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26 Content Services Case Studies in 2024

Organizations have started to use content services (CS) to manage their documents, files, and digital assets more efficiently. We have explored CS use cases in different business functions and industries, but one of the best ways to learn about new technology is through case studies. Thus, we collected CS case studies from various sources to assist organizations in identifying use cases for their business functions.

Content services case studies

Here is a detailed breakdown of case studies compiled from various sources. To determine how your company can implement CS, you can filter or sort them by industry (e.g., healthcare, financial services) or business function (e.g., technology, IT). You can also look at the reported benefits and vendors in the list below to help you plan your use cases and select vendors for your business.

CustomerCountryIndustryBusiness FunctionVendorSolutionUse CasesBenefitsBenefits DetailsShort Summary
Athabasca UniversityCanadaEducationTechnologyHylandAlfresco-Document and file sharing-Reduced efforts
-Increased service quality
A scalable content platform use for video and document upload for educational purposes
Bergen Community CollegeUSAEducationTechnology and ITLaserficheLaserfiche-Administrative task automation-Reduced efforts
-Saved ~20,000 hours. -Saved ~1 million dollars since the implementation time.
Content services platform to conduct and automate administrative tasks like student registration
BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions (LS)FranceFinanceTechnology,
and Operations
IntalioIntalio-Document and file management-Reduced effortsNA
Content services for invoice and customer data and file managing and sharing
Bumble Bee Foods, LLCUSASeafoodTechnology and OperationsOpenTextOpenText Solutions-Document and file management
-Software integration
-Reduced efforts
-~50% reduction in invoice processing costs. -~80% increase in discount capture rate. -AP processing staff was reduced from ~13 to ~5.
Used for SAP integration and invoice management
Central Nacional UnimedBrazilInsuranceTechnology and ITIBM-IBM Datacap
-IBM FileNet Content Manager
-Document and file management-Reduced efforts
-Increased visibility
-Reduced bill analysis and processing time by ~35% and ~10%. -Reduced administrative costs by ~90% -Provided a centralized platform to analyze hospital bills simultaneously.
The insurance company Central Nacional Unimed needed a centralized platform to automate processing of ~1.3 billion bills monthly.
Coca-Cola Refrescos BandeirantesBrazilRetail and
Food & Beverage
and Accounting
OpenTextB2B Managed Services-Document and file management-Reduced efforts
-Increased visibility
-Reduced errors
The company used content services platform for data management between distributors and the company. They specifically used the content services to have a centralized file storage and eliminate invalid invoice automatically.
Colegio Alemán Alexander von Humboldt A.C.MexicoEducationTechnology and accountingLaserficheLaserfiche-Administrative task automation-Reduced efforts
Enrollment time is reduced from ~1-3 hours to ~5-10 minutes.
Administrative processes like scholarship requests and bus transportation processes are automated
Direction du BudgetFranceState GovernmentOperationsHylandAlfresco-Document and file management-Reduced efforts
-Increased visibility in business processes
Used for various purposes such as document management, email management, and shared space management
EismannGermanyRetailTechnology and OperationsD.velopd.3ecm-Document and file management
-Software integration
-Reduced efforts
-Reduced paper costs
Used for various purposes such as document management, SAP integration, and invoice processing
ET Innovations GmbHAustriaHealthcareTechnology and ITOpenTextOpenText Exceed TurboX-Document and file management
-Reduced efforts
-Saved doctors’ time

-Enhanced remote access stability to the healthcare system by 95%
Used for: -Document management -Remote server connection to provide access to patient on data servers Cloud integration of patient data
FerserveziItalyRailroad transportationTechnology and ITIBMIBM FileNet Content Manager-Document and file management -Reduced efforts
-Reduced paper costs
-Digitally processed ~400,000 invoices and ~1 million paychecks annually. -Saved ~€2 million on paper, ink, and postage the first year. -Reduced manual efforts by ~30% by increasing employees access to information through content services platform.
Ferservezi used content services to increase its efficiency in processing invoices and paychecks monthly.
Fleet Hire ServicesU.K.Car rentalTechnology and ITIBM-IBM Datacap
-IBM FileNet
-Document and file management
-Software integration
-Reduced efforts
-Improved customer loyalty
-Enabled to process ~11,500 car rental contracts every month. -Saved ~£1200 monthly from taxes. -Saved employees time and enabled employees to focus more on customers --
-Fleet Hire Services used a content management system to integrate their electronic file management system and improve efficiency in processing car rental agreements.
Geiger BDT GmbHGermanyService IndustryTechnology and ITD.velopd.3ecm-Document and file management-Reduced efforts
-Increased ticket processing power
-Employees saved about 2 hours per day from content searchElectronic document management such as emails
Ministry of Municipal & rural affairs of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Saudi ArabiaState GovernmentTechnology and ITIntalioIntalio-Document and file management
-Reduced efforts
-Increased security
-Reduced paper costs
Used for: -correspondence management -secure document archiving -portable device integration such as smartphones and tables -Repository integration for customers to share content on over a single platform
KHSGermanyMachine manufacturing and engineeringTechnology, IT, and OperationsOpenTextOpenTextExtended ECM-Document and file management
-Software integration
-Reduced efforts
-Increased quality of service
-~7 million documents integrated on a single platform
-Repository integration for customers to share content on over a single platform -User integration -SAP integration
Law Offices of Los Angeles County Public DefenderUSAState Government and lawTechnology
BoxBox-Document and file management
-Software integration
-Enhanced client lifecycle management -Increased security -Provided insights to geospatial demographics used in policy making
Used for: -Data silo integration -Compliance management -Digitalization of physical documents
Mad SecurityUSASecurity servicesTechnology and ITOpenTextBricataNetwork traffic security-Reduced efforts
-Improved operational efficiency
-Reduced the time to detect and react to cyber incidents to ~6.5 minutes. -Time to detect and respond to incidents decreased by ~50%. -Reduced the number of false alarms in security. -Reduced the time in onboarding new clients
Used in network traffic security operations such as anomly detection
Ministry of Municipality & Environment of QatarQatarState GovernmentTechnology and ITIntalioIntalio-Document and file management-Reduced efforts
-Increased visibility in business processes

-Reduced the number of errors in building permit processes.
Processes like building permit and inspection processes are conducted over the platform
UdemyUSAEducationTechnology and HRBoxBox-Document and file management-Reduced efforts
-Increased security
NAEmployee onboarding and offboarding are conducted on the platform
United Nations FoundationUSACharity organizationTechnology and ITBoxBox-Document and file management-Reduced efforts
-Increased security

NASensitive data transfer between users and employees
SchlagenhaufSwitzerlandConstructionTechnologyD.velopd.3ecm-Document and file management-Reduced efforts
-Increased visibility in business processes
-Reduced paper costs
NAContract approval automation in construction services

SolarisbankGermanyFinanceTechnology, IT, and accountingOpen TextOpenText Core Capture-Document and file management
-Software integration
-Reduced efforts
-81% quicker preparation for payment runs. -Month-end activities cut back by two days. -100% increase in invoice processing capacity.
SAP integration and invoice processing
StariaFinlandFinanceTechnology, IT, and accountingOpen TextBusiness Network-Document and file management-Reduced efforts
-Improved scanning with ~17,000 invoices per month. -Processes 99% of invoices within 14 hours. -Helped to reach at €60 revenue goal.
Invoice processing and use of OCR technology for converting physical files
Travers SmithUKLawTechnologyBoxBox-Document and file management-Reduced efforts
-Increased security
-Reduced paper costs
- ~$4-5K savings over data rooms used for legal purposes -Increased security of legal content -Reduced reliance on storage devices such as USBs
Integrated client files and legal documents in one platform
Wage Inspectorate VictoriaAustraliaState GovernmentTechnologyObjectiveObjective RegWorks-Document and file management
-Reduced efforts
-Increased visibility
-Increased compliance to legal deadlines

Customer data like phone calls, enquires, investigations collected in one platform
Wyndham CityAustraliaLocal GovernmentTechnologyObjectiveObjective Trapeze-Document and file management
-Administrative task automation
-Reduced efforts
-Increased development applications processing per month from ~300 to ~1000.
Content service platform was used for administrative tasks like application processing

Table 1: CS case studies.

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