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Top 30 Workload Automation Case Studies in 2024

Workload automation (WLA) tools are used by 43% of infrastructure and operations leaders to execute infrastructure operations.1 However, business leaders may not know about the full scope of workload automation capabilities.

Case studies demonstrate the range of capabilities of new technologies and we compiled WLA case studies for business leaders to identify their benefits and use cases.

Table 1 is a compilation of WLA case studies. You can filter or sort them by industry (like finance, software, or health care) or business function (like IT or accounting). There are also reported benefits, use cases, and vendors.

Choosing a WLA tool that will suit your business needs is also important, considering the number of vendors in the market. Reading the following article(s) may help you in your search :

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WLA case studies

Solution-CustomerCustomer RegionCustomer IndustryUse Cases-Benefit_DetailsShort_Summary
ActiveBatchVero SkattEuropeFinanceBatch Scheduling
-Vero Skatt uses ActiveBatch’s collection of over 30 alerts and alert objects to help streamline their operations. -The number of environments, each running workloads on separate resources, that Vero Skatt manages and monitors with ActiveBatch
-Improved compliance with internal and external audit and control requirements. -Large reductions in manual processes, troubleshooting, and custom scripting.
RunMyJobsCoca-Cola Hellenic Bottling CompanyEuropeBeverage bottling and distributionBatch Scheduling-Become enabled to manage about 9000 SAP users
Integrated SAP NetWeaver stack to ERP
RunMyJobsEspritGermanyRetail and Wholesale FashionData ManagementNAIntegrated SAP ERP with SAP ecosystem tools
RunMyJobsFrench ConnectionUKRetail and wholesale fashionData ManagementNAIntegrated SAP ERP and SAP BW.
RunMyJobsUBSGlobalFinanceData Management
-Automated about 80% of the monthly entries in the global journal -External reporting time has also decreased from about 9 days to about 5 days at period closes.
Between SAP ERP, SAP BW, Oracle E-Business Suite, Apache Hadoop, Snowflake Data Warehouse, Tableau, and ServiceNow, platforms are integrated and data and file transfers are automated
Fortra's JamsAmedisysU.S.HealthcareBatch SchedulingNAImproved automated invoice processing
StonebranchAchemaNetherlandsInsuranceBatch Scheduling
-About 4 million file transfer jobs can be done every month -Increased the number of workflows per year to ~30,000.
-Integrated Azure, SAP, AIX, and other platforms -Reduced efforts in orchestration such as file transfer
StonebranchBankiaSpainFinanceData ManagementNAIncreased efficiency in file transfers
Fortra's JamsCamden Asset ManagementU.S.FinanceData ManagementNAScheduled data transfer processes automatically
BMC Control-MCarrefourGlobalRetailData Management-About %11 increase in number of data transfers
Data exchange management for increased number of data exchanges due to Express stores
StonebranchExpediaGlobalHospitalityJob SchedulingReduced onboarding times from one week to one day
WLA was used in HR for managed file transfers, user base requests management, employee onboarding
StonebranchITERGOGermanyITJob SchedulingReduced server downtimes during server maintenances almost to zeroSAP integration and job scheduling from a single platform
Fortra's JamsIU HealthU.S.HealthcareJob SchedulingNA
Job scheduling tool for file transfers troubleshooting upon failures in file transfers
BMC Control-MKoçSistemTurkeyITServer Management
-About 99% compliance to third party agents in server audits -Almost 0 security patches older than 30 days were missed.
Automated and scheduled server updates and maintenances such as updates to increase compliance and security
StonebranchLand's EndGlobal (U.S. origin)Retail and wholesale fashionCompliance Management~31% reduction in z/OS CPU usage Integrated platform to monitor RPA robots
BMC Control-MOdea BankTurkeyFinanceServer Management
-Made 13 custom compliance rules and actions to fix them for Windows/Linux -Almost 0 security patches older than 30 days were missed.
Automated and scheduled server updates and maintenances
SMA Technologies OpConOregon State Credit UnionU.S.FinanceServer ManagementAutomated ~600 different jobs on ~110 different schedules.Scheduled and automated server maintenance, like updates to improve compliance
SMA Technologies OpConRobinson Financial Credit UnionU.S.FinanceJob SchedulingSaved ~5 hours worktime of RPA technicians each dayAutomated ways to process invoices and other related electronic documents
BMC Control-MRewe DigitalEuropeRetailData Management
- About 99% automated conversion rate in customer transactions - Achieved about 100% server uptime
Automated scheduling of data conversion processes and integration of SAP and other data technologies
StonebranchSECURAU.S.InsuranceJob SchedulingNA
On a mainframe-based scheduler, batch jobs from open system servers are automated
BMC Control-MSnamEuropeOil & GasJob Scheduling-Reduced workflow errors by ~40%
-Reduced business services time-to-market 20%
-Automated file transfers take place between SAP and other software environments -Services related to workflows are automated
SMA Technologies OpConSynergentU.S.FinanceJob SchedulingAbout 75% increase in efficiency in electronic document processing proceduresAutomated and planned electronic document processing procedures
Fortra's JamsThe Golf Warehouse (TGW)U.S.RetailData ManagementNA
Automated data integration between EDI and ERP data bases and their transfer to SFTP
Fortra's JamsU.S. SugarU.S.AgricultureData ManagementNAAutomated ETL processes.
StonebranchUnited SupermarketsU.S.RetailData Management
-About 92% less manual review for automated processes -About 20% increase workflow processing
-Data pipelining, job and workload scheduling
StonebranchVermont Information ProcessingU.S.SoftwareData Management-Run close to 300,000 jobs a day
-Decreased efforts in job running time and scheduling -Data Pipeline Automation, such as automating extract-transform-load (ETL) processes

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