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Best 9 Account Based Marketing Tactics in 2024

Account-based marketing is a data-driven marketing approach which targets high-value accounts to deliver contents customized based on the needs and traits of these accounts. Companies employing account-based marketing (ABM) to shorten sales cycles, decrease resource waste, and increase revenues by targeting specific accounts. 45% of the firms stated that their ROI doubled with ABM compared to traditional marketing strategies. To get the most of account-based marketing, companies need to follow a set of tactics and best practices that match their resources and strategies.

Here is a list of tactics that are compiled from ABM consultants and service providers. Companies may mix and match different tactics together based on their ABM strategy and resources.

1. Solid target account list

Companies must build an accurate target account list. This list can include the customers that they have done business with, or potential customers to connect with in the future. Thus, companies can work with service provider (e.g. a B2B data or intent data) while preparing a target list. Such a target list might serve as a similar list to match the characteristics of the ideal audience.

2. Create personalized marketing content

Companies must design personalized marketing material that can speak of their strengths and inspire curiosity in possible clients. This materials can include:

  • Case studies
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Landing pages
  • Sales presentations
  • Blog posts
  • Free interactive demos (e.g. quizzes)

3. Content syndication to warm up leads

Content syndication is the practice of republishing or distributing successful content in various ways to better reach the target audience. It can be done via emails, newsletters, calls, social media, blogs, articles, ebooks, and videos.

When the content is shared via online platforms, companies can also receive additional engagement data such as mail opening rate or link clicks to reveal how many people read the articles, how much time they spend on them, and if they shared it with their network. Depending on these engagement indicators, companies can prioritize the leads for follow-up actions.

4. Personalized cold emails

It is recommended to prepare emails that are personalized and targeted. These mails should provide content that speaks to the necessities and pain points of the customer, and mention plausible solutions to offer and how your business can provide them.

5. Intent data to find potential leads

Intent data provides insights about purchasing intent (e.g. search queries, clicked links) of individuals or companies. It’s been estimated that by 2021, 47% of midsize businesses leverage intent data to improve their leads. With account-based marketing, companies effectively narrow down the intent data to detect leads and target them.

6. Intent-based advertising

Intent data also serve advertising purposes. Firms target the right people and customize their ad content to respond to the target audience’s problems with appropriate solutions.

7. LinkedIn usage

Due to its professional nature, LinkedIn can be an efficient platform to leverage B2B ABM strategies through customized paid promotions. In fact, by January 2020, it was estimated that over ~663 million people were targetable by LinkedIn ads. 

8. Public relations (PR)

Public relations (PR) is managing and distributing information from an organization to the public to affect their public perception. Good PR management includes sharing news about awards that the business has won, recognitions earned, or significant case studies. PR ads aim to boost company credibility and builds trust by raising awareness about the solutions that the business offers.

9. Co-created content with complementary brands

Companies can expand their reach and execute ABM campaigns by collaborating on content with brands that complement theirs. By posting in each other’s blogs, both companies increase their visibility for more customers. Such collaboration benefits the brand’s audience in terms of bringing other relevant products and solutions. For example, the RPA giant, UiPath, collaborates with the publishing platform Medium to share business use cases, case studies, and tutorials.

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