Digital transformation is a vague concept that includes both transforming existing operations and launching new business lines that leverage the latest technology. The best way to understand digital transformation is by examining successful case studies. We’ve written a guide about digital transformation and have given a few case study examples but we decided to expand the topic and make a list of successful case studies.

During our research, we have observed these types of projects:

  • Transformation: Changing the way existing business operates,
  • Innovation: Creating new business lines based on the latest technology,

We’ve also seen that some organizations preferred to engage with a digital transformation consulting firm while others relied on internal resources

Type of projectCompanyInitiativeIndustryBusiness FunctionCase StudyResults
TransformationAppleCarPlayAutomotiveCustomer ServicePartnering with OEMs and apps such as Spotify to integrate an iPhone into vehicles' infotainment system37 million sales estimation in 2020
TransformationAudiAudi CityAutomotiveMarketing and SalesTransforming traditional showrooms into virtual showrooms with multi-touch tables, tablet-user interfaces and powerwalls.At Audi City London sales went up 60%.
Reducing the cost of having to hold a large volume of stock that often does not match a customer’s criteria.
InnovationBMWDriveNowAutomotiveMobility ServicesA car sharing service that promotes sustainable mobility with electric cars.40% of the respondents said that they would have bought a car if DriveNow hadn’t been available.
Reduction in CO2 emissions
InnovationDaimlerMoovelAutomotiveMobility ServicesBringing together various means of transport, and plans the best route from A to B, enabling customers to choose between a range of different transport optionsMoovel has more than 1 million customers.
TransformationMichellinEFFIFUELAutomotiveCustomer ServiceA comprehensive ecosystem including sophisticated telematics, training in eco-driving techniques and optimized tyre management system.A reduction in fuel consumption of 2.5 litres per 100km represents annual savings of €3,200 for long-haul transport
InnovationTeslaAutomotiveCustomer ServiceProviding automatic over-the-air firmware updates that allow the car to improve safety, performance and infotainment capabilities remotely.Saving $2.7 billion for manufacturers.
Improving customer experience.
TransformationThomas PinkFits.meRetailOperationsVirtual fitting rooms that collects customer data and uses it to match shoppers to garments that are right for them.29.6% higher conversion rate
InnovationLegoEntertainmentOperationsFocusing on new revenue sources coming from movies, mobile games and mobile applications by leveraging digital technologies.The first LEGO movie achieved revenues of approximately $468 million with a production budget of only $60 million.
TransformationGeneral ElectricDigital WindfarmEnergyOperationsUse of sensors, data networks and analytics create turbines that are customized for peak efficiency.20% efficiency improvements, which could help generate up to an estimated $50 billion of value for the energy industry.
TransformationSchneider ElectricBoxElectricityOperationsUsing cloud-based solutions to meet the document sharing requirements of employees without compromising on centralized access or enterprise security standards.Schneider has been able to offload its on premise file servers, cutting costs by 30%.
Increased time-to-market by decreasing cycle times in sales, vendor order management, legal processes, employee records management and supply chain use cases.
InnovationHospitals*Ginger.ioHealthcareOperationsProviding a complete, centralized platform to track a health system’s equipment across all facilitiesEach hospital is saving between $1 – 2 million in the earliest stages, and that total multiplies the longer a hospital uses the system.
InnovationCohealoHealtcareOperationsUsing data from a patient’s everyday mobile usage (time spent on calls, text messages sent) and activity (distance travelled, sleep) to map patient behaviour and detect abnormalities by using AI.Improving clinical outcomes while reducing healthcare costs.
InnovationPagerHealthcareCustomer ServiceAn app and web-based service that uses a location-based service to identify doctors in nearby areas for minor treatments within the home, office or hotel.Prevents expensive hospital visits.
Doctors can use time and resources more effectively.
TransformationAirbusTransportationManufacturingUsing 3D printers for manufacturing plane partsDecreasing the total energy used in production by up to 90%.
Producing aircraft parts which weigh 30-55% less, while reducing raw materials used by 90%.
TransformationDisneyDisney's Magic BandsEntertainmentCustomer ServiceUsing smart wrist bands that contain RFID sensors to improve and personalize customer experiences in Disney World resorts.Improved customer experience.
Over 9 million visitors give positive feedback.
TransformationSpotifyEntertainmentCustomer ServiceUsing listener data to predict, test, and deliver hit song playlists.Improved customer experience.
The platform had 157 million active users in 2018.
TransformationWeChatCommunicationOperationsTransforming a messaging app into a powerful multipurpose platform that focuses on socializing functions.Improved customer experience
InnovationBlipparTechnologyOperationsCombining augmented reality and image-recognition technology to bring the physical world to life through smartphones, tablets and wearables.45% revenue growth.
TransformationStart-ups*Bolt.ioConsultingOperationsBolt invests and distributes hardware to early stage start-ups to help them transform digitally in areas such as strategy, team building, capital raising, product development, customer development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing.Shipped over 70 million units of 150+ SKUs of hardware products.
TransformationDuolingoEducationOperationsDelivering personalized education through its AI-powered language-learning platform.Improved customer experience.
More than 100 million users.
TransformationAccrediaAccreditationCustomer serviceImprove brand reputation and trust in the body through a web portal focused on user experience.Increased web traffic.
Users find the desired information quicker.
InnovationEdgePetrolPalladium**Analytics/OilProduct developmentDeveloping and implementing a product strategy to develop a product designed to improve Petrol Retailer profit margins.Agile development of MVP and on boarding of 3 key clients within 12 weeks
InnovationMayflexPalladium**SecurityOperationsDeveloping digital strategy that includes profiling existing and future customers’ digital behaviour and expectations, understanding internal digital capability and identifying gaps and implementing digital tools to facilitate delivery of the pilot products.The digital innovation pilot created £120+ sales pipeline in just 6 weeks
InnovationStarbucksBeveragesOperationsLeveraging data and developing a mobile app to build consumer intimacy.Improved customer experience
TransformationUnileverFMCGOperationsBuilding a platform and analytics infrastructure to connect directly with consumers.Launched 10 new brands in 2018.
Each launch was 40%*50% quicker than traditional methods.
TransformationKeller WilliamsKW LabsReal EstateOperationsUsing data to empower agents all around the world with several AI-powered appsOver 20% y-o-y sales volume increase
InnovationIndusInd BankBankingOperationsCreating digital branches and enabling social media banking transactionsValued at approx.$1.5 billion and up 46% in value yoy
TransformationMonsantoClimate FieldViewClimate/AgricultureOperationsUsing hardware and software intelligence to analyze weather patterns based on data collected through sensors.Farmers benefit from better yields, lower risks and higher profitability.
TransformationBBVABankingCustomer ServiceProviding enhanced customer experience with the help of knowledge-driven personalization and clear communication.Active digital customers grew from 5 million in December 2011 to more than 13.3 million in mid-2015
TransformationNokiaQPR ProcessAnalyzerTelecommunicationOperationsNokia uses QPR’s process mining tool to harmonize misaligned processes that are created when M&A transactions happenedShortened lead time due to increased efficiency in running processes
TransformationEneco Group (Joulz)QPR SuiteEnergyOperationsJoulz want to maintain and expand the distribution grid while minimizing the amount of interruption minutes per customer connection, therefore, they implement QPR Suite.Replacing the existing stack resulted in a structural saving of 75K Euro on software and maintenance every year and resource cost reduction of more than 15M Euro

**Consulting firm that helped the organization through digital transformation

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