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AI Presentation Makers in '24: 3K+ Reviews & Features Analyzed

Burak Ceylan
Updated on Feb 14
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AI Presentation Makers in '24: 3K+ Reviews & Features AnalyzedAI Presentation Makers in '24: 3K+ Reviews & Features Analyzed

AI can serve as a facilitator in the presentation making process, which is very common in daily use in companies and used by almost all departments. However, these AI presentation tools are both relatively new and popular, so there are a lot of them on the market. 

Here, we evaluate the best ones and help you choose the suitable option for your company.

Top 10 AI presentation maker tools in the market

VendorUse TypeNumber of ReviewsRatingNumber of EmployeesPricing
SimplifiedCustomizable38174.777Pro- $15/mo
Business – $30/mo
VismeTemplate-based*10664.198Starter – $29.00/mo
Pro – $59.00/mo
Enterprise – Custom
Pro – $12/mo Single Presentation – $45 Team – $40 Enterprise – Custom
DecktopusCustomizable**1124.630Pro AI – $9.99 / mo
Business AI – $36.99/ mo
SlidebeanCustomizable834.330All access – $149/yr
In corporation – $649/1 yr
Slides.aiInteractive***594.54Pro- 12.24 $/mo
Premium – 24.48$/mo
SlidesgoTemplate-based184.715Premium – 4.99 €/mo
Education – 2.99 €/mo
Designs.aiTemplate-basedn/an/a4Basic – $29/mo
Pro – $69/mo
Enterprise – $199/mo
TomeCustomizable3582Exclusive – $7/mo
Plus – $10/mo
Presentations.aiInteractiven/an/a23Starter – free
Pro – $396/yr
Enterprise- Custom

Table Features:

Vendors with

  • 5+ employees on  Linkedin
  • At least 2 AI features
  • Referenced by at least 1 enterprise

We divided solutions to 3 types:

  • *Template-based: These solutions are suitable for more or less generic presentations, where the content is ready-made and you don’t particularly want to waste time preparing templates.
  • **Customizable: These platforms still offer templates. Yet, they allow more flexibility and user agency in designing presentations and customizing the slides.
  • ***Interactive: Interactive presentation makers are useful in creating presentations that include interactive elements like quizzes, polls, and animations that engage the audience. Some providers under this category also offer services such as generating presentations on command; similar to use of a GPT.

Analysis of top 5 AI presentation makers


Simplified is an AI-powered tool that provides an online platform suitable for both individual users and large teams. Individual users can access its stock libraries. Despite providing a text to slide solution, Simplified is more suitable for those looking for more of an all-in-one tool that also include features such as an online editor, writer, memes etc.

Key features & capabilities

  • Simplified offers thousands of free presentation templates in areas including
    • social media
    • business
    • e-commerce and more.
  • The platform offers AI-driven design suggestions, helping users create professional slides.
  • Simplify enables real-time collaboration & creating presentations for teams.
  • Simplified provides other AI tools integrated with presentation makers such as AI-writer, image generator, resizer, background remover etc. Users further can convert slides into video format.
  • Simplified offers a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to customize their design and details such as fonts, colors, textures and more. Users can also add text and other elements to their presentation.

User experience

While using the basic plan (Figure 1):

  • Simplified allows you to choose presentation size (standart 16×9 or 1×1)
  • The search prompt allows you to enter max. of 20 words to describe main topics & keywords of your presentation
  • Advanced options include 2 levels. At first level, you can choose the creativity & tone of your presentation which includes options such as:
    • repetitive
    • deterministic
    • original
    • creative
    • imaginative
  • The second level of advanced options allows you to choose between 25+ output language including English, French, Spanish and Italian
  • The last section allows users to add their own brand’s customization; logo, color palette, font and more presentation designs.

Figure 1. Simplified user experience. Source:1  


As seen in Figure 1, simplified does not allow a free version. Users at least must possess 1 credit to use the options provided. For the pricing structure and features included in packages, see Figure 2:

Figure 2. Simplified graphic design pricing. Source: 2

2- Visme

Visme is one of the template-based AI presentation makers that helps users create presentations with 50+ templates.

Key features & capabilities

  • Visme provides pre-installed widgets for users to add elements including maps, videos and more.
  • Strong in producing infographics and presentations rich in data.
  • Teams can use Visme and create schedules, real time reports, whiteboards etc. It also allows users to animate their elements.
  • Drag-and-drop interface allows customization of basic elements.
  • Visme allows users to record themselves while presenting. Businesses can also track the presentation analytics through the platform.

User experience:

Visme welcomes customers with an interface with everything related to the product (Figure 3): While this interface is quite detailed in terms of the variety of offerings, there can be a learning curve in terms of ease of use.

Figure 3: Visme interface – step 1. Source:

While generating the presentation, Visme offers you both conventional ways and AI. You can either create a presentation from blank, by choosing elements and other details manually or as seen in Figure 4, you can generate designs with the help of Visme AI designer chatbot. Each design equals 1 credit and platforms give 10 credits to each individual user by default.

Figure 4: Visme designing interface step 2. Source:

Through the platform, you can also form your own ”brand template” that can be used later (Figure 5). To do so, the platforms want users to:

  • first enter their URL
  • second, upload a logo
  • Third, pick the fonts, color and theme.

Figure 5: Visme prompt. Source:


Visme offers free use in the basic plan. Other than that, it offers 3 different plans with different features and pricing structure. See Figure 6:

Figure 6. Visme Pricing. Source: Visme.co3

Key features & capabilities

  • You can leave a voice-over commentary :a detailed explanation for each slide, guiding the audience through the key takeaways.
  • It allows collaboration. You can give & take real time feedback while working with your team on the presentation maker.
  • Similar to Visme, companies can add their own themes, fonts, logos and URLs to use in different presentations.
  • Drag-and-drop interface provides the basic editing tools
  • While offering text-to-slide, also offers integrated AI generated presentations.
  • has strong integration capabilities. You can reach PowerPoint, Slack and more through its interface.

User experience: does not offer a free trial. But it also doesn’t work with credits. It offers 14 days free trial for the pro version. This version welcomes you with the dashboard. The platform offers 5 different options to form your presentation. See Figure 7:

Figure 7: Beautiful AI user experience step 1. Source:

In the Generate with AI section, another screen welcomes users with a search prompt and example prompts. Search prompts can understand voice recordings. You can also upload documents and pictures to educate AI with the context.

When the command to generate a presentation is given, in about 2-3 minutes, provides 19-20 pieces of slides with the data collected from other sources. Later, you can customize the several elements of these slides one-by-one with the drag-and-drop interface. See Figure 8:

Figure 8: Beautiful AI user experience step 2. Source:


As stated above, the platform does not offer a basic or free version. It only provides free-trial for 14 days, with credit card information given. offers 4 different pricing plans. The first two are Pro and Team, that are given below in Figure 9 with details:

Figure 9: pricing. Source:4

The other two plans are: enterprise and for ad-hoc & single projects. The price for the enterprise plan is custom, while for the single projects, it is $45 dollars per month. 


Key features & capabilities:

  • Decktopus requests info about your presentation’s estimated duration and target audience upfront. It aims to design the presentation accordingly.
  • The platform further offers AI-based suggestions including text and imagery; offers help in message refinement and overall presentation.
  • Decktopus provides intelligent templates that adapt to the content
  • Brand customization is also a feature of Decktopus. Brand kit includes elements such as logo, theme and more.
  • Drag-and-drop interface allows basic customizations
  • Team can work in real-time through the platform

User experience:

Decktopus welcomes users with a ”deck” that offers 3 different options to start to form a presentation. Through this deck, users can also manage their files. See Figure 10:

Figure 10: Decktopus’ step 1

When the option ”create with AI” picked, Decktopus allows 2 different paths for user:

  • you can start with a topic
  • or you can import a PDF format file that the platform converts into a deck with slides.

Later, Decktopus wants you to pick the topic of your presentation. After asking several questions from your audience, the aim of the presentation and temple (Figure 11) it forms the demanded presentation. Yet, to reach out to the deck, you need to upgrade your plan.

Figure 11: Decktopus’ step 2


Other than the free version with limited AI credits (20), Decktopus offers 2 different pricing plans, namely ProAI and BusinessAI. When subscribed annually, the platform gives 1 month free for annual subscriptions. Further details are given in Figure 12:

Figure 12: Decktopus pricing. Source:5


Key features & capabilities

Slidebean steps further with its features for corporate slideshows. While it can serve various purposes, its features are oriented towards financial reports, pitch decks, and other business-related documents.

Key features:

  • Create limitless number of presentations
  • Includes analytics capabilities
  • Distinguishes between content generation and slide layout
  • Allows individuals without design expertise to produce professional slides

User experience:

The basic version of Slidebean welcomes users with a dashboard consisting of 4 different options regarding presentation making (Figure 13). The unique feature of Slidebean is its investor tracker option. In other words, the platform is not only a presenter, but also an area where presentations, investors can be followed and startup calendars can be created.

Figure 13: Slidebean step 1

When AI is used to form a presentation, it first asks users for an URL. After analyzing the content in a significantly short period of time, Slidebean provides a pitch deck that is open to customization. See Figure 14:

Figure 14: slidebean presentation design

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