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20 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Case Studies in 2024

Cem Dilmegani
Updated on Jan 12
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Case studies can give impactful insights about implementing a new technology. One can learn about industries in which the technology can be applied, use cases, applicable business functions and results of the application. We aggregated 20 case studies about ECM from numerous sources so you can filter/sort them by industry (e.g. financial services, energy) or business function (e.g. sales, marketing, IT) to help you identify how your company can implement ECM. To prioritize these use cases and select vendors for your business, you can also examine the reported results and the vendors in the list below:

CompanyCountryProduct(s)IndustryBusiness Function(s)Case StudyResults
100-year-old title insurance companyUSAIBM FileNetInsuranceVarious
Increasing efficiency of an insurance company's content management system
• Upgraded ECM system • Enabled additional security • Increased roll out to employees • Increased ease for future upgrades
Frost BankUSAPyramid eXpeditor
Kofax Capture
IBM FileNet P8
Financial ServicesTrust department
• Retrieving specific information on a document • Merging emails and attachments into one document
• Decreased response time for customer inquiries • Customers can be serviced at any branch as all the documents reside in a common repository. • A paperless trust department.
Ohio-based Custom Professional Accounting firmUSAGlobalSearch Document Management SoftwareFinancial ServicesVarious
Implementing an ECM system as the company ran out of paper storage space
• Increased the efficiency of the firm’s seasoned accounting pros by 35 to 45% • Shredded its document storage requirements by 90%.
Plustek Inc.TaiwaneScan
GlobalSearch Document Management Software
Imaging SolutionsVariousImplementing an efficient and cost effective method of scanning documents
• Minimized the amount of training necessary for new staff utilizing the product.
Valley National BankUSAGlobalSearch Document Management SoftwareFinancial ServicesVarious
Scanning and indexing more than one million pages of paper documents
• $35,000 savings p.a. from storage of paper documents • $100,000 annual savings from personnel reduction • Converted the storage room into an office space for 5 workers
Heritage CooperativeUSAGlobalCapture
Image XChange
GlobalSearch Document Management Software
Extracting document information, validating the data, and then routing it to a folder
• $4,000 p.a. savings from eliminating offsite storage, file cabinets, printer and paper costs. • Improved collaboration and increased employee productivity by 20%
Intertrust GroupNetherlandsLaserfiche
Email Manager
Administration ServicesIT
Providing a single source for all documentation & communications within the company
• Saved 30 to 60 minutes per person per day in productivity (375k hr/year across 1.5k employees)
Multiple courts in the USA including York County, Kern County Superior Court and Connecticut Probate Court
USALaserfiche Records Management Public SectorLegalProtecting case files securely and improving customer satisfaction
• Secured integrity of case files • Improved clearance rates • Reduced the overall cost-per-case and time to disposition.
Edmonds SchoolUSAFreeDoc
Records Trust
EMC ApplicationXtender
Public SectorVariousAutomating search processes of documents, detecting duplicates and accelerating printing
• Reduced the overall cost • Reduced retrieval time • Reclaimed storage space • Increased searchability
NissanAustraliaAlfresco Web Content ManagementAutomotiveMarketing, Aftersales, Finance and ITImplementing ECM to manage all website changes in-houseSaved $500,000 p.a. in agency costs
Greenbank RSLAustralia
Kyocera Accounts Payable Document Solution - Powered by Abbyy Flexi capture Kyocera Business Workflow Optimisation
Providing a progressive digital work flow, speeding up the flow of invoices and reducing workload
• Reduced invoice processing time by 84% • Decreased processing costs by 50%
Cato Inc.USAGlobalSearch ECM from Square 9 SoftworksOil & GasFinance & HRScanning and indexing invoices, integrating HR processes to ECM
• Eliminated 60% of paper and toner costs companywide • Avoided the need to hire 2 additional clerks
ARCUSAGlobalSearch Corporate EditionInformation Technology & ServicesVariousDocument scanning and indexing
Estimated a net present value over 5 years of $185k and an internal rate of return of 15%.
Oil and gas division of a Fortune 50 companyNAMaanaOil & GasVarious
Analyzing over 5 years of invoices to uncover hidden patterns and identify specific recommendations that would reduce days sales outstanding
Accelerated accounts receivable collections by 65%
A global bankNANextAnglesFinancial ServicesVarious
Remediating over 3 million contracts with an average manual process time of 3-4hrs per contract
• Reduced process time by up to 60% • Achieved cost savings of 40–50%
A leading insurance company with more than 250 million customers across India
Digitizing departmental files and administrative workflows for more than 25 departments across the central, 8 zonal, and 113 divisional offices.
Archived more than 250 million policy dockets (i.e. summary of proceedings in a court of law) with 7 billion documents
Winder ControlsSouth AfricaAlfresco ECMManufacturing/MiningOperationsControlling document management, email correspondence and document version controlImproved collaboration among Winder colleagues and external customers.
DriveTime Automotive Group, Inc.USAGlobalSearch
KeyFree Indexing
Auto FinancingUnderwriting, IT, Sales
Streamlining batch capture processing and implementing import/export capabilities through automated workflows.
• Reduced the time spent on a repetitive task from 8 hours to 8 hours to 5 minutes • Saved $7,800 p.a. in salary expenses solely on photocopying • Saved $9,600 in supplies
Kuna FoodserviceUSAGlobalSearch, GlobalForms, GlobalCapture, File XChangeDistributionMarketing, Accounting, and ServicesAutomating filing, searching, and retrieving invoices
• Saved around 20 hours per week from scanning documents • Saved $5,500 p.a. by eliminating the need for paper-based employment applications, marketing forms and requests.
Rockland Paramedic ServicesUSAGlobalSearch and GlobalFormsHealthHuman Resources, Accounting and Operations
Maintaining a secure repository for medical care documents, streamlining HR onboarding, cutting down on information search and retrieval efforts
Saved $80,000 p.a. through employee salaries and benefits. Saved about $3,000 p.a. in offsite storage

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