investing & secondary marketsUnited States$178.5M51-200Both
HighRadiusInternet Software & ServicesAccounting & financeUnited States$175M1.001-5.000B2B
CREDInternet Software & ServicesPersonal financeIndia$175.5M201-500B2C
RapydInternet Software & ServicesPayments processing & networksUnited Kingdom$170M201-500B2B
OpayFinancial Services SoftwarePayments processing & networksNigeria$170M1.001-5.000B2C
HomeLightInternet Software & ServicesReal estate & mortgageUnited States$164.5M201-500B2B
PolicyGeniusInternet Software & ServicesInsuranceUnited States$161M201-500B2C
FlyhomesInternet Software & ServicesReal estate & mortgageUnited States$160M51-200B2C
CurrencyCloudInternet Software & ServicesPayments processing & networksUnited Kingdom$160.2M201-500B2B
QontoInternet Software & ServicesDigital bankingFrance$151.5M201-500B2B
Thought MachineInternet Software & ServicesCore banking & infrastructureUnited Kingdom$148.6M201-500B2B
Bought By ManyInternet Software & ServicesInsuranceUnited Kingdom£105.9M51-200B2B
AlanInternet Software & ServicesInsuranceFrance€125M201-500B2C
BharatPeMobile Software & ServicesPOS & consumer lendingIndia$141.5M501-1.000B2B
CoalitionInternet Software & ServicesInsuranceUnited States$140M51-200B2B
GuidelineInternet Software & ServicesPayroll & benefitsUnited States$139M51-200B2B
Scalable CapitalInternet Software & ServicesAsset ManagementGermany€116M51-200Both
MoMoMobile Software & ServicesMobile wallets & remittancesVietnam$133.8M201-500B2C
ReonomyInternet Software & ServicesReal estate & mortgageUnited States$128.4M51-200Both
SwileMobile Software & ServicesPayroll & benefitsFrance$125.9M201-500B2C
GoCardlessMobile CommercePayments processing & networksUnited Kingdom$122.3M201-500B2B
PeerStreetInternet Software & ServicesReal estate & mortgageUnited States$121.9M51-200Both
BehavoxInternet Software & ServicesRegulatory & complianceUnited Kingdom$121.4M51-200B2B
Credit SesameInternet Software & ServicesCredit score & analyticsUnited States$120.5M51-200B2C
ClearbancMobile Software & ServicesBusiness lending & financeCanada$119.3M201-500B2B
TideInternet Software & ServicesDigital bankingUnited Kingdom$114.8M201-500B2B
DaveMobile Software & ServicesDigital bankingUnited States$73M51-200B2C

Breakdown by application

Fintech applications

Payment processing platforms, insurance products and digital banking are the most common applications in fintech landscape. When we segmented applications by activities, here are top fintech activities:

  • Digital payment that enables fast and safe transactions (29%)
  • Digital lending (25%)
  • Insurance  (14%)
  • Digital banking (12%)
  • Cash and asset management (11%)
  • Robo Advisors & Investment management (Stocks, Currency & Cryptocurrency) (5%)
  • Security & Fraud Detection (3%)
  • Automasion (e.g. accounts payable automation) (1%)

Breakdown by size

Fintech companies By Size

As a first distinction between the 100 Fintech companies, we breakdown companies by number of people employed. Our analysis highlights that only 22% of fintect companies are SMEs where number of employees are less than 200. Rest of the companies (78%) in the list are considered large enterprises, most of them (42%) hire between 201 and 500 people.

Breakdown by funding

Fintech companies by funding

Fintech is an emerging area for VCs. 65% of companies in the list raised over $500M.

Interest in fintech companies continues. It is estimated1 that investments in fintech are expected to rise to $310B in 2022 from $128B in 2018,  with a CAGR of 25%.

Breakdown by geography

Fintech companies by geography

These most funded 100 fintechs are based in 18 countries, with more than half (56%) located in North America, 27% in Europe and 10% in Asia. United States is leading in region that has the highest number of companies with 54 fintechs. United States is followed by United Kingdom (17%) and India (5%).

Breakdown by customer type

Fintech Companies by Customer Type

As seen on the graph, most (67%) fintech companies promote their products & services to enterprises. These fintechs enable different activities such as automation, transaction, lending and payroll management. On the other hand, B2C companies more likely to be digital banks that enable money transaction & lending.

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